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  1. What are your predictions for the Elimination Chamber PPV? Here are some of mine and some obvious ones.
    1. CM Punk vs. Kane. It's happening. We all know it's happening.
    2. Sheamus & Daniel Bryan are gonna be in the WWE WHC Chamber. Sheamus is gonna be the one to eliminate Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan will complain the next night.
    3. Lesnar may or may not be wrestling. I heard that he isn't gonna show up at EC but I think he is. I see Lesnar winning the WWE-WHC Championship.
    I forgot the rest of my ideas for the EC while typing. Half asleep :emoji_cry:
  2. I can also see SHIELD having their final 3v3 match at Elimination Chamber (HOPEFULLY TORNADO CHAMBER). That will be where they will officially break up and build a Triple Threat for the US Title.

    We also might see Ambrose vs. Langston in a unification match where Reigns runs out and just spears Ambrose. Ambrose wins via DQ. Titles don't unify. We get a huge build up for 'Mania.
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  3. Aren't the shield imploding? I think they'll face each other.

    Bray vs Cena is a certainty.
  4. Didn't that happen last year? :notsure:
  5. A) Yeah. And Sheamus was the face, Bryan the heel. Now Bryan's basically the most over face in the company and Sheamus is...well, still a face. I can't imagine Bryan getting eliminated by Sheamus and bitching about it the next night unless there are shenanigans, which would lead to a Sheamus heel turn. I don't see such a turn happening until after Mania.

    B) I think Punk beats Kane at EC and goes on to face HHH at Mania.

    C) Six-man tag or Elimination Chamber match: Wyatts vs. Shield. Wyatts win because someone from Shield screws the others or something along those lines. This leads to a triple threat at Mania between Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose, probably for the US Title.

    D) I see Lesnar vs. Batista, probably with the title shot on the line. Batista wins by dq or something that allows Lesnar to push for/be challenged by Taker at Mania.

    E) Bryan wins the Chamber match, setting up Orton vs. Batista vs. Bryan for the title at Mania. The Wyatts attack Cena after he's eliminated/invade the Chamber to take down Cena, setting up Wyatts/Cena feud with a blowoff between Bray and Cena at Mania.

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  6. The main event will be an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship between Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and a sixth man. Since four contenders have already been announced and since Maddox (or The Authority) will obviously put Lesnar into the match within the coming weeks, then the sixth man will probably earn the golden opportunity to compete for the WWEWHC in the "biggest elimination chamber match in history" by winning a battle royal or something. Just throw in Kofi or some other midcarder who could use a rub by being in a match of this magnitude.

    The match basically goes like this - Lesnar starts off and at some point eliminates whoever this sixth man is. The Wyatts interfere and cost Cena the match, and maybe Lesnar gets credit for that elimination, too. Then everyone left (Orton, Bryan, Sheamus) gangs up on Lesnar and hits their finishers and whatnot and eliminates him. Bryan then eliminates Sheamus, and maybe Sheamus is so pissed about it that he Brogue Kicks Bryan before exiting the chamber. This wouldn't be a complete heel turn just yet, but it'd be the start of it. Orton then picks up the pieces and finishes Bryan off to win his first ever chamber match.

    All of this sets up several programs that are all rumored to happen at Wrestlemania - Orton/Batista, Lesnar/Undertaker (Lesnar goes ape shit after the loss and targets Undertaker's streak since it's the next best thing to winning the WWEWHC), Cena/Wyatt, Bryan/Sheamus.

    Batista vs Del Rio - ADR will probably challenge Batista to put his Wrestlemania title shot on the line, and whether he does or not, this will basically be a squash match on Batista's part.

    The Shield vs The Wyatts - The Wyatts win, establishing themselves as the meanest and baddest group in the WWE. And it'll be pretty much the last straw for The Shield before they break apart (I don't expect it to happen at the PPV but maybe on Raw the next night.)

    Punk vs Kane - Punk defeats Kane, further building towards his confrontation with Triple H. Nothing else to this one, really.

    The rest of the card, who knows.
  7. i would love to see this happen. Even a Roman Reigns/ Big E langston feud would be pretty awesome
  8. I'm guessing the Wyatts will win against the Shield mostly because of the Ambrose/Reigns situation. Seth Rollins is trying to keep it together. I'd be ok with the Wyatts winning. Most of the time when the Shield wins a match it's Roman Reigns most if the time with the victory. Sometimes it's Ambrose but really how often do you see Seth Rollins end the match? Roman Reigns proved he could do great on his own at the Royal Rumble. Once the Shield finally do split I think I'll find my self following Roman Reigns more.

    Now onto the WWE elimination chamber match.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Randy Orton won. If anyone else won it would most likely be John Cena or Daniel Bryan
  9. Man I will be so pissed if Lesnar ends the streak. Not that he couldn't, I would just rather see someone else do it.
  10. No worries there lol. Lesnar has 0% chance of ending the streak.
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  11. Thank goodness
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