Eddie Edwards - over shadowed by Davey?

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    Eddie Edwards, the Die Hard. The second American wolf. Or just the guy overshadowed by Davey Richards? One could think that at least in Ring of Honor that seems to be the case.

    Let's look at the past. Back when Davey and Eddie formed the wolves Eddie almost always played second fiddle to Davey. Being Davey's partner, not really his equal (at least after Davey became Cornette's boy). Then it seems like Eddie's title reign with the world title was just to set up Davey taking it from him. Sure Eddie is the first triple crown winner but not a lot of people talk about that it seems. And after what could have been a great feud if Davey had turned into a douchebag heel was nixed Eddie just faded into obscurity for a while and went to Noah. Now he is back teaming with Davey again.

    Eddie whilst not as technically gifted as Davey is still a damn good wrestler, he's not that far behind him. He's more of a flyer than Davey. Granted he isn't the best talker.

    Do you feel that Eddie's ROH title reign was handled well or did it become an after thought? How do you feel about Edwards in relation to Davey in general? Will the Die Hard ever shine as brightly as the Wolf or does he just not have it in him?

    Also just for lulz, here's a pic of Eddie with dreads/corn rolls.


  2. To me Eddie is just meh. Quite similar to Roddy Strong IMO. Decent in all aspects of the game, but doesn't excel at any. He doesn't really have the it factor that makes me want to see his character succeed or fail depending on his persona. To Meltzer it up a bit: Eddie isn't great, but he doesn't suck. The reason Davey has always had the higher profile is because of his intensity IMO. Love him or hate him, you can't deny Davey is all in when he's in the ring. He never should have been champion, it happened to set up a feud between himself and Davey so that Davey could have some babyface sympy when he became champ.
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  3. Don't know about foreshadowed, but I always prefered Eddie over Davey. Always.

    He knows to be boring, but overall I like the guy a lot, and he's showed more character in PWG than ever in ROH. :pity2:
  4. Agreed. Eddie in PWG is very entertaining.
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