Elimination Chamber Elimination Chamber Botches

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sackfist, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Did anyone see two botches at Elimination Chamber

    Daniel Bryan slips

    CM Punk forgets to reverse

    Click here to read review of Chamber & Please tell me what you think of new format
  2. Two of the best wrestlers in the world however they are humans and humans make mistakes unlike Sin Cara.

    EDIT: Your website is awesome, nice format and reviews.

    BTW Did you miss Lillian failing to say "Participant" when The Great Khali entered the ring? Check again.

  3. Yes my mistake, although what was the point of Khali in the chamber, Christian returned, he would have been a much more active superstar
  4. Probably to get more buys from India.
  5. They still could've taken him out.
  6. I agree, would have been so much better with Christian. I counted 5 moves from Khali, Chop to Barrett, Clothesline to Rhods, Clothesline to Barrett Punjabi Plunge to Rhodes, Punjabi Plunge to Barrett

  7. At least he used all of his move-set I suppose.
  8. Punk botching? No way jose
  9. Sadly I am afraid he did,
  10. Think Dolph was being sarcastic mate :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. No way man, he doesn't botch multiple times every match. He's da best in da world

  12. I love you sometimes. He's da best in da world :laugh:
  13. I know, I returned with some sarcasm, but I don't know what to type for when I am being sarcastic
  14. only sometimes :cry::cry:
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