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  1. Live on PPV - SUN, DEC 7TH - 8E / 5P
    The Ring of Honor World Championship is the ultimate goal of any athlete who competes in ROH. It is the realization of everything you've worked for. It means you are the best in the world. But being World Champion also comes with its own share of unique responsibilities. Now YOU are the hunted. Every single man on the ROH roster wants to overthrow you. And every single champion responds a little bit differently.

    When Michael Elgin finally won the ROH Title at BEST IN THE WORLD, he swore to be a fighting champion - taking on anyone and everyone; even issuing an open challenge to all former champions. But in his quest to prove he was the greatest champion of all time, Elgin seemed to get more and more obsessive. Maybe even a bit paranoid. And when he lost the title to Jay Briscoe at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, Michael Elgin underwent a complete breakdown. He has funneled all of his frustrations over losing the title into an attempt to destroy Ring of Honor. He started showing up at ROH events in street clothes, refusing to wrestle but more than happy to interfere with the action.

    Tommaso Ciampa's mission to become ROH Champion was thwarted by Elgin himself, when Ciampa was unable to defeat him after a grueling battle in Chicago Ridge. Tommaso had campaigned for the opportunity, insisting to Nigel McGuinness (and anyone who would listen) that he'd been overlooked and under appreciated. That he just needed one chance at the title. But when Elgin was able to retain, Ciampa snapped. He attacked ROH ring crew and officials, nearly ending the career of announcer Bobby Cruise. Ciampa was immediately put on suspension and banned from ROH events. McGuinness would eventually decide to give him another chance, but on one very clear, express condition: if Ciampa touches an ROH official, he's gone for good. Zero tolerance.

    While swearing to stay on his best behavior, Ciampa has come dangerously close to violating his reinstatement agreement. He continues to interfere in other matches, with most speculating that he took Cedric Alexander out of the Honor Rumble. He's still just as unstable as ever, and the writing seems to be on the wall. As Ciampa continues to insist he deserves opportunities, he is a ticking time bomb. And Nigel McGuinness knows it.

    With FINAL BATTLE on the horizon, McGuinness discovered a chance to take care of both his biggest problems. Nigel has made the decision. If Michael Elgin doesn't start acting like an honorable member of this elite roster once again, he will be fired. If Tommaso Ciampa lays his hands on an official or referee, he will be fired. And on December 7th at FINAL BATTLE, these two "problem children" will have to face each other! It's ELGIN VS. CIAMPA III!

    Every time Elgin and Ciampa are in a ring together, carnage follows. They are some of the most brutally physical matches in Ring of Honor and FINAL BATTLE promises to be the most heated contest yet. These two men have a long history fueled by animosity that has only grown in the past year. Both are bitter and furious, each looking to prove to why he is the more deserving of attention and opportunities. And Nigel McGuinness has made one more thing very clear. He doesn't care if these two absolutely destroy each other!

    FINAL BATTLE will be an explosive end 2014! And this year you can watch LIVE on PPV! It will be available on all major cable and satellite providers. For a list of all pay-per-view providers for FINAL BATTLE on December 7th, click HERE!

    ROH World Championship
    Jay Briscoe (c) vs Survival of the Fittest ’14 Winner - Adam Cole

    ROH World Tag Team Championship
    reDRagon (c) vs The Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA)

    ROH World TV Championship
    Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini vs #Reborn Matt Sydal

    Grudge Match
    R.D. Evans w/ Veda Scott vs Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway

    Mentor vs Student
    Roderick Strong vs Adam Page w/ BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs

    Signed to appear...
    - Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
    - The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)
    - Mark Briscoe
    - Jimmy Jacobs
    - BJ Whitmer
    - ACH
    - Cedric Alexander
    - Hanson

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