Edge was once in called Revolution X?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by AmbroseFan920, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. I was going through the wrestling database and was just clicking on random item and I came across a page that said Revolution X. It had Edge, Christian, Reckless Youth, Test, Judd the stud and a guy named Lance Diamond. I know a lot about wrestling, and have been a fan since I was 3 (I'm 23 now) but this completely new to me. Can anyone give me more info about this stable?
  2. It was likely just an indy stable. Not much information on it thus why it can only be found on a wrestling data base.
  3. @seabs
    I don't recall us recruiting Edge?
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  4. I've never heard of this stable, or even Judd the Stud.. I have heard of Reckless Youth though, he was in CZW and also from the neighboring town to mine in New Jersey when I lived out there.
  5. I also had never heard of this stable. I might look into it when i have some time! Interesting thread topic!
  6. As far as I know, Revolution X was a viral marketing campaign done on their website back in 2012 to promote the new WWE 2K13 video game. I remember people on this forum thinking it might be the introduction of a new stable on TV or maybe have something to do with the debut of Dean Ambrose, but in the end, it ended up being nothing more than a teaser for the new video game:

    How this relates to Edge, Christian, Test and the others, I have no idea. I know practically everything (important) about WWE and at no point in time do I remember any of these individuals forming an on-screen stable called Revolution X. Most likely, the information is either incorrect or it was some kind of Indy stable (sure sounds like one) that they were apart of before joining WWE.
  7. Actually, after doing some digging, Revolution X was indeed something that existed on the Indies. According to Wikipedia:

  8. I kinda suspected that. All I know is that when he was Sexton Hardcastle (Class name btw) he was in a team called suicide blondes with Christian.
  9. Don't mean to be a bitch, but back then it was only WWE '13...

    I didn't have cable then and I was too lazy and burnt out of wrestling to go watch it at the time, but WWE has a history of having better marketing campaigns for products then they do their own wrestling show.
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