Eating Roadkill Fox

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  1. Warning: Do not watch if you have an uneasy stomach, or don't agree with humans eating animals and such.

    What's your opinion on this? I've been subscribed to this guy since he ate an alive Tarantula and Scorpion (which have since been removed). He nearly went to prison as the RSPCA saw the video of him eating a live Goldfish (again removed). The Goldfish was eaten quickly and felt no unnecessary pain so don't worry, he's not cruel.

    He's like a street version of Bear Grylls. Anyway, what's your stand on this? I personally love this series of him eating stuff like this.
  2. I wouldn't say I would find a man eating an animal like that entertaining sounds wrong to me.
  3. didnt watch the video, but I'm vegetarian but have no issues with people eating roadkill animals. they're already dead so why not use it to feed yourself? It's also free.
  4. I hope you're been sarcastic? That's like my running over your dog whilst it's on the road. Then eating it. How would you feel? :dawg:
  5. but we're not talking about a beloved household pet we're talking about a wild animal that almost nobody has any emotional connection with that was killed by accident.

    and anyway what do you think happens in a slaughterhouse? it's far worse than roadkill.
  6. What's a slaughterhouse?... Kidding. I know but It just seem's wrong. In Slauterhouses the animals are fed and bred that way, whilst Wild animals are free. :emoji_slight_frown:

    P.S use the Sig that dude made for you! @[Vince McMahon]
  7. The fox is dead and it certainly isn't a friendly beloved pet. It's a fox, the creatures that willingly kill human chickens and have been seen attacking babies and such. If he killed the fox and then ate it, that might be wrong, but it's road kill. It was already dead and it was going to just rot, so why not eat it? I don't personally see a problem with it at all.
  8. What about diseases? :eww:
  9. It's his fault if he gets some, not my concern, lol. He does this all the time, he's eaten road kill rabbit, rotten frog, random spiders off walls and roads, lots of cockroaches, he does this all the time. His immune system is probably of immortality quality.

  10. im not going to respond to that :facepalm:
  11. Subbed to this guy months ago. He's AWESOME.
  12. :dawg:
  13. [yt][/yt]

    Hahahahhha jesus this is funny
  14. I lasted one minute, then i had to stop.
  15. :eww: Still watched it.
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