EC3 and Drew: A Precursor to Bound For Glory

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 29, 2015.

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    This Sunday at Bound For Glory EC3 will be defending his World Title against Drew Galloway in a highly anticipated encounter. It is a match featuring two athletes in the prime of their careers and we get an appetizer on Wednesday night Impact. As EC3 and his Bodyguard Tyrus face off against The Number 1 Contender Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy.

    We know that Matt Hardy has no love lost for EC3, last week EC3 fired Jeff Hardy as his Personal Assistant and Matt’s quest for The World Title has seemingly been quelled by EC3’s antics. Now Matt Hardy can help Drew Galloway get The TNA World Title off of EC3 and knowing what kind of man Matt really is, he will most likely give his full efforts to helping Drew.

    In any event, this match on Wednesday is a great scouting opportunity for both Champion and challenger and an entertaining way to send us to Bound For Glory this Sunday on Pay Per View.


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