EBW Returns in 2013!? Video from the EBWWrestlingBackyard YT Channel!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. [size=x-large][video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sif59A2Pg9E[/video]

    After nearly 2 years of absence, Extraordinary Backyard Wrestling is finally set to return in the Spring of 2013. Every moment, every win, every loss, and every second counts. What will we see in the new year of 2013? Please Ladies and Gentlemen of the YouTube world, sit back, relax and brace yourself for the heart stopping, breath taking, unpredictability of the EBW. On March 25 we return with "EBW Homecoming" the show where it all started in the spring of 2011!

    Please Comment and Rate on the YouTube Video Thank You! On the EBWWrestlingBackyard YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/EBWWrestlingBackyard[/size]​
  2. Everyone has a title?
  3. so what are your goals with this? Do you have a ring?
  4. All Title are vacated since it been 2 years since EBW been on the air. Were starting freach.
  5. No we do not :sad:. Goal to be the World Champion DUH!
  6. You can spell extraordinary but you can't spell "the truth" :hmm:
  7. I can spell TRUTH! But Jeff did this video not me.
  8. But do you plan to make a career out of it? Is being a pro wrestler what you want? Will you be getting some REAL pro wrestling training or just go with it?
  9. My goal is to get train by a pro wrestler and get into pro wrestling. and make a career :yes: !
  10. Then if I can give some advice. According to the Pro Wrestling Veteran (a blog and facebook account run by an old pro wrestler who has worked for WCW and WWE) you should not do backyard wrestling if you wish to go pro. Instead you should focus on just getting real training and working with real promotions, you are in the New York area so it shouldn't be that hard.

    Apparently the pros look down on backyard wrestling.

    If you want to make it pro maybe that is something you should think about. Look up his blog and read it. It is a great read. He also takes questions on Facebook and Twitter.
  11. Do you even lift bro?
  12. Are joking!? THE ARE NOT TRAINING FOR WRESTLING NY! Not in western NY the is! And what about this guy :pity:?
  13. yes now and then.
  14. The angry wrestling veteran can be found here. He is an anonymous former wrestler for the WWE and WCW who gives his views and tips and tricks to up and comers. Giving tips on how to develop gimmicks and such. If you email him I am sure he could point you towards some wrestling schools around you.

    This is a school I found located in Deer Park New York just by googling. Not sure how close that is to you but obviously if you want to be a pro you need to be willing to make the sacrifice. All the pros have.
  15. I live buffalo ny not NY City!
  16. Old School pro wrestling operates out of Buffalo. They have a website, maybe you could contact them about training.
  17. WERE!? I have yet to find one!?
  18. Here is their website. They have a contact button. Drop them an email and ask about training and classes, either from them or anyone they'd recommend. Maybe you could even get an "in" with the business by helping set up rings and such. Paying your dues as it is called.
  19. :why: not OSPW. I heard bad thing about then. :sad:
  20. You have to start in the outhouse before you move into the penthouse.
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