News Elimination Chamber Is Coming To WWE Network

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, May 12, 2015.

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  2. Interesting. I guess Network numbers are falling quite a bit (which was to be expected once Wrestlemania was over) if they're suddenly rolling out the Elimination Chamber PPV out of nowhere and making it exclusive to the Network. I'd of rather they saved the chamber for Survivor Series or something since it would have fit with that PPV's central theme of 'survival' and 'elimination', but whatever. At least they plan on using it to ameliorate the prestige and importance of the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships, and I certainly can't fault them for that.

    Speaking of the Tag Team Championships, I'm guessing the elimination chamber in this case will be used in a War Games type of capacity, where you have two teams against one another (3-on-3 in this case... The New Day versus a team of three, perhaps Cesaro, Kidd, and a partner of their choosing) and one person from each side enters at a time. The alternative to that is to have six different tag teams all in the same match and try to stuff two people within each pod, and that's just way too many people to throw into an enclosed environment like this imo, but I guess we'll see.
  3. Curious to see who their 3rd partner would be if they did 3 v 3 essentially, probably not Adam Rose since that's been nixed long ago.. the 6 different teams is definitely tricky to do, although it seems like that could very well happen I suppose..

    New Day vs TK/Cesaro vs Los Matadores vs MachoMandow/Axelmania (or PTP if they stop that after Payback) vs Harper/Rowan vs Ascension would be the 6 different teams I imagine.
  4. Anyone else here think this event will be a potential sleeper and actually provide a good show? Those matches sound badass. Mainly because the people in those divisions are great workers.
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    So they finally worked out that network exclusive events will draw buys for the network.
    Can't fault the logic there. I was annoyed that they had replaced with EC with Fastlane, but since I'll get to see ER again, it's all good.
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  6. lol wtf? They just randomly decided to throw this show together?
  7. Same as they did KOTR not too long ago.
  8. WWE officially booking like a 12 year old playing "universe mode"
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  9. I can't fathom why they did that tbh, since it's been dead for a while. At least this explains why they replaced EC with Fastlane- which was a stupid 'theme'.
  10. Yep. Bryan is reinjured, scramble to push a completely new storyline using former great PPV's to get a few extra involved. The whole KOTR being on Tuesday shit randomly was just cabbage.

    I will say the IC title in the Elimination Chamber match will be just awesome. It's not WWE Network exclusive online.
  11. It should have been over a few weeks, not 2 days. I thought it looked great, and Neville vs Barrett was great, it's just a clusterfuck WWE is doing. It's a billion dollar company scrambling and pushing filler in our faces over an IC champion whose injury timings makes Ziggler look lucky. So dumb.
  12. I don't believe for a second that they didn't know DB was injured until two hours or so before the last PPV, especially since he'd been taken off the Euro tour. It was probably just for buys, but they could have had the tourney to determine the new IC champ, instead of sitting on their thumbs for three weeks.
  13. I think he was questionable, and they knew early in the day. Honestly, I expect it's another big change backstage made minutes before the PPV by a shit creative team. It's so bad to see some angles going so well (new day vs kidd/cesaro, Cena vs Neville, Ziggler Sheamus this time around, Wyatt vs Ryback) and some just thrown together. Hell, Barrett being King is great. Have him keep it until after MITB where he puts his crown on the line, and loses.

    Shit, I wonder who wins MITB? I had assumed it would be Bryan this year.
  14. Sheamus probably wins MITB lol
  15. You skip RAW again last night? I saw you swore off it.

    Heel Sheamus vs who? Lesnar has to win at SS, so Sheamus wins and then clearly loses to Lesnar? I'd be down.
  16. I went into the rate raw thread out of habit. Of course I didn't watch lol. Sheamus just seems to make a bit of sense. he hasn't been in the world title picture for a while but he is a heel now and clearly being built up for something.
  17. He is great at getting heat, but he really is a human muppet.

    RAW hasn't been bad, Cena's been great, Ziggler has been pushed and even the tag division is great. The good has outweighed the bad, just the last 2 weeks.
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  18. If Bryan recovers by MITB, then perhaps... But I ain't holding my breath for it.

    Ambrose, DZ or Sheamo are the dudes I could picture winning.
  19. That's because you are a mark.
  20. Roman Reigns is probably the one winning MITB. It'll likely be the catalyst for how he'll end up in the Brock vs Rollins match at Summerslam to make it a triple-threat.

    I'd personally love to see Ambrose win it and then stalk Rollins much in the same way he did last year when he was intent on stopping him from cashing in the briefcase by any means necessary, only this time around it's Dean who has the briefcase and Seth who has the title, and Rollins knowing that Ambrose is always out there waiting in the shadows and ready to cash in at any moment will have him on edge and surely be more nerve-wracking on him than anything ever has been before.

    Then again, the other part of me would probably prefer if Ambrose won his first world title in a much more distinguished manner, such as winning the Rumble and then the championship at Wrestlemania, or winning it at some other PPV after earning a shot at it through some other means (as opposed to a spontaneous cash-in.)
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