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    ELITE is a TEW 2016 Diary, re-creating the events of my two years and ongoing save with a custom Japanese company and turning it into a Be the Booker. Starting at regional size, this BTB will detail the events leading to ELITE challenging New Japan Pro Wrestling as Japan's #1 Wrestling Promotion as well as all the hardships and peaks reached along the way.



    May 2016
    The Original Tiger Mask, Satoru Sayama founds his fourth wrestling company. However, unlike his previous efforts, this company comes with a decent size budget of $500,000 and a fair amount of popularity in the Kinki region of Japan, this new promotion, going by the name ELITE, looks to be Sayama's most successful company to date and initally places 24th on the world's popularity charts, just behind Dramatic Dream Team (DDT).


    June 2016
    With this decent budget, a small array of Japanese stars are signed to compete in ELITE. These stars include notable names such as Naomichi Marufuji, KUSHIDA, Katsuyori Shibata, Satoshi Kojima and Hiroshi Yamato along with many other American and Japanese wrestlers. The most popular of all these at the current time was Katsuyori Shibata who had very high popularity in Kanto and Kinki respectively.


    July 2016
    In order to crown the inaugural ELITE Tradtional Japanese Heavyweight Champion of the company, a G1 Climax inspired tournament is scheduled to decide. Seperating the roster in two blocks of 8 in a round robin esque tournament. The winner of each block will face one another to crown the first ever ELITE Tradational Japanese Heavyweight Champion.

    Block A: Katsuyori Shibata, Shingo Takagi, Satoshi Kojima, Mike Bennett, Tama Tonga, Shelton Benjamin, Daisuke Sasaki, TJ Perkins.

    Block B: Naomichi Marufuji, KUSHIDA, Chris Sabin, YAMATO, Doug Williams, Frankie Kazarian, Tomahawk TT, Hiroshi Yamato.

    Roster: (open)

    Chris Sabin
    A former TNA X Division champion, Sabin has fallen on hard times recently due to injury and looks to use ELITE as a platform to gain popularity once amore, the only problem is that he has a very small following in Japan, he is essentially starting all over again.

    Daisuke Sasaki
    Essentially only known for his work with Dramatic Dream Team Pro Wrestling (DDT). Daisuke Sasaki is a exciting young talent who really hasn't hit his stride quite yet. Will Elite and the Tourney of Glory be the spark in his career that launches him to superstardom?

    Doug Williams
    An excepitional but often looked over British veteran, Doug Williams can put on a masterclass in the ring with a piece of paper if he wanted to. However, the competitors of ELITE are slightly tougher than that and Doug Williams is showing his age at 41. Hopefully, his veteran Knowledge will see him through.

    Frankie Kazarian
    Currently one half of the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions and 5 time TNA X-Division Champion, Frankie Kazarian is no stranger to the American ring but is a complete stranger to the Japanese. The 39 year old may struggle to adapt to the straight fighting style that Japan and ELITE have adopted with their wrestling.

    Hiroshi Yamato
    Hiroshi Yamato is a promising prospect in the world of Japanese wrestling, largely known for his time in the Junior division of All-Japan Pro Wrestling, he is a former World Junior Heavyweight Champion and was the winner of the 2012 Junior Hyper League. Can Hiro Yama use his Junior expertise to take down all who stand in his way?

    Katsuyori Shibata
    If you're not scared of Katsuyori Shibata then you're a braver man than me. Infamous for his extremely stiff, hard-hitting matches where he uses his MMA experience and knowledge, Shibata can tear opponents apart in minutes and has left more than a few men lying unconscious on the mat. A Favourite to win the Tourney of Glory.

    KUSHIDA WILL MAKE YOU ROCK! There are few, if any, Japanese Juniors around today as beloved as KUSHIDA is. He won New Japan Pro Wrestling's 2015 Best of the Super Juniors Tournament and is a three time IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion. KUSHIDA is sure to have a great showing in the Tourney of Glory.

    Mike Bennett
    The Miracle Mike Bennett is just about one of the most hateable wrestler's on the planet today, good thing he has the sensational Maria Kannellis as his manager or people might just throw garbage at him. A former IWGP Tag Team Champion and ROH World Tag Team Champion, Mike Bennett is finding his footing as a singles competitor.

    Naomichi Marufuji
    And you thought Shibata liked to kick people in the face. Marafuji is one of the greatest NOAH wrestlers of all-time and was the company's first of two Grand Slam champions. He is the only man to hold NOAH's, New Japan's and All-Japan's Junior Heavyweight Championships. Marufuji is a top-pick to win the tourney of glory.

    Satoshi Kojima
    Part of the tag-team TenKoji, you'd be forgiven if you thought the best of Kojima was behind him. However, his past sure is hard to compete with for anybody, a former G1 climax winner, 4 time IWGP Tag Team Champion, 2 time IWGP Heavweight Champion and 2 time All-Japan Triple Crown Champion in his past, Kojima is a veteran looking to add another companies top prize to his list.

    Shelton "X" Benjamin
    World renowned for his athletic ability, there ain't no stopping Shelton Benjamin. A former 3 time WWE intercontinental Champion and 2 time ROH tag team Champion, Benjamin may have not won any of Japan's top prizes yet but he's looking to change all that with a victory in the tourney of glory.

    Shingo Takagi
    One of the most prominent Dragon Gate wrestlers of all-time, Takagi is a 5 time Open the Triangle Gate champion, a 5 time Open the Twin Gate Champion, 4 time Open the Dream Gate Champion and winner of the 2010 King of Gate Tournament. Takagi is another top-pick to win it all in ELITE.

    Tama Tonga
    Tama Tonga is best known for being one of the founding members of the Bullet Club alongside Prince Devitt (Finn Balor), Karl Anderson and Bad Luck Fale. A former IWGP Tag Team Champion, Tonga is representing the most popular active stable in the world in this tournament. No pressure then. Bullet Club 4 life.

    TJ Perkins
    The ultimate underdog of the tournament, TJ Perkins only has one notable championship ever to his name, that being a one time reign as TNA X-Division Champion, however the cocky wrestler is very talented in the ring and could pull off more than a few upsets in ELITE.

    Tomahawk TT
    The Youngest wrestler on the roster at just 26 years old, Tomahawk has been building his reputation in Dragon Gate for the short time he has been there and is already a 4 time Open the Twin Gate champion. Can Tomahawk continue his climb in the Japan Wrestling scene by dominating ELITE?

    Quite a few have argued that YAMATO is the face of Dragon Gate, A 7 time Open the Twin Gate Champion, 4 time Open the Triangle Gate Champion and 3 time Open the Dream Gate Champion. YAMATO is an exceptional wrestling talent and for all Dragon Gate fans, will probably be the favourite to win it all.

    Championships: (open)

    ELITE Traditional Japanese Heavyweight
    - Vacant -
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  2. Legit looking forward to this. Just two things:

    You bury my boy YAMATO and you die~
    Sign Eita.
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  3. You gonna join any of those alliances? There's a Japan Wrestling Triangle or something like that.
  4. [​IMG]
    11 July 2016
    Location: JP Miyazaki Budokan, Kyushu Region
    Attendance: 2390

    ELITE: Tourney of Glory (Night 1)
    Shelton "X" Benjamin vs TJ Perkins (Block A Match):

    An average match to start us off, Benjamin performs excellently but Perkins is incapable of matching his standard. Shelton Benjamin wins cleanly in 8 minutes with a springboard blockbuster.

    Victor: Shelton "X" Benjamin
    TEW Match Rating: 46 D

    Daisuke Sasaki vs Tama Tonga (Block A Match):

    Another average/below average match with once again one working trying to carry another's poor performance, this time around Tama Tonga showed up late to the locker-room and with a stern warning got annoyed and phoned in part of his performance. Daisuke however puts in an exceptionally high rating for a wrestler with an opener push, showing his future promise. Sasaki taps Tonga out in 10 minutes with a Cross Facelock.

    Victor: Daisuke Sasaki
    TEW Match Rating: 42 D

    SHOWCASE: Frankie Kazarian vs Minoru Fujita:

    In a decent match, Kazarian dominates and defeats local talen Minoru Fujita by pinfall in 7 minutes. The intention of the match was to put Kazarian over in Japan and it worked, bringing him up to 20 popularity in Kyushu and allowing him to have a Lower Midcarder push rather than an enhancement talent one.

    Victor: Frankie Kazarian
    TEW Match Rating: 53 C-

    SHOWCASE: KUSHIDA & Naomichi Marafuji vs Chris Sabin and Doug Williams:

    The best match of the night by far. KUSHIDA, Marafuji and Williams all put in fantastic performances with 80+ match performance ratings for each out of 100 given to them, Sabin lags behind slightly in the 70s but it is still a performance to be proud of. The point of this match was to test the performances of the Block B participants as well as their chemistry. KUSHIDA goes over Williams with an armbar submission in 16 minutes and gains more overness for doing so, bringing him to high 50s and cementing his Upper-Midcarder position. Williams and Sabin also benefit from having such a great match and their popularity increases slightly.

    Victor: KUSHIDA & Naomichi Marafuji
    TEW Match Rating: 80 B

    Shingo Takagi vs Mike Bennett W/ Maria Kanellis (Block A Match):

    A great showing from Takagi is backed up by a surprisingly good one from Mike Bennett, the two work a great short match in what was meant to be the calm down match before the main. Maria Kanellis does good work at ringside and the chemistry she has with her husband adds a boost to the match. Shingo Takagi wins in a good contest in 10 minutes with a Last Falconry. Mike Bennett earns both mine and Japanese fans respect, he decides to reside in Kanto and moves there a few days later, meaning he'd be willing to work for ELITE rather than TNA if the two ever had clashing dates. Good stuff Bennett.

    Victor: Shingo Takagi
    TEW Match Rating: 68 C+

    Main Event: Katsuyori Shibata vs Satoshi Kojima:

    Great match but couldn't top the tag match from the Block B participants. Both men put in great performances but Kojima is a little tired after working New Japan the previous night and factoring in his age, I should haven't booked him in a main event this night. In surprising fashion, Satoshi Kojima presumably does the Bret Hart/Roddy Piper finish and quickly pins Shibata from a choke hold in just shy of 20 minutes. Post-Match, a celebrating Kojima is assaulted by a furious Shibata whom proceeds to choke out Kojima as he had initially planned. This angle gets a 73 B- from TEW and it goes to show that Shibata's menace stat being 83/100 will help him get over as a dominating heel.

    Victor: Satoshi Kojima
    TEW Match Rating: 78 B

    Overall Show Rating: 75 B-
    Gain Popularity in 2 regions of Japan.

    Hiroshi Yamato vs Frankie Kazarian (Block B Match)
    Tomoaki Honma vs Shelton "X" Benjamin (SHOWCASE)
    YAMATO vs Doug Williams (Block B Match)
    Daisuke Sasaki, Satoshi Kojima & Shingo Takagi vs Katsuyori Shibata, Mike Bennett & Tama Tonga (SHOWCASE)
    KUSHIDA vs Chris Sabin (Block B Match)
    MAIN EVENT: Naomichi Marafuji vs Tomahawk TT (Block B Match)

    Post Show Questions:
    Favourite Match/Moment?
    Picks to win next show?
    Who is winning the tourney?
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  5. Can't, they all have hostile views of me.
  6. Favourite Match/Moment? When Bennett lost.
    Picks to win next show? YAMATO, Kaz. Marufuji and KUSHIDA.
    Who is winning the tourney? YAMATO or KUSHIDA.
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  7. They must sense their imminent demise. :emoji_grin:

    I don't know much about Japan, so my money is on Kaz.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Very interesting project
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    14 July 2016
    Location: JP Higashi-Hiroshima Park Gym , Chugoku Region
    Attendance: 2419

    ELITE: Tourney of Glory (Night 2)
    Hiroshi Yamato vs Frankie Kazarian (Block B Match):

    A good match to start the show off. The match is booked as open contest in order to make both men appear as equals in the ring. Hiroshi Yamato wins in 9 minutes with a Leg Lariat and comes out looking strong. Kazarian puts in a poor display.

    Victor: Hiroshi Yamato
    TEW Match Rating: 58 C-

    SHOWCASE: Tomoaki Honma vs Shelton "X" Benjamin:

    A slightly better follow up match, the recently released from New Japan Pro Wrestling Tomoaki Honma puts in a average performance whilst Shelton Benjamin despite his declining physcial ability puts in a good one. However, Honma gets the victory on his ELITE debut in 11 minutes with a diving headbutt. Honma got tired in eleven minutes and it appears he has put on weight with TEW now describing him as a flabby heavyweight. However he is over with the crowd whilst Benjamin's popularity has only been on the decrease.

    Victor: Tomoaki Honma
    TEW Match Rating: 61 C

    YAMATO vs Doug Williams (Block B Match):

    A very good match with both men putting in exceptional singles performances. YAMATO beats the Brilliant Brit in 14 minutes with the Frankensteiner of the Almighty to win this Block B match. YAMATO gets a special note of "YAMATO came out of this looking great" and has a performance of 90+ (if my memory serves me right), he will be getting pushed even if he doesn't win the tournament. Doug Williams also impresses and proves that despite his lack of popularity in Japan (practically non-existent) he will still use his performance skills to have fantastic matches.

    Yamato follows the match with a short promo, specifically targeting Naomichi Marafuji. Earning a 74 B-

    Victor: YAMATO
    TEW Match Rating: 75 B-

    SHOWCASE: Daisuke Sasaki, Satoshi Kojima & Shingo Takagi vs Katsuyori Shibata, Mike Bennett & Tama Tonga:

    A great Trios match to follow the exceptional block B match. Shibata is kept strong and puts in the highest performance of the match. However, that isn't enough and the faces defeat Shibata's team when Takagi pins Tonga in 12 minutes. Kojima, Takagi and Sasaki all put in exceptional performances and it was at this time I realize that Sasaki has a psychology stat of 86! The highest in the promotion ahead of Doug Williams (82) and Naomichi Marafuji (81). Post match, an extremely frustrated Shibata attacks and PK's Tama Tonga whilst Bennett just watches on.

    Takagi injures himself however and is out for a month with an eye injury. A replacement must be found for the tourney and Takagi will forfeit his points in the first round.

    Victor: Daisuke Sasaki, Satoshi Kojima and Shingo Takagi
    TEW Match Rating: 76 B-

    KUSHIDA vs Chris Sabin (Block B Match):

    A good but slightly dissapointing match, I set the aim as "Steal the Show" but neither men could handle the pressure it seems and they manage to under-deliver massively from what I'd come to expect from them in the future. However it is still a good match. KUSHIDA taps Sabin out in 10 minutes with a Fujiwara Armbar. The two shake hands afterwards.

    Victor: KUSHIDA
    TEW Match Rating: 63 C

    Main Event: Naomichi Marufuji vs Tomahawk TT (Block B Match):

    At the time, the best match of the company. Both men put in great performances but Marufuji does slightly carry TT to this great match and as a bonus he wins it in 15 minutes with a brainbuster. Decided to avoid a slow build match for the main event and it cost me. Got a penalty of the match being capped due to time, suggesting that a slighlty longer match could of got a higher grade.

    Victor: Naomichi Marafuji
    TEW Match Rating: 81 B

    Overall Show Rating: 78 B
    Gain Popularity in 2 regions of Japan.

    Tama Tonga vs TJ Perkins (Block A Match)
    ??? (Takagi's replacement) vs Shelton "X" Benjamin (Block A Match)
    YAMATO vs Ryoji Sai (SHOWCASE)
    Satoshi Kojima vs Mike Bennett (Block A Match)
    MAIN EVENT: Katsuyori Shibata vs Daisuke Sasaki (Block A Match)

    Post Show Questions:
    Favourite Match/Moment?
    Picks to win next show?
    Who is Shingo Takagi's replacement?
  11. Too sweet.
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