Elimination Chamber Elimination Chamber February 23rd, 2014 Live Discussion

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    United States: LIVE, Sunday Night, Feb. 23, at 8/7c on PPV
    United Kingdom: Monday Morning, Feb. 24, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Target Center
    Minneapolis, MN

    Match Card:
    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match
    Randy Orton(c) vs Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus vs Christian vs John Cena

    Intercontinental Championship match
    Big E.(c) vs Jack Swagger

    Six man tag match
    The Wyatt Family vs The Shield

    Singles match

    Batista vs Alberto Del Rio​
  2. Not many fucks given outside of Shield/Wyatts. Please god let Bork find a way into the EC match.
  3. He will.. tell me who looks out of place in this pic..
    You have Cena and Orton.. the two current headliners.. both will, within the next 5 years, step aside to make room for new headliners. The preparations are starting to take place already. You have Daniel Bryan.. fan favorite.. the current hottest of the hot. Sheamus.. just returning.. a person looking to get himself back into the picture. Cesaro.. a future world champion and a big part of WWE's future. Christian.. a beat up and aged legend who could not survive an Elimination Chamber match if he wanted to... Christian will not be in this match.
  4. Christian's been looking terrible lately.
  5. Yeah Christian is pretty aged, if he does stay in the EC match he's going to be one of the first eliminated.
    Although I did think he showed a little of his former self this past Smackdown in a tag match vs the Shield, he was moving pretty well during his moment of going against Reigns.
  6. Not hyped enough for The Wyatts vs The Shield???

    Watch this video and you will be...
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  7. I thought he looked really ill, like jaundiced ill. Maybe it's just the lighting in the arenas.
  8. Man I know before the EC was looking pretty solid but with the matches they added to the card on RAW & WWE.com, should be this should definitely be one helluva PPV, I'm definitely excited for Sunday night!
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  9. Can't wait for the EC this Sunday! honestly weeks leading upto the PPV go by sooo fast for me!
  10. Still not hyped
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    There on the Facebook page they have graphics for AJ and Cameron up, looks like they will have a match added tonight.

    Haven't been this hyped for a PPV in a while, oddly enough. It's a shame that it looks unwatchable live on paper, so many of these matches look atrocious.
  12. Yeah here's some dirt sheet link about that I was looking at after reading this.

    I'm mainly hyped because this will be my first year actually being able to watch the EC, I've had to work literally on ever day it's aired since it started being a PPV
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  13. EC tonight whoop whoop! Hopefully my computer can handle both the PPV and the Live Discussion, I doubt it but we'll see :hmm:
    Surprised there are no bets on the site for it this time around, oh well not the end of the world hehe.
  14. this is upsetting.
  15. shut up pussy and be in the live discussion thread

    I can never make Raw or TFA on Monday/Thursday, so PPVs are all I have
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  16. Bahhh I hate the morning/afternoon leading upto the PPV once I get all my drinks & snacks and shit it just seems like it takes forever for the actual PPV to start
  17. I saw you are a Raiders/Warriors fan? Welcome. I am as well. What city you from? I grew up in Hayward
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  18. Was born just a bit south than that in Fremont but now im in Huntington Beach and thanks for the welcome, always nice to meet some fans of the raids/dubs.
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  19. Born just a BART ride away.

    why the move down south? :idk:
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