Edge Reportedly Parting Ways with WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Goodbye Edge..[​IMG]
  2. No more, YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME!
  3. Doesn't really surprise me tbh, he seemed like he wanted to be free for awhile. He'll definitely be back soon though.
  4. He'll probably be back before too long, sucks he's not been given a nice legends deal as a thank you at least.
  5. Isn't putting him on HoF thank you enough?
  6. That was probably the contract they were negotiating with him, lol.
  7. Not when the hall is that worthless, they could have given him a deal for all he put his body through the years and remained a great performer for them when they needed him, apparently they offered him a ridiculously low deal which is why he's let it expire.

    Leo - Note I said nice, not the low figure they were rumoured to have offered him which was apparently a lot less then guys like Foley and HBK.
  8. Just a rumor started by dirtsheets tbh. I mean, where's the proof?

    Honestly, I think he just wants to be free and do whatever he wants. Being on a legends contract might give you limitations on what he can and can't do, like that wrestling event it says he's doing in the report soon.

    Also, he'd still get heaps from royalties.
  9. Where is the proof to anything? This report itself can't be covered as anything but speculation, after all none of us know what the terms are or when it is due to expire do we? He may want to be free or the WWE may want him for X reason to work Y dates but they've kept the offer low as firstly it's preliminary and secondly they under estimated his space for negotiation. None of us know for sure what the reasoning is so the best we can do is speculate.
  10. He's not allowed to wrestle anymore and there's no place for him as an authority sort of character (at the moment) so this isn't really a big loss or anything. I'm sure he'll be back eventually in some capacity. He obviously just wants a breath of fresh air away from wrestling completely at the moment.
  11. I'm sure aswell that he'll be participating in big events one way or another. However, it's sad to see Edge not sign but on the other hand now he's got his freedom and is able to do whatever he likes which is a reason I feel he hasn't signed. Edge has done a huge amount for WWE and was a huge face for SmackDown.
  12. He's just taking a break. He will sign again in the future, but I think he wants to be free of responsabilities for now. There may have been some disagreements in the negociations, but him not signing is not something we should worry about.
  13. Edge was getting a shitty contract offer with less money that wasent even worth his time so he obviously saw Vince was screwing him and has decided to leave WWE for good and go do appearances on the indies
  14. Edge will never wrestle again mate.
  15. I wasent meaning he would do wrestling on the indies I meant he would do appearances where he wouldnt get physical
  16. Why shouldn't he make less money than his last contract?