EBW/RWC Classic: EBW/RWC Special 5-8-11 - RWC Money In The Bank Match of 2011!

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    I am going to start upload old video from the backyard wrestling we did before EBW. Wrestling matchest from 2010 with BEW and RWC. BEW was are 1st fed then it became RWC. And then it was EBW. On May 8, 2011 We had the return of the RWC. This was the 1st Show the EBW/RWC has all EBW Stars and RWC Stars on one event. We kick off the RWC/EBW show with the first ever Money In The Bank Ladder Match for RWC. 6 men enter and only 1 leaves with the briefcase guarenteeing a RWC World Title shot anyday, anytime, in any match he pleases. Buckwheat Bob, Persona X, Elik, FTJ, Tim Glabien, and Ron Schmidt battle in this hellacious match. ENJOY!
    Please Comment and Rate on the YouTube Video Thank You! On the EBWWrestlingBackyard YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/EBWWrestlingBackyard also go to are Web Site at http://ebwbackyardwrestling.weebly.com/

  2. Is the girl in the audience your gf? :ksi:
    Also, where is part 2?
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  4. there is no part 2. and no just someone in the crowd. the only thing good ever about RWC is we had a crowd.
  5. Who won the match? It ended before they showed a winner.
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    that video should go longer then that i see what have been i have to reupload it.
  7. i am sorry i am reuploading the video as we type. i don't why it did not upload all of the video?
  8. Because you love cock.
  9. Thanks. :bitw:
  10. it up now.
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