News Edge Returns to RAW Next Monday

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lady Deathbane, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. Thoughts? Excited? Not surprised? Is it stupid? What do you think his role will be?​

  2. And I'm gonna be there live. Ah, shucky ducky quack quack!
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  3. Here's hoping the WWE Board of Directors sees the turmoil in the WWE locker room as a "lack of institutional control" (or some such) and decides to appoint a WWE Commissioner as a foil to HHH's control.

    Edge is one of the three people I would choose to be WWE Commissioner in this scenario. The other two are Foley (which I see as highly unlikely) and HBK (which would be very interesting). Edge in the role, however, could be an extremely smart move.

  4. I honestly don't really care. I've never been a BIG fan of Edge and his last couple of appearances were lackluster (iirc). 4/10.
  5. Will be interesting to see what kind of role he plays in the HHH regime angle, even for just one night.
  6. That is such a cop out and lazy writing having the Board of Directors save Daniel Bryan. Remember how the Board of Directors had Vince McMahon relieved of his duties as Chairman of the WWE? Well WWE doesn't want you to remember that because it'd completely fuck up this current angle with Daniel Bryan. Having anyone, be it Bigshow, Edge, Shane McMahon, Cena or even Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold" Opening another can of whoop ass" Austin helping Daniel Bryan would just hurt Daniel's growth at this point.

    The whole point of the angle is him being too small to be champion aka too small to stand up to this new corporation and overcome the odds. To have anyone help him overcome the odds proves the McMahon's right, in my opinion. Daniel Bryan, a hockey stick, taking out the Shield, getting his hands on Orton, and standing with the title in his hand to close out the show. WWE needs to book it.
  7. Where did I suggest the Board of Directors save Daniel Bryan? Daniel Bryan will take care of himself. Of this, have no fear.

    What you seem to be missing is that there's more to the angle than just Daniel Bryan now. There's Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, and Miz. And I have a sneaking suspicion that in fairly short order (having seen Smackdown), there will also be Kofi Kingston, RVD, and CM Punk (and possibly others; I figure Mark Henry, the Usos, and/or the Prime Time Players will also be involved). Yes, Daniel Bryan will get his chance to get a straight-up one-on-one fight with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship and he will win it. But I highly doubt that's coming anytime soon. HHH hasn't really begun abusing his power yet. All I'm saying is that, eventually, someone is going to have to become the check on HHH's power (in case you forgot, HBK was appointed WWE Commissioner around the time of the McMahon-Austin angle for just this reason: to act as a check on the power of Vinnie Mac). I know that the popular conception is that Austin overcame McMahon all by his lonesome, but that's not really what happened. The whole idea of one of the participants in the feud being an absolutely out-of-control corporate boss who can't be stopped by anybody prevents this from being a realistic scenario anyway. Hence, you need a corresponding foil of an authority figure, usually a Commissioner.

    Bryan-Orton (or Bryan-HHH, if you prefer) is one aspect of this angle. I'll even give you that it's the most important aspect of the angle (that's my feeling, in any manner), but it's not the whole angle.

  8. Woo. Glad to see Edge back! Would be cool to see something cool, but he'll probably show up, get a pop, set up a segment, plug Haven, and leave. Boo.
  9. I'm not sure what his role will be but I'm excited to see what happens. I didn't imagine he would return so perhaps I'll be just as surprised by his role on this Monday's Raw (and perhaps other shows in the future).
  10. Hes probably going to give another speech, like the one he gave to John Cena or the weird comical speech he gave to Kane and Daniel Bryan which ended in that weird Hug it out moment.
    I dont mind Edge being back but he might just at Raw to plug that show hes stars in.
  11. Sorry about the double post, stupid laptop froze.
  12. He will spear someone that uses his spear, probably reigns.
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  13. You know he cant even spear anyone anymore at the risk of him being paralyzed.
  14. Oh yeah, forgot about that. NVM he won't spear.
  15. No problem, just thought I would remind you ^^
  16. I remember his last mania match and the retirement speech. Just didn't think about it.
  17. btw this is the spear that fucked him up
  18. Whose fault was that? Brodus?
  19. For being too fat? :lol1:
  20. They should have saved him for when they needed him.
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