EC spot, battle royal (VIDEO)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Arrow, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. I could not find the ending, but he did win the battle royal, and will be in the EC match. Might I just say Santino is a coward...

  2. RE: Santino wins EC spot, (VIDEO)

    Spoiled the battle royal of SmackDown in your title @[RKO] >.<

    @[Crayo] or @[Xanth] fix it.
  3. RE: Santino wins EC spot, (VIDEO)

    @[Jonathan] I'll fix is man.
  4. I don't understand why he would get a place.. It's stupid.
  5. Because Santine is such a fail, that WWE feels sorry for him, and wants to give him a push.

  6. Santino isnt a fail at all tbh, u r just pissed coz randy is out of the EC. Santino is pretty succesfull at what wwe wants him to do.
  7. He's not a fail, he's probably the funniest WWE superstar on the roster. But that's the very reason he shouldn't be in the EC. He's a comical superstar atm, no one takes him seriously, and he can't do anything exceptional in the ring to make it a good show. Drew was rushed into it last year, but he had a really good show and made the match exceptional with his aggressive wrestling style.
  8. Santino is actually a really compotent wrestler which does lead to some annoyance from me that he's not taken more seriously. He's great in a comedy role but he can do more.

  9. Because the roster is terribly weak right now.


    Absolutely. He could do a whole lot more, but could he really move away from his comedy role?

  10. Doubt it. He'd need a huge readjustment which I can't see happening. He's essentially the same as Nick Dinsmore, a solid worker forever stuck with a ridiculous gimmick.
  11. @[seabs] A major heel turn could solve his issue.... Say if he were to come out and do the Cobra on Rocky after his match with John Cena?

  12. Only if Cena and Santino recreate the two man power trip.

    Seriously though he'd still be regarded as a joke with a unibrow.
  13. Unibrow, 2hat @[seabs]?
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