Eddie Guerrero

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  1. Looks like RKO likes Eddie so here yah go! Viva La Raza!
  2. His feud with Rey Mysterio personally was my favourite.


    So awesome.
  3. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yXhn_8xJto[/yt]

    Anyone more than me who hates this moment too?
  4. No, a heel has to do what a heel has to do.
  5. A heel can go and choke himself if he has to do this.

    How arrogant can you really get? That is the most disrespectful line I've heard in my life, I mean say whatever you want and do whatever you want but not if it has to be an insult to a dead person.
  6. How is it disrespectful? He's speaking the truth, I know it can be out of order to mention it but it's not disrespectful. They would have had permission, Dave and Rey were Eddie's closest friends along with Benoit. If anyone has the right to say it it's them.
  7. It is the truth, and if he did not want to say it, he probably would be out of job. That's how the WWE works.
  8. He had to say it it's not a sign of disrespect it's just WWE using life as they are doing now with Punk to help with storylines.
  9. Batista out of character about Eddie:

  10. Well, he is dead.

  11. Orton was so god damn good back then.
  12. I always forget he was in The Radicalz. Constantly.
  13. He achieved so much from the time he was in the Radicalz.
  14. Lita used 2 turn down angles all the time when she was dating Matt. U don't get fired, you're simply sent home. Matt was controlling in that way. One day she wised up and agreed to a big angle. His name was Edge
  15. Saw a documentary about a wrestler who went home to see his son being born. Was not allowed and got fired. Don't know his name.
  16. Wow I know it's his job but that's just stupid it's the birth of his child one of the most important things in a mans life.
  17. Vince was the biggest asshole back then. When he was confronted, he refused to talk and said that the reporter had to make an appointment with his assistent to meet Vince. When he called to make a appointment it was turned down for 'some' reason.
  18. If that'd been me I would have punched him in the face nothing would stop me from going to see the birth of my children.
  19. Agreed man, tried to find that video, couldn't find it. When I do, I'll post it.
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