Edge tapping Beth?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. They were seen together at a hockey game recently.


  2. Well, who knows? It's possible. :haha:
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  3. He Glam slamming her?
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  4. It's looking pretty possible that she's felt the wrath of Edge's spear on more than one occasion.
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  5. I went to a football game with my sister the other day. Should I be concerned? :urm:

    Also lol @ Canadian going to see Hockey
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  6. No he is not tapping her, she is tapping him...I would bet anything Beth is the dominate one in the bed.
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  7. I though Edge was marryed?
  8. Twice divorced.
  9. Good for him.

    Edge: I'm going to bed.

    Beth: Let me military press you into it!

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  10. No, bro. Edge is fapping her.
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  11. Could be a possibility, don't blame him. :burns:
  12. If I was Edge, I'd feel like [​IMG].
  13. Fuck you tool. Beth is hot
  14. Isn't edge tapping cubana lust?
  15. That's why you are :alone:
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  16. search her up guys. it was rumored he was tapping her
  17. Edge is tapping Beth he mentioned her in his HOF speech
  18. I'd give it to Beth. :burns:
  19. so did anyone search cubana lust, someone else edge was supposedly "tapping"
  20. I don't think so.. :burns:
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