Easter Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Trip in the Head, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. So what's everyone doing for Easter Sunday? Anything out of the norm?

    I'll be doing the ol egg hunt in the house with the kids.
    FACT (open)
    The Easter Bunny is one weird ass concept

  2. Plastic egg hunt with money inside and maybe a bunny cake
  3. Easter dinner and a movie at my brother's home.. Most likely will watch Exodus: Gods and Kings, we usually watch The Ten Commandments but since Exodus is a more modern remake we are giving it a try.
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  4. Enjoying time off work.
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  5. Heading over to the nearby McDonalds where the one and only Easter Bunny is taking time off work to go and visit!!!! :blackshock:

    It won't be pretty, though. we're all slaving away while this little asshole just hops around for 363 days a year and wants to come over to McDonald's looking for love? Oh hell no!
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  6. What?! :idk:
  7. Going to watch Attack! pro and Chikara. Should be a lot of fun.
  8. I'll be having a brunch with a small gathering of family. My boyfriend's parents are having an Easter dinner so we might be going over there, too. Overall, it seems like I'll be overeating lol
  9. Coffee, dinner with mom's side of the family. Already done a visit to the mall.

    Otherwise, nothing much
  10. ...never mind, ignore this silliness :haha:

    Probably just treat it like any other day. :emoji_slight_smile: Except could give this "watching TV" thing a chance
  11. Watching TV rots your brain.. I speak from experience.
  12. Church with the in-laws, then lunch with the in-laws.

  13. Not a christian but if people want to buy me chocolate well good on 'em
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  14. Once again be bamboozled by Easter being in April when I keep thinking it's in August. Not a Christian, but I enjoy seeing little kids live their childhood...before it ends.
  15. Happy Easter folks!

    No matter your religious preference or lack thereof, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
  16. I told my family I had to work so I could skip Easter dinner. lol, idgaf about this shitty holiday
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  17. this x1000
  18. I ran over a bunny and told it Happy Easter.
  19. More or less a typical day this year, aside from having something different and more Easter-y for lunch.

    And did my annual thing of watching this:
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