El Generico's new name official

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 4, 2013.

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    Zayn ey? I can live with it. Seems like we are getting the same gimmick which he had on the indy's. Only WWE adapted and less Mexican. :obama:
  2. Same gimmick? I'm down with that. Sami Zayn is at least unique, not a generic FCW white guy name thank goodness.

    Also :lol1: @ that tweet!
  3. I've managed to catch some house show matches of his on youtube. He's working the crowd almost exactly the same as on the indys. Playing the comedic but skilled babyface.
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  4. Haha. Kind of childish looking
    Reminds me if when ppl typez liek dis
  5. It'll be dope isn't his actual name Sami also? Nvm its rami.
  6. :sad: gonna miss that mask and the ole.
  7. Lol'd at the tweet.
  8. His old tweets were like that as well. Only with far more butchered English since El Generico the character was not a good English speaker.
  9. Sami what? I expect mark crowds to call him generico though :sad:
  10. marks don't know who he is.
  11. I meant smarks :damnn:
  12. smark crowds don't even tend to call him by name. They just chant ole.

    Also if they truly were fans of him they would cheer him anyway, despite the name.
  13. Stupid. Pointless. I feel the need to bitch that WWE can't just call him El Generico.

    Oh well.
  14. No more Ole? That sucks.

    Still, :lol1: at the tweet. Glad to see he can keep the gimmick. For me that was bigger than his name. I'll miss Generico, but Sami Zayn works, too. Also, his Twitter profile is kinda' cute:

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  15. Alright then, didn't really expect much different. Hoping to hear some Ole chants in smarky crowds though.
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