Elimination Chamber Elimination Chamber Normal and Crazy Predictions

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Italianman3100!, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. Just like before every PPV. We need to be creative...So predict normal and crazy stuff that might happen at the Elimination Chamber...Here's mine:

    Normal: Orton finds a way to win the chamber match.

    Crazy: The Brood reunites for one night and attacks the Wyatts and The shield.
  2. Normal: Orton wins and the crowd is not happy.

    Crazy: Sting debuts and attacks Batista
  3. Normal: The Shield vs The Wyatts will be the best match of the night.

    Crazy: The Elimination Chamber main event match will be the best match of the night.
  4. Normal: Bryan or Cena walks out champ and Boreton's reign ends.

    Crazy: Cesaro wins and every forum everywhere blows up.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Its possible. They want to create something to have buzz for the network so either one of them wins that or Brock wins it the next night according to reports and either of those sounds awesome.
  7. Normal: Orton wins EC * OHHHHHHHH WHAT A SHOCKER............ NOT *
    Crazy: Goldberg returns and spears the EC and every one dies or spears and filps over the EC.
  8. Normal: Orton wins and then gets decked by Batista

    Crazy: Del Rio gets attacked by CM Punk who for some shocking reason got into the building, runs out and challenges Batista for his #1 contenders spot at WM30, wins, crowd explodes, later that night Daniel Bryan wins the WWEWHC in the chamber and the show ends with a stare down between Punk and Bryan
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  9. Awesome thinking .
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  10. That crazy ending would be kinda shitty.
  11. The IWC would explode with that.
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  12. Bryan and Punk matches flopped at C rate PPVs during Punk's boring ass reign. Them main eventing mania would be a full fledged disaster
  13. well you got any crazy ideas?
  14. Punk being handed a title shot for walking out too.

    Also Orton has his rematch so it would be a triple threat.
  15. He could have it on a Raw..
  16. Bork Lazer attacks Christian, takes his spot in the EC and wins the belt from Boreton is the craziest thing I got.
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  17. I was thinking that too.
  18. Normal: Kane comes out, unlocks the chamber, chokeslams DB and then unleashes the Beast BROCK LESNAR on everyone else and Brock comes out the victor just by brutally murdering everyone in there.
    Crazy: Damien Sandow comes down and starts talking about how the 6 in the chamber are such ignoramuses and how he has a newfround group of buddies that he'd like to introduce to them.. down walks Kane & Brock Lesnar and then the ending is pretty much the same thing in my normal prediction :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. that's actually likely to happen...
  20. Shoulda made it your 'normal' prediction then slick.
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