EBW's New Home..? Video

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Please Comment and Rate on the YouTube Video Thank You! On the EBWWrestlingBackyard YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/EBWWrestlingBackyard also go to are Web Site at http://ebwbackyardwrestling.weebly.com/​


    +5 rep for whomever gets that reference.
  3. Isn't WWE planning to hold wm29 there?
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  4. Crowd capacity? And will Niggas in Paris wrestle?
  5. OH HELL NO!? I don't even what this place is? Jeff when that and film this? got to talk to him about this.
  6. Pretty sure it is a backyard. The grass bushes are a dead giveaway.
  7. No Jeff is telling it a park? that no 1 know about!? WTF!?
  8. You found Narnia? Beware of the white witch then and always trust talking lions.
  9. Nobody cares that your mom won't let you fuck around in her backyard anymore so you had to move to some farmer's field.
  10. I did not find anything it Jeff Shock that did he upload this shit NOT ME!
  11. Uh did I EVER said my mom ever let me used her backyard? It Elijah mom that let us wrestle in her backyard but Elijah got kick out of his house b/c he got clot with WEED!
  12. I would have kicked him out of the house for being a retard, but that works too.
  13. Gohan git clot with weed?
  14. :No: U know I am Staright Edge! Elijah I gruess did I don't know the whole since I have not to Elijah in 2 years. But that what Jeff and Tim told when we meet to do the EBW Homecoming show.
  15. Jeff Tim and Frank? That's money.
  16. Randy's brother Jeff Savage? That guy is a pussy. Never would agree to our match.
  17. I'll referee Dolph's vs Jeff "the human pussy" Savage.
  18. Bring chairs , bring ladders , FTJ brings the Met life stadium
  19. How the hell is FTJ going to move Metlife stadium? Does FTJ even lift?
  20. FTJ very clearly does not lift.
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