Elimination Chamber Elimination Chamber predictions?

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  1. What do you think will happen at the Elimination Chamber special that's airing exclusively on the Network Sunday, May 31st? Who will the contestants be for the IC title match and what will happen in the 6 team Chamber match?

    I'm curious to think what people think.. I personally have no idea idea who will come out the winner, of either match but I'm going to say Rowan & Harper win the tag titles and the Lucha Dragons are my dark horse pick to win.. Idk why I think that considering they haven't been on TV for a minute but I do think they win there. As for the IC match I believe the contestants will be Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Bad News Barrett, Neville, Stardust, R-Truth and Sheamus wins.. Neville is my dark horse in that match.
  2. Either Cesaro & Kidd regain the titles, or Harper & Rowan will win. I don't see The New Day retaining in just about any scenario, but that's just me.

    As for the IC title, Sheamus and Barrett are my picks to win. I doubt they'd give Neville the title this early on.
  3. -Rollins vs Orton in one final showdown for the WWE Championship, with a stipulation likely added to the match. Seth retains.
    -Cena vs Neville for the United States Championship, with Cena pulling out the victory after a long and hard-fought battle.
    -Sheamus vs Ziggler vs Barrett vs Rusev vs Wyatt vs Ryback in the chamber for the vacant Intercontinental Title, with Sheamus winning the championship.
    -The New Day vs Rowan and Harper vs The Lucha Dragons vs Cesaro and Kidd vs The Ascension vs The Mega Jobbers (eh, I guess? Match seems a bit serious for them to be in, but who else is there to put in that sixth slot unless you just randomly threw someone like R-Truth and Stardust together...), with The New Day retaining.
    -Ambrose and Reigns vs Kane and Big Show, with Ambrose and Reigns winning.
    -Nikki vs Naomi for the Diva's Championship, with Naomi winning the title.
  4. Pulling for Sheamo to win the IC title and Harper & Rowan to win the tag team titles.

    EC should be pretty damn good!
  5. Dean Ambrose will win the WWE World Title and then lose it in a rematch the next night on raw.
  6. *cough* Big Show gets involved at EC and Seth retains *cough*
  7. I know dean won't win no matter what, but if he did.... The explosion that would happen... Would be great.

    Hell, even if he lost the title the next night on raw it would be fun to see.

    Big show will be eating dean, live this elimination chamber only on ppv.
  8. I like that idea ^^^ gives Ambrose a small reign but still a reign
  9. I actually think it's a really good idea. Throws things off in a good way.
  10. For some reason I have a feeling The Honkytonk Man is going to knock out everyone with his guitar and win the IC strap so he can reclaim his title as the greatest IC champion of all time
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  11. John Cena vs KO isn't a title match?

    I got Lucha Dragons or PTP possibly stealing the win in the tag chamber match.
    Sheamus winning the IC.
    KO beating Cena.
    Dean beating Seth
    Naomi winning against Paige & NIkki.
  12. Haha, good ole Vinnie Mac. Cena will prolly lose the US title in a triple-threat or a fatal four-way match without even eating the pin. :fact:
  13. If Kidd and Cesaro don't retain I will commit suicide
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  14. You mean if they don't regain the titles? 'cause Kidd and Cesaro aren't champs anymore. :zayn:
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  15. I'm going to predict there will be another match on the card! Neville vs Bo.. That's not actually my prediction it's a rumor at the moment that I currently want to be on the card. Need moar Bo :bodallas:
  16. I can definitely see that happening.

    Neville vs Dallas, please!
  17. My predictions for the show:

    - Sheamus to win the IC title

    - Harper & Rowan to win the tag championships.
    Yes, I know they aren't in the match, but I'm really hoping they attack Los Matadores (or some other team) on their way to the ring and end up winning the titles.
    If my scenario doesn't happen, I'm going with Lucha Dragons to win the tag team gold!

    - Nikki vs Paige vs Naomi. I actually don't care who wins, but I guess I'm going with Paige.

    - Neville vs Bo. Neville's had this lil winning streak, but I BOLIEVE Bo will have a cheap win here over Neville.

    - Cena vs KO. Cena wins via DQ. Although, KO winning in any way would be nice!

    - Rollins vs Ambrose. Rollins retains via LOLBIGSHOWINTERFERES
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  18. Seems Rusev got injured at the Smackdown taping and may be removed from the IC match. An ankle injury it seems.
  19. Source?
  20. That's what he gets for wrestling barefoot. :razer:
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