Eddie Guerrero

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    [size=x-large]We Miss You Eddie![/size]

    In a way to remember him, post a video of a match, entrance, segment or promo or give your thoughts on him.

  2. Eddie was a great wrestler and an even better entertainer, it was ashamed he left, he left way to young.
  3. Happy birthday Eddie, viva la raza
  4. We need more replies.
  5. November 13?
  6. November 13th is when he died.
    His birthday would have been today.
  7. :sad: I wish he was still around.
  8. That tribute always gets me. :cry:
  9. I can imagine what feuds we're missing out on right now because of his untimely passing
  10. I think he would have been retired already.
  11. I doubt that. Eddie was still going pretty strong. Maybe in about 2 or 3 years from now he would have retired. Eddie seems like one of those guys who would have stayed for a long amount of time.
  12. I think he would have retired like right now.
    As in this year or 2010.
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