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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. So I had Madden 15 for the X-Box One like 4 days and decided to sell it already, the main reason being because the online play did not work very well at all.. I called into EA and they were like the servers weren't expected to have that many players but that's been their excuse for the last 3 years now soooo I'm pretty sure that's not the case.. I further investigated into it and tried forwarding the ports to reduce online issues like I had to do for last year's title unfortunately it didn't work at all.. I'm getting 20 up and 5 down so I shouldn't be having any problems at all. Other than graphics and some offline game play the game is barely worth $35-45 IMO, however since it's a new title I was able to get $50 back for it. I'd give it like a 5.5/10.


    Just downloaded the NHL 15 demo earlier, again on the X-Box One and this is a helluva game.. Gameplay and graphics are very smooth & improved however that is most likely due to this being the debut on the current generation systems.. my biggest problem I have with this game is that they've announced that 2 fan favorite modes and 5 total modes have been removed from the current generation renditions of the game entirely (still exist on 360 & PS3).. While my personal favorite mode was removed it won't deter me from buying the game. We'll see how the online play goes but from the demo I would give it a nice 8.5/10 in being the debut game for the EA NHL series. I'll give my opinion on the actual game when it comes out next Tuesday.


    FIFA demo hasn't been launched yet but from the clips and screeners I've seen it looks decently improved, definitely better than the snafu they found themselves in a few years back where they essentially released the same versions of the game for the Nintendo Wii in back to back years. Will give my review of the demo and full gameplay as soon as it comes around.


    EA NBA Live 15 had their first trailer come out not too long ago and a lot of screeners had been released and while the graphics do actually look pretty good I'VE NEVER invested into an EA Basketball game simply for the fact that it used to be a huge failure and last year it was equally as bad as it was before they stopped making them and then tried again.. I'll probably play the demo though because I have the EA Access and I assume that is one game they'll let me play the demo of.. as for basketball games I'm almost undoubtedly going with the 2K version of the game, they have rarely had consistency issues and have improved gameplay and graphics each year while remaining steady and consistent.

    Like I said although the NBA and FIFA titles of EA haven't had their gameplay released to the general public in some way I do plan on playing both of them in some form or another just to get a read on the gameplay.. still waiting for the day where they create graphically superior games with awesome and consistent gameplay (INCLUDING ONLINE PLAY).
  2. Same game every year lol
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  3. As much as I'll still buy FIFA, sadly this is true. But it's true for the majority of games. NHL, Madden, NBA and FIFA. None of them have any real competition (FIFA has PES but it's awful) so they can keep churning out the same game every year and people will still lap it up because they have no other choice, apart from not buying it. It's a similar story to CoD, they only make small changes because they have no competition. Sure there's Battlefield but they're bi-annually and a lot of people end up buying both.
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  4. Might check out FIFA
  5. A lot of differences in Madden and NHL this year, not really the same games anymore.. of course this is the first time that they primarily focused on current generation systems rather than the full focus on 360 or PS3 so we'll see next year if they really change anything or not.
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