Eddie got mentioned in that intro but Chris didnt

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  1. At the start of Raw where that package was first to air and they showed a clip of HHH crying and saing something about Eddie and this got me thinking there was no mention of any kind about Chris Benoit just goes to show Chris never excisted in WWE what he did by murdering his family has wiped him from WWE memory forever and so he should he doesnt deserve any exposure. Some people will still say he was the greatest technical wrestler of all time but take that away and all you will see is a murderer. Just thought id say this. Im glad Eddie got a mention in the intro as he was a huge part of WWE just a shame he died the way he did
  2. no shit sherlock

    I don't remember them naming Owen, Pillman, Umaga, or a bunch of other guys either.
  3. They didn't mention Benoit? Wow, I'm surprised, it's just plain wrong.
  4. Yet here he is, getting exposure by his lack of exposure on TV being mentioned in a forum.

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  5. Benoit deserves no recognition whatsoever he's a cowardly piece of shit that is better of dead

    Fuck him
  6. It makes sense not to mention him, Benoit having murdered his whole family and all.
  7. Benoit deserves no recognition for his success etc. - He never will be recognised again for a selling point...
    However things that aren't for marketing things he can be mentioned.
  8. That didn't make sense. Benoit will not be mentioned by WWE.
  9. Benoit has already been mentioned since what happened.

    As long as it's not to gain something (i.e. a Benoit DVD generating money) they're allowed to say it, but not encouraged to.
  10. I'm pretty sure they can mention Benoit when ever they want, it's just bad publicity to do so, which they obviously want to avoid. Feel free to link me to where it says it's only if it's for profit however, I'm always open to learning new things.


    This quote says for example they choose not to promote him, not that they can't.
  11. That's what I meant.

    Thanks for finding that. I knew I read it along those lines. :dawg:
  12. well he shouldn't have murdered his family then
  13. I think the difference here between Eddie and Benoit is that Eddie died of natural causes, and Benoit was on steroids before getting warped in the head, eventually going on to kill his family and himself.

    I think the main reason Benoit isn't mentioned is because steroids (at least I'm sure it was) played a bit part in his downfall and eventual suicide, and with the WWE suspended superstars for using them now, and trying to get away from the image, they try not to bring up the past of steroid abuse.
  14. If he had committed suicide only, I believe he would have still been mentioned but he committed two murders, that's PR suicide amongst morally incorrect IMO.
  15. True, you are probably right, I should have said it was a factor in it all, but as you say, the fact he killed his wife and child, doesn't show a good example, which is probably why it's best to not mention him, and let people try and remember him for what he was before he committed the crimes.

    Shame though, as it is hard to see past this when you think about Benoit.
  16. I know, I read about him having severe concussion injuries at one point and now every time I see him do the headbutt I cringe a little. Just seeing the damage done before your eyes kind of thing.
  17. Agreed, I really enjoyed watching his as a wrestler, and while I didn't know about the concussion injuries, it now makes a bit more sense, and that probably played a part too, that and steroids and more than likely depression from it all too, was probably just too much for him :emoji_slight_frown:.
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