Edward Snowden statement

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. http://wikileaks.org/Statement-from-Edward-Snowden-in.html

    Anyone else following this?
  2. Just read this, he raises a lot of valid points it has to be said..
  3. This is like the tip of the iceberg. In other words what they are letting us know.
  4. His letter to Ecuador, seeking asylum:

  5. Really hoping this all works out for him. I cannot stand the issues with people in our country just throwing away the rights to know. "We've known about this for years" i hear over and over, as if it isnt some issue. I think what is crazy is how quickly people can move from "criminal" to "terrorist," and that really worries me.

    What he did made him capable of being fired from his company, he breached certain rules with this work, and i understand that. The international manhunt? :gtfo: of here.
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  6. Couldn't agree more. He exposed America breaking international law and policy, so America chase him for... breaking the law... How can this be okay? I'm just baffled at how many people either don't care, or refuse to admit that the media coverage they are receiving is somewhat censored and doesn't say the real story. I'd agree with them if Edward Snowden ran to China with his USB stick filled with classified information and showed them, as all nations need military secrets and such, but that's not the case.
  7. What manhunt has been going on exactly? They've asked China and Russia to extradite him is about it.
  8. They've revoked his passport, forcing Snowden to be a stateless person. They are pressuring nations like Ecuador not to grant him asylum. You don't think this is a manhunt? They are doing everything POSSIBLE to get him. Unfortunately for them, flying and getting him themselves isn't an option.
  9. It is an option lol.


    don't underestimate the US
  10. Lol completely different and you know it. Times have changed, foreign policy has changed. This is on every news station around the world. This involves a lot of other powerful countries as well.

  11. Just saying there is precedence of the US breaking extradition laws. They know he isn't going anywhere so they have no reason to do that at this point in time. They will just continue to use political threats against countries he reaches out to for asylum.

    I just sit back and view our government like entertainment. What crazy shit will they do next.
  12. They can't do shit if he gets asylum. Assange is proof of that. Assange done more damage than Snowden.

    Isn't Assange running for senate in Australia whilst stuck in Ecuadorian asylum in the UK? Not sure if he is currently, but he did or is planning to.
  13. Thought Ecuador was going to help him out, praising him as a "human right activist". Perfect terminology
  14. It only takes one country to give him asylum but as pissed as we are about this shit and as hard as we are pressuring countries about it I can't see it happening.
  15. Can I ask why ppl even seemed shocked and surprised at the information he leaked?

  16. Because they didn't read the Patriot Act a decade ago? idk.
  17. It's public confirmation that the US can not argue against. You can say "we all knew it anyway" - not true. We may know it, those who study politics deeply may know it, consistent internet users with common sense may know it, but that is still the vast minority. If "everyone knew it", why would France and Germany be so mad about it? Germany want to charge the US and the UK based on the leaked information. This is one of the biggest leaks of all time in terms of what the actual leak was and the effects it has on other people / nations.
  18. I don't really like what the US is doing right now. He said what you were secretly doing. It's better to know about it. This guy is like my hero right now.
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