Football Egyptian Soccer riot.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nobody, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    This is pretty interesting, and i'll bet you Eurofags here know a lot more than we do. The numbers went from 2-7-22-40-72.

    This is a great situation to look at, as political people such as police officers are looking at a March trial, while many people have been sentenced to death in the last few days. This is interesting both ways, as this riot includes both sides. Post videos/responses to the deaths of countless fans who were witness to the situation, who are both taking sides. I don't know at the moment who i stand for, and im sure D'z can attest to Raiders games that have ended in murder, and so many other big issues here from other teams. Crazy.
  2. I can't recall any deaths at Raiders games tbh. I know there was a shooting in San Fransisco after a Raiders/49ers preseason game and now those two teams will no longer play in preseason because the 'fans' aka gang bangers all turned out and it became a glorified gang fight (not joking)

    I've seen fights, lots of fights, and the occasional stabbing at raiders games but again, no riots and no deaths that spring to my mind at least
  3. Egypt shouldn't have football any more, simple as that.
  4. I meant that to state things like when the Sox beat the yankees in 7 in 04, there were murders, the browns have had issues, and Raiders...we all have bad fans but this was just insane how many people are/were involved, from the fan all the way up to the police and guards there to protect. Crazy stuff.
  5. This.
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