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    As reported earlier, the World Heavyweight Celebration originally planned for this Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling broadcast on Destination America has been postponed indefinitely. An injunction brought against the new World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy by the former champion Ethan carter prevents Matt Hardy or the TNA World Championship from appearing on Impact Wrestling this week moving forward.

    REPORT - @MATTHARDYBRAND celebration planned for Wed 9/8c on #DestinationImpact postponed indefinitely due to @EthanCarterTNA injunction

    Dixie Carter made a statement last night addressing this controversy and informed fans she was huddled with her top advisors about how TNA plans on handling this injunction brought by Ethan Carter against TNA and the new World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy. We can report this meeting went well into the evening and reconvened against this morning. Dixie has promised they were working towards a swift solution.

    Wanted to keep you updated. I've called my TNA Senior Staff into an emergency meeting to discuss EC3's injunction against Matt.

    — Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) October 6, 2015
    We have learned some of the details being alleged by Ethan Carter in this injunction. In his video provided to yesterday, Ethan named TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter, Jeff and Matt Hardy as working together in collusion that lead to end of his title reign. These claims center around the rapid series of events that saw Dixie Carter change the main event of Bound For Glory originally scheduled as EC3 vs. Drew Galloway. The former champion claims Dixie’s personal feelings towards him caused her to allow Matt Hardy easy entry into the title match. That injunction also claims that the bias continued as Dixie appointed a former disgruntled employee of EC3, Jeff Hardy, as the special referee. Ethan’s attorney claims they did not want to pull out of the advertised Bound For Glory event and moved forward into the match. The injunction also points out that Jeff Hardy’s actions directly affected the outcome – including striking EC3 with a chair in an unprovoked attack that lead to the former champion being illegally incapacitated from the conclusion of the match. These allegations were enough for the judge of the seventh circuit court to grant the injunction preventing Matt Hardy to appear as World Heavyweight Champion on television indefinitely.

    We’ve reached out to EC3 for more comments and received the following response

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    My Official Statement Regarding #BoundForGlory and the #injunction against Matt Hardy as TNA Heavyweight...

    Posted by EC3 on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    You are the most cowardly, selfish wrestler I've EVER worked with.

    — Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) October 6, 2015

    We are taking a break from our meetings. This @EthanCarterTNA injunction has handcuffed this company. I want to fight it.

    — Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) October 6, 2015

    Latest Update (2:00PM ET)

    REPORT - @EthanCarterTNA has been fined an undisclosed amount for his assault on TNA executive @JohnGaburick at #BoundForGlory


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