ECW chants on Raw

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  1. After Heyman took the microphone, I heard a man shouting "ECW" while the rest of the crowd was shouting "one more time".

    Did I heard ok or should I go to an audition review?

    What's going to be next WCW chants?
  2. ECW chants always happen when Heyman comes out. Or maybe you should go back and do an audition review just to make sure.
  3. I know Heyman created ECW but until today I didn't listen them so clearly tbh
  4. Have you seriously missed that ECW chants break out whenever Heyman shows up? Or when guys like Tommy Dreamer shows up?
  5. When Tommy Dreamer shows up it's really unnecessary to say there are ECW chants because he was the face of ECW, and Heyman created it true and I heard some chants when only Heyman talked but didn't notice till yesterday the chants of the crowd even if he's not alone talking...
  6. ECW chants always break out when Heyman, Dreamer, or Sandman show up. Heyman created the company, and people loved it. So it's no surprise that people still chant for the company.
  7. I loved ECW before WWE bought it and then make it look like shit tbh
  8. And Heyman was the one who made it, WWECW was just Vince's idea of a glorified WWE Superstars with a championship belt.
  9. ECW before WWE bought it was one of the greatest wrestling programs all around the world but then WWE and his power to make look like shit good things bought it and ECW started to be a few entertaining program imo
  10. Well of course, but Heyman himself screwed up the original ECW as well. He was horrible at keeping superstars, paying them, keeping contracts and whatnot, thus getting bankrupted.
  11. I know, that's the only thing I didn't really like about the original ECW. Do you remember shows like this?


    The three parts are in order
  12. Nobody considers those shows to be ECW. ECW died 2001. THe WWECW was a joke that nobody took seriously
  13. Paul Heyman was/is a brilliant wrestling mind but a horrible businessman. When I listened to that interview in 2010 though, it seemed like he had a much better grip on the business side of things these days.

    I heard Vince created WWECW because he was tired of people chanting ECW every time something hardcore broke out. If that was his goal, he certainly succeeded.
  14. I know, I put as an example of the WWECW because I can't find a video of the original ECW, I'm searching for a video that's not a pre-show


    It's a Pre-Show but it shows a little bit of action... Here it goes the pre-show of November 2 Remember 1997

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