El Classico Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. Leggo.

    Hala Madrid.
  2. oh shit

    I'm in
  3. Hala Madrid, really think Barça is going to win but wish it's a great match as all Clasico are
  4. Madrid are by far the better team thus far.
  5. 3-0 at the Camp Nou. LMFAO :LOL1:
  6. Lolbarcelona

    Ronaldo is boss.
  7. Absolute domination by Madrid. Incredible performance.
  8. #HalaMadrid
  9. if i were man u id be very worried if this madrid turns up
  10. Whilst Madrid played well, are we really going to react in a way that portrays Madrid being too good for them? I mean, on the night they were, but can you honestly say a decent Barcelona side turned up? Barcelona were poor. Even Xanth on Skype was complaining about how there was simply no movement up front, and he's not even a passionate football fan.

    Messi was isolated and crowded, and he requires his team mates to create space around him. Xavi was poor, every defender was poor (maybe not Alves), Sergio was poor, Messi was poor, everyone around him was poor (apart from Iniesta, obviously). Where as Real Madrid were great. Their game plan was executed to perfection, but it was against a lacklustre Barcelona side who deeply miss their manager. They are so one dimensional at the moment and when quality teams with quality players turn up and are ORGANISED, they lose.

    This hasn't changed my opinion of Real Madrid at all. They are the best counter-attacking side in the world, and we know that.
  11. Get it right up ye' Barca. Didn't get to watch as I had training tonight but sounds like Real finally played as well as they should do in an El Classico.
  12. Madrid have played well for like 5 games in a row there now. They had drew there times and won once in the last four times they played (before tonight's game), and now have won twice. Tonight's game was more about how poor Barca was. They were worse than they were against Milan, and that's saying something.

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