Ebola confirmed in Dallas

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    Since July 27th, 12 people have been tested for the possible Ebola virus in the United States, those test came back with no Ebola..

    Well now it seems that there has been one confirmed in Dallas, TX.. This is the first diagnosed case in the United States.. The Patient has been in strict isolation even before they confirmed it, simply to keep the risk of spreading to the most minimum point possible.

    There is a press conference hosted by the CDC at some point today, potentially going on right now as I'm posting this.. so when it gets uploaded I'll post it here.

  2. I can't say I'm surprised.
    Leaving the borders open for free travel between America and West Africa was a mistake, plain and simple. Had to see this coming
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  3. I don't believe it's cause for concern regardless, but yes I do agree having travel open to those specific areas where it was breaking out really wasn't smart.. Good thing exposure only comes after symptoms show so I imagine the whole thing will be pretty well contained.. although I wouldn't be surprised if there were possibly a few people who may have been exposed.. hopefully they got him contained in time before that but like I said I really don't think the country as a whole should be ENTIRELY concerned.
  4. There is nothing to worry about. Any news about Ebola in any western country is pure shock tactics. Ebola will never be 'a thing' in the west nor in the US, simply because the public actually take notice of public health information. There'll never be a pandemic over here like there is in Africa.
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  5. Really hope everybody dies. Besides myself of course, and the women.
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  6. we can rebuild the p0pulation 2gether pal
  7. I'm going there in 3 weeks :emoji_slight_frown:

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  8. Ah, it's about time we got some scary sickness again. Was wondering why it took so long.
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  9. Lol
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  10. Wtf is so bad about ebola? I wiki'd it and assumed it was like a new plague but it doesn't sound that bad.
  11. Ebola is a viral illness of which the initial symptoms can include a sudden fever, intense weakness, muscle pain and a sore throat. And that is just the beginning: subsequent stages are vomiting, diarrhea and - in some cases - both internal and external bleeding. If not treated immediately upon signs of symptoms it is extremely fatal.

    Can be spread through contact with the infected's bodily fluids (including sneezing)... or through contact with an infected surface.

    Sounds terrible to me man.
  12. Sounds pretty weak. People should step up their immune system game. I'd probably kick this virus in 24 hours flat.
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  13. I like things.
  14. On average the fatality rate is 50% although some cases have had a 90% fatality rate. So it's not just a case of the sniffles.
  15. The man responsible for bringing the virus to the US will be facing charges if he makes it back to Liberia..

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