Elimination Chamber Getting Dropped?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Oct 25, 2014.

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  1. According to Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, a former WWE employee who has broken several WWE stories in the past, WWE is planning to drop the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. He wrote the following on Friday:

    "Word going around backstage this past Tuesday at the SmackDown tapings are that the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view will be no more. The early lead names going around to replace the Elimination Chamber name will be either WWE Fast Lane or WWE Fast Track."

    "The reason is because there is only one WWE / World Champion right now. So they want to stay with the Rumble winner receiving the shot and have no Chamber even with the title holder in the match."

    He noted that he expects the Elimination Chamber match to be kept around as a match for certain pay-per-views that call for it.

  2. Those new names suck.
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    I'm fine with them dropping the PPV itself. However, I always thought that someday they may take the actual Chamber match where it belongs, at Survivor Series.

    So what if there's only one WWE-WHC? He should defend the title at the EC. Ain't it the way it's always been? Or they could throw in some sort of #1 contender's match inside the Chamber. (the winner gets a title shot at some point)
    Lesnar will prolly keep the title till Mania, so him being a legit ass-kicker and all, he should retain the title at EC.
    But then again, there's the risk of him and the others being hurt and it's WM season, so I kinda get it...

    But, creating another filler PPV between the Rumble and Mania is kind of dumb. So, if they are truly dropping the EC, then they could have a gap 'tween the Rumble and Mania, I'm sure it could improve the product for the better, just a little bit.
  4. Some of the worst ppv names ever, lol.
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  5. Sounds like a video game that would be easily forgotten about.
  6. Figures. I've been advocating dropping this PPV for the longest time (pretty much since it's conception) since I feel the chamber match should only be utilized on special occasions (and I hold the same feelings in regards to HIAC and TLC matches), and yet the one time that I actually AM looking forward to it - which is so that I can watch Brock Lesnar tearing it up with five other superstars inside the chamber - they decide to get rid of it. Then again, it's not official until it's official.

    If they do end up dropping it though, then why not just leave a gap in-between the Rumble and Wrestlemania (as CM Bryan mentioned above) since the February PPV is just a filler slot anyway. Just do a bigger build to Wrestlemania. With the Network implemented now (for however much longer that is), it's not like they have to worry about individual PPV buys anyway. 'Fast Lane' and 'Fast Track' are easily two of the worst sounding PPV names they've ever come up with, and sound more like the titles of generic race car movies from the 80's than they do wrestling events.
  7. Couldn't agree more with everything you said here.

    Oh boy, those two name sound horrific, indeed. They come off as if 'Over The Limit' was brought back, but only with a different name. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Anyways, nothing's official till it's offical... So, if they are truly dropping the EC PPV, then leave a gap 'tween the RR and WM and have a bigger build-up towards your biggest PPV of the year and that should do it.
    No need for filler PPV in between... And have the actual EC match back where it truly belongs, at Survivor Series (with the Chamber match in there, it'll make SS seem special and one of the big 4 again).
  8. I know the names are a reference to the road to Wrestlemania....But it's still so dumb.

    I imagine Triple H being all like "John...You're IN THE FAST LANE OF THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!"

    I see why they would choose it, but it's still so dumb.
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    That's a shame, I actually really liked the Chamber match being there in kayfabe, six men put their bodies on the line to be the champion heading into Mania, and even in the "PG Era" the matches were always awesome. Why do away with it?
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  10. I'm actually a pretty big fan of the EC concept & PPV. Idk it was something different, if they do rename it/repackage that PPV then so be it, I don't run the company so I can't do anything about it really.. I just would prefer them not to name it either of those.
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  12. I'm actually a fan of EC and the EC match. It always gives a final twist as to the WM main event if someone else was to win the main belt. While 2 EC matches would be cool these days, one is sufficient enough to put on a decent show, hence this year's EC (Add the fact it was The shield vs The Wyatts that was before it.)
  13. So excited for WWE Fast Track!!11
  14. What Nero said. Just bring back No Way Out and use it for Elimination Chamber matches. Way better sounding than Fast Lane. Wtf?
  15. No Way Out has run it's course. 1998-2009 and then 2012. Why not replace the PPV with a RTWM theme but with a better name? Actually, since this years WrestleMania is in March, wouldn't it be better if nothing would be planned? Much like how March doesn't have PPVs in it when WrestleMania is in April.
  16. Wtf do you mean it's run it's course? "Wrestlemania has happened for 30 years. I think it has ran it's course."
    No such thing as ran it's course.
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  17. WrestleMania is the biggest wrestling show of the year, lol. B PPVs can compare to the top PPV of the year. No Way Out was a B PPV that has ran far too long for a B PPV.
  18. It's cool with me, as long as they don't pull the plug on the actual EC match.
  19. What you're saying is that it would be the same show with a different name? Meh, there's a lot more to worry about than this lol
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