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While speaking about his early retirement back in 2011, Edge mentioned that despite the desire from fans to see him back in the ring, he would never wrestle against due to his injuries. He would then reveal that WWE medical staff has barred him from ever wrestling again.

“I appreciate that people always ask me, ‘oh, so you’re going to come back for one more match, right?’ It’s a huge complement that you want me to come back for one more match; however, it can never, ever happen. The WWE has medically disqualified me from ever wrestling again, so for those listening, that’s the way it is, but I appreciate you wanting more.”

You can check out the podcast at this link.

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I'm a massive Edgehead, but I can accept that I will never see him wrestle again. I think it stinks...but I'd rather him not risk being in a wheelchair for life...
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