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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Just Kevin, May 28, 2015.

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    Sunday, May 31st, 2015
    Location: The American Bank Center
    Corpus Christi, TX
    Kickoff Show 7pm EST/12am UK
    Main Show 8pm EST/ 1am UK
    Exclusively on the WWE Network

    Kickoff - A special edition of MizTV with guest Daniel Bryan

    WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match
    Los Matadores vs The Ascension vs Lucha Dragons
    vs Tyson Kidd/Cesaro vs Primetime Players vs New Day (C)

    Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match for the vacated IC title
    R-Truth vs Sheamus vs King Barrett vs Ryback
    vs Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev


    WWE World Heavyweight Championship match
    Seth Rollins (C) vs Dean Ambrose


    Champion vs Champion match (non-title)
    NXT Champion Kevin Owens vs United States Champion John Cena


    DIvas Championship Triple Threat match
    Nikki Bella (C) vs Naomi vs Paige

    Neville vs Bo Dallas

  2. Hearing a lot about Joe running interference... but why not one of the other 18 people Owens is feuding with?

    Lets say... Owens gives the best IDGAF face he can and kicks Cena in the nuts for the DQ... then starts to attack him post-match. Powerbombs, weapon shots while Cena's down, spitting on him, make this a HEEL moment... before teasing the apron powerbomb. Lights go out. Thud thud, thud thud... there's an Eye of Balor lighting up in the ring... Balor comes out in full Demon entrance as Cena just disappears... and all the 8 year olds who don't watch NXT can just stare at each other with their mouths agape on Monday

    The biggest problem I see is that you want to do this as a way to promote Owens vs Balor, but you can't pull this off with those three stooges on commentary without them ruining it. IT'S THE DEMON FINN MAGGLE
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  3. Hmm... This actually turned out to be a pretty damn good card in the end. (Here's hoping they don't replace Rusev with Bray Wyatt in the chamber should Rusev be unable to compete tomorrow night. I'm not usually one to nitpick and squabble per se over a superstar's win-loss record, but I'd rather not see Bray lose another match for awhile, not even one inside the chamber, and I'd rather not see him carrying around the Intercontinental Championship either since I feel it'd be better off around Sheamus' waist at the moment.)
  4. Neville & Bo put on some nice matches in NXT, hope it carries over well to the main stage.
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  5. Yup, six matches, two Elimination Chamber matches. Other than the ME, none of the matches are repeats of something we've seen 100 times already. And last time I thought Rollins and Ambrose was tired, they proved me wrong. I'm looking forward to this.
  6. Owens better win, I put a shitload of money on him
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  7. Great card, should be a good PPV.
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  8. Amazing, amazing card and I can't wait for the show!

    The one thing I see to be pessimistic about is that they've booked so many matches where they... by WWE logic... have to find a way out.
    Owens can't go over Cena, but you can't have Owens job in his first match.
    Rollins can't win clean because Rollins but they have to set up the match with Lesnar.
    The IC Title match... wow. You can't kill your most credible heel (Sheamus) but strapping the IC TItle on him, Ziggler and (especially) Barrett are the poster children for staying away from that title, R-Truth and Ryback... I guess they can put it on Ryback? I still don't see it... And Rusev's out, but.

    Wait, any announcement on who's replacing Rusev? Fuck it, throw Zack Ryder in there and let him run roughshod over everyone. I'll take it!
  9. Please, please have Harper & Rowan attack Los Matadores (or whoever) on their way to the ring and let them win the titles!
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  10. It's likely Rusev won't be wrestling tonight, so if mah boi Bálor debuted tonight right out of the blue, I'd legit mark out and cream my pants.
  11. Well just make sure to change afterwards.

    But seriously, I agree. This is one of the few times I will ever say this, although I loved him in New Japan, I've enjoyed him more in America. He's been stellar as Finn Balor in NXT and if he shows up tonight... well I probably won't do what ydo since I'm a might bit plder and have a little more control over those things, but expect a mark out similarly to when Joe appeared on unstoppable.

    Speaking of Joe, I was watching Smackdown and I thought I heard one fan chanting faintly for Joe when Owens was out (hey I finally stopped calling him Steen, never thought that would happen) and it made me realize that I do want to see Joe on the main roster for no other reason than hearing a WWE sized arena chanting "Joe's gonna kill ya!" Even just once, I'd love that.

    I've been going on and on about the IC Chamber and finally think Sheamus is getting it.
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  12. Should be around for the LD :21-1:
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  13. Kickoff is in less than 10 minutes.
  14. So Booker T said the replacement in the IC match will be a former world champion... return of Chris Jericho anyone?
  15. huh, network seems to have issues loading atm. nice
  16. Mark Henry or Christian I'm thinking, Jericho is about to go on tour later in June so I'm not quite sure they'd do that.
  17. Jack Swagger could be another
  18. Wow, this is pretty lame. Still nothing, just a spinning loading wheel. On a pc though. Gonna try on the app on the xbox
  19. I'm watching on PS3 and it's doing fine.
  20. Could Mark Henry or Christian withstand an EC match right now? Especially Christian.
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