El Generico :sad:

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

  3. :why: WWE, why?! Gah, really?? Such sad news. Just not the same without his trademark Generico attire. And the name....... :downer:

    I just said the other day to my friend I hoped he'd be able to keep his same theme, but guess that's out the window.
  4. The banner still says Bo Rotundo and FCW behind him. Are we being trolled? :hmm:
  5. Ugh, why? Seems really stupid not to stick with it for marketing reasons alone.
  6. Considering he is working under his real name they are probably testing things out, like they do with all new stars before settling on a gimmick. Remember Kruger running around as something else before becoming the hunter?

    They are old memorabilia that they cover the walls with at live events.

    Considering they are in developmental they will probably experiment with a couple of things in his character until settling on something he is comfortable in working.

    I don't see a real reason to worry. Dude is supposed to be an over all entertaining and funny guy so I am sure he can take most gimmicks and make them entertaining. The fact that it is developmental doesn't hurt either.
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  7. Some more proof that they are just trying something out...


    He's wearing Del Rio's trunks. That's Del Rio's design on them.

    They are probably trying out a couple of gimmicks before getting him on TV and deciding what to do there.
  8. Looking at that latest picture above, he pretty much defines vanilla midget. Lmao.
  9. That could actually make for an entertaining story. LEt him debut as your typical vanilla midget style wrestler. Then have some heel (maybe someone from Main roster, Slater could do it considering it is NXT) complain about him not being exciting, entertaining or larger than life. Let this go on for a while. Then he busts out the masks, names himself something fitting and creates a gimmick similar to Generico.

    Am I the only one thinking this could work?
  10. I'd hate that, because his first impression would stink and people would immediately lose interest. Then his gimmick genuinely looks like a gimmick instead of who he is.
  11. I'll wait until he is on TV until forming an opinion on his gimmick. He's a talented and charismatic guy so I think he could make most gimmicks work. And since he is wrestling in what appears to be an old pair of Del Rio trunks I still think they are just trying something out. Maybe he wanted to try working without the mask.
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  12. That was his whole persona before lol, he's supposed to be generic to look at he's gone from being a typical luchadore to be a typical guy oiled up in trunks. He'll make it work people don't doubt him.
  13. Uncle Zeb supporting a Canadian? :goatface:
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  14. This. We've seen plenty of times where we see characters that are either really good or really bad, then the characters change and then, from out of nowhere, you get a big star. There's no reason to panic unless you work for the marketing department.
  15. Or is he Mexican? Canexican? Mexicanada? Those people coming over and steal our jobs.
  16. Mexico North :steiner:
  17. :FACEPALM:
  18. Holler! If you hear me!
  19. There will be no hollering here sir :willis:
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