Spoiler Elimination Chamber Rematch this Monday!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Feb 25, 2014.

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  2. This is the lamest, markiest thing I've ever ever said on here... so sue me.
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  4. Oh my god..... I didn't even notice that....... GOD DAMMIT. THAT DESERVES A HELL YEAH.
  5. Well if you'll do that, I'll run by and delete my exclamation reply and we can continue marking our tits off. :yay:
  6. Let's just keep on marking!!!

    5-STAR MATCH ON RAW!!!!! WOOOOOO! If Cena's injury is kayfabe then only one thing can happen.... Ambrose turns on The SHIELD. But still, WOOOO! I marked for Ambrose saving the day last Raw... not gonna lie!
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  7. I'm still confused as to if this is all an on the fly audible because of Cena's injury or what. Also, did anyone else notice the crowd shitting on Bray vs Reigns? Wtf was up with that. I heard HUsky Harris chants ffs. I wanted to kill them all with grenades.
  8. Crowd were expecting the biggest and best show of the year but they got 3 hours of mostly shite, so they were pissed.

    This confirms that Cena's injury was a work if there was any doubt. Hopefully, RAW ends with The Shield beating each others asses in the ring.
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  9. They get 3 hours of mostly shit so they decide to step up and shit on the one really good thing that happened? Makes no sense and they all deserve death.
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  10. yeah this was brought up in the LDs by myself and a few others about the crowd chanting out Husky Harris.. very strange crowd.
  11. I was so pissed about that. That crowd was clearly made up of idiots.
  12. On the up side, it was a pretty good match.

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