Elimination Chamber replacement (Instead of Mark Henry)

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  1. In the recent Smackdown taping Mark Henry was suspended and removed from the Elimination Chamber by Theodore Long, later that night Cody Rhodes got attacked by Great Khali, and later that night Booker T revealed a new picture of the Elimination Chamber competitors and Great Khali was in there so yes he is the new replacement.

    This was written by me and not taken from a source if you're wondering.
  2. Think everyone thinks the same in "Why the hell is this guy in?"
  3. He is a good competitor for the Elimination Chamber, they want to make it so it gets tougher you know considering Great Khali's size he might be the most dominant competitor in the EC after the Big Show ofcourse.

    However i could not think of a more dangerous competitor than Great Khali in the Smackdown roster.
  4. He's not a good enough wrestler to pull off that domination look. Sure he's massive and looks like a monster, but when you see him just stump around in the ring and "chop" people, it doesn't make you believe. Henry for example is believable, Brodus is too.
  5. Will they push him again?
  6. I doubt he'll be main event pushed, but might get some sort of push. He's massive in India, since TNA just launched "King Da Ring" they might try and regain some Indian fans.
  7. I think brodus will remain funkasaurus for a while now, he doesn't look that much dangerous too me unless he ofcourse turns heel.

    You're definitely right but who could be more monster-looking than him from the Smackdown roster that could replace him in the EC?

    Henry is dominant but the question still remains on my mind why were he removed? I know why because i watched SD but i'd like to know the real reason, does he want a vacation or something?
  8. Henry is legitimately injured. He lost his title because of that injury. But he kept appearing, not wrestling much matches. He sort of recovered but was injured again last week before the Rumble, so they had him wrestle that match (mostly on the floor) and then "Suspended" for some time to heal. Was a shame because he was SO good at that monster-heel role.
  9. They should bring back that one match that was Khali's specialty. With the bamboo and what not. I forgot what it was.
  10. Khali has no speciality. He's just a lumbering idiot.

    PS I think you mean the punjabi prison match.
  11. "PS I think you mean the punjabi prison match."

    That's exactly what I meant. He actually used to be good though @[seabs].
  12. When was he good? I can only recall him throwing big ass chops and having a bizarrely large chin.
  13. When he first came into the WWE. He had that huge vice grip where he put everyone to sleep.. Even Cena several times. WWE writers tried to give him a push, but Khali failed.
  14. That match I believe didn't feature Khali but Big Show facing the Undertaker, Khali would try to prevent Taker's escape, but Taker knocked the Punjabi wall down, crashing on Khali
  15. He had a match with Batista under the stipulation.

  16. He was never good. Had good booking but was never good.
  17. The Great Khali is merely a filler and will go back to wrestling mid-card/squash matches.
    He was 'injured' because he was filming in India, but I presume that's now over so he's back. Unfortunately.
  18. Khalil's not bad, he's just very limited. He's just a "giant" whose best years (which were before he joined the WWE) are behind him. Now, he's got terrible mobility issues due to his bad knees (which can be problematic for anyone over 5'10"), but he's still huge in India.


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