EC3 is EC#1!

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    The IMPACT Top 5 has been officially released naming Ethan Carter III as the #1 Contender to the TNA World Title.

    **Original Story**

    After days, weeks, months and even years… Finally EC3 is Number 1 on The Impact Top 5. The news will break later today on, but EC3 has it on good authority that he will be number 1 come 6/5c this evening when the results are in.

    EC3 is already planning a celebration fit for a Carter this Wednesday night on IMPACT WRESTLING on Destination America at 9PM E/8PM C. Is EC3 responsible for our move to Wednesday nights? Could EC3 be that influential that he didn’t want his celebration to wait?

    We reached out to EC3 and he has yet to respond to, but EC3 did text us and said the following, “if you miss the start of IMPACT WRESTLING, you are missing something special. This celebration is Carter worthy and you all can witness it.”

    All this means that the start of Impact on Destination America this Wednesday is can’t miss. We will see you Wednesday night.

    EC3 Tweeted to build up to his announcement...

    Just about the BIGGEST & BESTEST news has surfaced from my "inside sources." Hate to not fact check this though. Stay tuned! #ec3forchamp

    — #ec3forCHAMP (@EthanCarterTNA) May 31, 2015

    Really going through all the proper channels to make sure this HUGE news is fallacy free! #CodeOfEthics #Integrity #ec3forchamp

    — #ec3forCHAMP (@EthanCarterTNA) May 31, 2015

    I know I'm not addressing the most "independent thinkers" (wrestling fans) so that's why I'm being vague about this HUGE news.

    — #ec3forCHAMP (@EthanCarterTNA) May 31, 2015

    But if it is what I think it is (and it is what I think it is), I think it is GREAT, TRANSCENDENT, and HISTORICAL! #ec3forchamp

    — #ec3forCHAMP (@EthanCarterTNA) May 31, 2015

    Finally the EC3 made the special announcement...

    Patience paid off & a SECOND SOURCE over @IMPACTWRESTLING is reporting the same HUGENEWS of the day! #1 #ec3forchamp

    — #ec3forCHAMP (@EthanCarterTNA) May 31, 2015

    #1 #ec3forchamp

    — #ec3forCHAMP (@EthanCarterTNA) May 31, 2015

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