Eddie Van Halen named greatest guitarist of all time by Guitar World magazine

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  1. Can't disagree to be honest..
    Proud aswell.. Him being Dutch born. :yay:
  2. What? :shock: What kind of list is this? :dafuq: :shock:
  3. Shocked about Hendrix being ranked so low too, bro..

    But EVH is just that damn good..:dawg:
  4. lemme guess every person on the list should be Buckethead? :dawg:
  5. :finger: Kane this is where the big boys about guitars step in. Jimmy Page shouldn't be here, Joe Satriani is good, but not this good, it seems that it needs to be rearranged in here, and put in some different people. How did they do this list?
  6. May is too high, he was / is great but in no way was he better than Hendrix IMO.
  7. :umad: :pity:
  8. Missing Slash and Vai to be totally honest.. Not sure about Dimebag as well. I mean, I love the guy, but when you compare it to the others on the list..
  9. Slash isn't that good to be placed above many others. Love him or hate him, Yngwie should be on this list. Wait wait wait, Kirk Hammett above Yngwie? That's not funny, that's just trolling, I don't like him, only few songs, but he is better then Kirk in skills. And as for Buckethead, behind Slash is an insult, even Slash and Dave Mustaine both said he was better then both of them combined, I don't understand this list, how is this tallied up?
  10. No idea dude, I'd like to see it as a list of guitarists who could play all kinds of styles.. Like Slash for example..
  11. Slash is good, but he can't be ranked above Morello, this list doesn't make sense, oddly enough they do have Vernon Reid at an pretty good spot. They seem to be comparing certain guitarist to early instead of actually making a poll. Plus there are many guitarists that are still not on this list that deserve to be.
  12. Lol. At Dimebag being in this list. Most overrated guitarist ever.

    Schuldiner and Vigna both annihilate Dimebag in every way possible. Not only is their playing great, but they also add atmosphere to the music.

  13. Hendrix has to be #1. Hendrix was not only amazingly gifted, he was innovating along the way. He did things nobody before him had done. EVH is great, but he is nowhere near the legend that Hendrix is.
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  14. i....i....i....i...i'm speechless
  15. Sorry, stealing music doesn't really appeal to me letting a guitarist be on the top 10. He is great, but taking someone else's music damages someone's music credibility to me.
  16. On topic, Hendrix is the most innovative guitaristin history. He might not have the best technique, but his style is amazing. Unlike Eddie Van Halen.

    Same goes for Page. The licks he's made pretty much made Blues Rock and Hard Rock.
  17. what?
  18. Jimi Hendrix is the best. He taught himself to play the guitar, and innovated the guitar like no one else did at his time, he took the unthinkable and made it a reality. And Led Zeppelin committed plagiarism, which is why I think he should at 8 the most.
  19. Plagiarism? What do you mean?
  20. Yea, caught me off guard as well..

    Not sure what music he stole either, but I don't really study music, I just listen to it.

    I mean, tons of artists remake old songs all the time. One of my favorite Hendrix songs is a Bob Dylan cover.

    as I'm typing this "The Ocean' by LZ comes on my pandora station. Don't tell me Jimmy Page isn't the fucking man
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