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  1. So, what's your guys' opinion of the guy? I loved Bateman in WWE and he seems pretty decent so far in TNA.
  2. Love the character overall. I mean I kind of wish he wasn't "related" to Dixie but it's whatever. Really liking the way he's been going.
  3. Nothing to complain about so far.
  4. I've enjoyed his character this far, his stuff with Hebner was hilarious.
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  5. He gets heat so well. I think they're using him in a fair way so far, building him up slowly. I think his character is pretty cool too.
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  6. THe character is unique and gold, it looks like Sting will be putting him over, I cannot comment on his in ring since he has only done squashes so far.
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  7. I'm liking it. It's a pretty good character and he plays it very well.
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  8. Theme song: awesome
    Looks: awesome
    Character: awesome
    In-ring skills: nobody knows lmao
    Mic skills: Good
    Getting heat: doing it

    One of best booked newcomers in a long while in TNA, and I'm liking his work thus far. EC3 is a world champ material.
  9. You might even be underrating him a little bit. When the dude was being a dick to Earl Hebner you just wanted to jump the rail and punch the guy. Just off of that the guy's the second best "dick" in all of professional wrestling. :bully:
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  10. EC3 is fucking awesome, I don't know who his tag team partner is gonna be when he challenges for the titles (probably gonna be Spud) but he could be World Champ one day.
  11. He could refuse to team with anyone and go after the titles himself.
  12. Well yeah, he can, It's been done before but that kinda ruins the "tag" in tag team, he should have a partner
  13. No he shouldn't, who could he possibly team with in his character? They have a perfect way to reason him having no partner.
  14. okay you got me there, I mean he can use Spud but he doesn't really wrestle.
  15. Trouble.

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  16. Rockstar Spud wrestled 72 matches this year, how isn't he a wrestler?
  17. His role isn't a wrestler right now.
  18. Generally, you're right. Tehnically, you aren't, as he's wrestling next week on Impact.
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  19. Probably they're trying to set him as wrestler before winning the Tag Team Championship with EC3 and then working on his face turn
  20. Great win over "The Icon" Sting this week, congrats EC3.
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