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Dang! And R-Truth just got his 48/7 European TV title back from the president! But he made an uncharacteristic mistake at WWE’s house show in Manila today (Fri., Sept. 20). For some reason, Truth was out for Chad Gable’s match with EC3. And after the King of the Ring runner up made Mr. 3 tap with an ankle lock, Dixie Carter’s favorite kayfabe nephew rolled up Truth to become a two-time 24/7 champ!

Good news for Ron Killings fans, though. Because a few seconds later, Gable was ready, willing and, well, you know... to help Truth regain the green & gold strap.

Truth wins the title back a few moments later with the assist from Gable! #WWEManila

— Santino Honasan (@honasantino) September 20, 2019
How many reigns is that for Carmella’s bud? I know who to ask...

He is now a 17-time (!!??) 24/7 Champion... #WWEManila

Flyers aren’t enough anymore - Who wants shirts? @WWEShop #WWE @WWE #Maverick247

— Drake Maverick (@WWEMaverick) September 20, 2019
Shirts are probably a good idea. That Drake Maverick has a great mind for the business. Keeping titles and consummating marriages? Not so much. But great mind for the business.

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