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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Orton (C), Cena, Sheamus and Bryan are all in the Chamber match, leaving two spots open. Lesnar is after the title and the PPV is in his homestate, so he looks certain to be there. I also think Punk will be in it, giving the authority a chance to screw him over again.
  2. Punk seems like an obvious choice for being in the match (in which case get ready for another screw job, this time probably from Triple H himself) but then again, Punk/Kane one on one seems like a possibility, too. Maybe Kofi? They were teasing a semi-serious push for him by giving him two matches in a row with Orton (the first of which he won cleanly), so maybe he earns a spot in the match somehow. Lesnar being in it should be obvious, but who knows. Maybe he and Batista will square off in a #1 Contender's Match or something instead.
  3. Kofi lost to ADR last night so he won't be in it and suggests ADR/Tista will still happen.

    I think Kane v Punk will happen on a RAW, just doesn't seem like a PPV match and Punk being screwed again sets up the HHH match better. For instance, I noticed they're doing "qualifying matches", one for Punk could be against Kane.
  4. With just four guys so far for the Chamber I would say you put Bray Wyatt and maybe even Roman Reigns especially for his performance during the Rumble. Depending on what WWE does with the Shield vs Wyatt Family whether it will be three on three or just Rollins/Ambrose vs Harper/Rowan with Bray and Roman on the outside as enforcers of some kind? Also what to do with Batista, WWE's plan with him blew up in their faces, and with that I wonder if WWE keeps Batista away from this to maybe face Del Rio? So I guess it will be Orton vs Cena vs Sheamus vs Bryan vs Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns with Punk facing Kane at the Chamber.If I had to decide that winner off my head Sheamus gets eliminated first by Bray. Roman Reigns eliminates Bray for the Shield, and he probably gets eliminated taking everyone's finishers. If WWE has interests for Sheamoose to turn heel, have Bryan eliminate him and Sheamus waits for Bryan to turn his back before leaving and huge boot to the back of his head! If not it comes down to Cena vs Orton vs Bryan and I think Bryan can outsmart these two easy. Royal Rumble winner Batista the new face of WWE versus the new WWE Champion Bryan sounds fine to me and he'll lose.
  5. After last night, I suspect The Shield v The Wyatts could happen in some sort of elimination chamber tag-team match. Say Reigns & Harper start the match, then after 5 minutes Ambrose & Wyatt come out of their pods, and then Rollins & Rowan five minutes later. The Wyatts can go over and Reigns can look strong, leading to The Shield's split.
  6. Final two participants announced on SD:
    Show Spoiler
    Antonio Cesaro and Christian

    Guess they'll be the first to be eliminated. Great to see the first guy getting his well-deserved chance to shine on a big stage. I think there's a chance Brock could "injure" one of them in the next few weeks and take their spot though. Should be a great match whatever.
  7. Brock ain't going into the chamber.

    They want to build Brock up for mania, meaning he can't take losses. But the main event for mania is set to be Batista vs Orton for the title. Meaning if Brock went into the chamber, he'd have to be pinned.
  8. That depends whether you think he's facing The Streak or not. Other scenario would be to have him win the title in the Chamber. What's Brock going to do at EC and, if he's not got plans, why did he return so early?

    On a different note, if we get a couple more RAW crowds shitting on Batista/Orton build segments I'm sure they won't hesitate to change that match.
  9. The Batista/Orton main event is apparently set in stone in Batista's contract. Meaning that if they changed it too much (removing one of the two) it would leave WWE in breach of contract and Batista able to sue. Plus both guys are friends of Hunter, meaning he will take care of them.

    Brock doesn't need to wrestle to look dominant at EC. Just have him come out and beat someone up. Send out Henry again, send out Tensai, send out half the mid card for Brock to destroy only for Undertaker (a known locker room leader) to come out and cut him off. Easy way to set up the match. Taker as a locker room leader would not stand for some outside force (Brock) Brutalizing his roster.
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  10. But Heyman has repeatedly declared that Brock is after the title, specifically - not just beating up random guys. Remember when Edge wasn't booked to be in a EC match a few years back, but attacked an entrant while he was on the way to his pod and got his spot. Lesnar can still be in this match.
  11. But why does he have to win it at EC? They should get the mileage out of Brock hunting the belt. I'd personally much rather see him go with Taker at mania, because the match will be one for the ages most likely if Taker is set to go. Brock is written in until mania 31, he can win the belt at Summerslam or another later date.
  12. I think the last entrants will be Ryback (if WWE decides to book him in a qualifying round) and Lesnar. If not Ryback, Bray Wyatt or the Miz would have to be in it.
  13. I can guarantee you its neither of those.
  14. My big prediction is that in this match, Sheamus will turn on Cena, and a Sheamus-Cena feud will start.
    This would be perfect for 2 reasons:
    1.Sheamus heel
    2.No more Cena in the title picture
    SECRET NUMBER 3: People wanna see that
  15. Lesnar attacks and "injures" Christian between now and EC taking his spot in the chamber... he gets eliminated via rollup and goes crazy beating down anybody still in the ring at the time and walking out.... Undertaker appears on RAW the night after EC and calls out Lesnar... Lesnar gets in the ring and Undertaker says "You're in my yard now!" and proceeds to beat him down setting up a feud and WM30 match between Lesnar and Undertaker. Daniel Bryan wins the EC match leading to a triple threat match for the title at WM30. Bryan vs Batista vs Orton
  16. While I would have no objection to Lesnar taking out Christian (especially given the promo Christian cut about the "window closing" on his opportunities) and taking his spot in the Chamber and getting eliminated before beating the hell out of everybody and leaving, I don't see Undertaker calling anybody out, not to mention that Taker yelling "You're in my yard now!" in 2014 would just be narmy as hell. But, there are ways for Lesnar to turn his attention to Taker after EC and end up facing Taker at Mania that would seem more natural.

    As to the idea of Bryan taking the title at EC and getting added to the Title match at Mania, I fully support it.

  17. I agree it would be corny for Undertaker to say that.. just couldn't think of anything better at that moment lol
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  18. Im putting all my forum cash on Christian.
  19. LOL...It happens.

  20. Trust me, the title never changes hands inside the chamber anymore, its gonna be orton.
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