El Clasico Thread!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Baraa, Jan 29, 2013.


    Lets destroy those Farca freaks :bury:
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  2. Prediction: 3-1 to Barcelona.
  3. Messi will score two goals at least. Cristiano Ronaldo will score 1.
  4. :gtfo:
  5. You said prediction, get over it...
  6. Real is obviously winning.
  7. 5-0 just kidding ... 3-1 Ronaldo (x2) Higuain (1) Cesc(1)

    Gonna go to the Bernabeu :otunga:
  8. here's a little joke for all of you Madrid fans :otunga:
    Whats the worst thing about a Real Madrid stadium?
    The seats face the field :lol1:
    Visca Barca :finger:
  9. Good game. I've been begging for Mourinho to play Raphael Varane for ages now, and he finally done it. A 19 year old superstar was born tonight. Quite possibly the fastest big CB around.
  10. He's amazing in FIFA and FM.
  11. Got him in my career :yay:
  12. It was an awesome match .
    Arbeloa and messi had some heat.
    Everything can happen in the camp nou.
    Varane Is gonna become one of the greatest CB in the world. Just give him 5 years. Madrid did it well .
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