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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Sep 3, 2013.

  1. As announced last night, Edge will be appearing on RAW in Toronto next week to promote some bad TV shit.

    Always loved Edge, and I hope he does something meaningful. Not sure how they could play him into the HHH/Bryan storyline though. Will we see him interact with Christian or something like that?
  2. He returned twice since his retirement to give speeches (maybe more but the only ones I know), once to John Cena and the second to Daniel Bryan and Kane with the hugging thing. So it is probably like that again. Maybe to discuss the storyline, as you said.
  3. He cant get physically involved in any way due to his back so dont expect much.
  4. Meh. I don't mark out over appearances where guys show up and don't really do anything. Maybe if it was Austin or someone to cut a promo and then give someone a stunner, but I was never a big fan of Edge like that.
  5. He'll give a speech to HHH or he'll join the corporation without fighting
  6. That would be good but i'll doubt it as it is a one time only unless they're just saying that to get viewers.
  7. I know it's one night only, but I'd love to see the corporation stuff tbh. Anyways, I think he'll say "Trips, you're wrong, stop doing this, give the people what they want" and he'll leave. (more extended of course)
  8. He'll be there to promote that show that he's on, on SYFY.
  9. You going to RAW or passing?
  10. Read this morning he's there only to promote the new series of Haven on SyFy... :sad:
  11. Great chance to do something with Christian.
  12. Wife's on mat leave pay, can't justify lower level wrestling tickets. I don't go if I'll be in the nosebleeds.
  13. He will spear the fuck out of kaitlyn and reigns. Thats how you do it. BITCH
  14. But Edge's spear is crap compared to Reigns...
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  15. Reigns' spear >>> Edge's terrible spear.
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  16. you rat bastard
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Well sounds like congrats are in order than man! Break out the cigars
  19. Domo Arigato
  20. Do itashi mashite
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