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    Roster- In Ring
    AJ Styles
    Ashley Flair
    Bobby Roode
    Chris Young
    Christopher Daniels
    CM Punk
    Crazzy Steve
    Dave Crist
    Davey Richards
    Dean Ambrose
    Dolph Ziggler
    Eddie Edwards
    Finn Bálor
    Frankie Kazarian
    Jake Crist
    Jessicka Havok
    Kenta Itami
    Kevin Steen
    Leva Bates
    Lilith Young
    Maria Kanellis
    Matt Sydal
    Mike Bennett
    Roderick Strong
    Seth Rollins
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    The Miz
    Zack Sabre Jr.
    Non Wrestling Roles
    Brian Hebner (Ref)
    Bryan Danielson (Agent)
    Charles Robinson (Ref)
    Corey Graves (Commentator)
    Earl Hebner (Ref)
    Jeremy Borash (Commentator)
    Matt Striker (Commentator)
    Sarah Stock (Agent)
    Steve Corino (GM)
    Tag Teams
    The Decay
    The Rising Suns (Kenta and Nakamura)
    The Addiction
    The Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist)
    The Wolves
    World Championship- AJ Styles

    Tag Championship- The Wolves

    EWF X-Elite/ Championship- Roderick Strong

    Women’s Championship- Ashley fFair
    TV Info
    EWF Heat Aired late evening on.
    AXS TV
    Global TV in the Montreal Area.
    PPVs in the US will be provided by Mediacom PPV, Event Names coming soon.
    Press Conference to crown champions Comming soon.​
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  2. [​IMG]
    EWF Heat 1: Burning Down
    Taped at USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth Township, Michigan

    Jeremy Borash :Welcome to the start of a new era in pro wrestling!
    I’m JB, Jeremy Borash and I’m joined by Former Wrestler Corey Graves and The Wrestling Teacher Matt Striker.

    Graves: My god the next hour is going to be painful with you JB.

    Striker: This is going to be a big night, SO let’s start with our GM!

    *Steve Corino Walks out and in the ring is a case of 5 belts sitting on top of a table with 6 microphones, Corino enters and takes a mic.*

    Steve: Welcome to a new era!
    Tonight we begin the road to our first PPV Revolution, But first, we need to crown our first champions!
    And Let’s start with our world champion The Phenomenal One AJ Styles!

    *Aj Styles walks out under a spotlight with pyro going off, As he enters the ring he shakes Steve’s hand and take the world title..*

    Steve: Alright, Let's keep going with our X-Elite Champion A man I know well Mr.EWF Roderick Strong!

    *Strong walks out to the same setup as AJ, He enters the ring and takes the belt.*

    Steve: Now this belt is about no limits and our next belt is about teamwork, Now let me welcome our Tag Team Champions The Wolves!

    *Eddie and Davey come out in their ring gear and take the tag belts.*

    Steve: and now we have our women’s champion the one the only, Charlotte Flair!

    *Charlotte Comes out to mass of boos, She takes her belt and leaves.*

    Steve: Well these 5 are the top class of the ring and to start off the night, The Wolves will face The Rising Suns Kenta Itami and Shinsuke Nakamura!

    *Kenta and Edwards starts the match with a show of respect.
    Kenta Starts off with a rush of leg kicks knocking down Edwards, Kenta runs off the ropes and goes for a head kick, But Edwards moves out of the way, He gets up and hits a release german suplex onto Kenta, Edwards picks up Kenta and hits a fisherman buster and goes for a pin only getting a one count.
    Edwards, Goes and try to pick up Kenta, But he get’s tossed out of the ring Kenta rushes out and starts to kick and knee and stomp the living hell out of Edwards so bad that he starts to bleed from the mouth the barrage of hits, Kenta rolls Edwards back into the ring the look on the bloody face of Edwards is one of someone out on their feet.
    Kenta, Picks up Edwards for the GTS, But Edwards gets out and pulls off a weak superkick to Kenta’s back and Edwards uses the force of the kick to push him into his corner and tags in Davey, Who rushes in hits Kenta with a suplex into a falcon arrow.
    Davey, Goes to the top rope and goes for the splash, But misses giving Kenta the shot to tag in Nakamura.
    But before Davey and Nakamura could lock up, the addiction runs in and takes out both teams.*

    Graves: Yes, I love these guys!
    Matt: If you don’t who they are, They are the 4-time tag champions Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian The Addiction.
    Borash: They ruined the first match in our history.

    *Daniels and Kazarian looking very disgruntled walk around the ring asking for microphones.^

    Daniels: You know who we are and you KNOW why we’re here, We are The Addiction, The best team in the business,
    Kazarian: And unlike your Pistons we belong here and unlike these jokes we are the rightful tag champions!
    Daniels: So Next week we putting out an open call out to any tag team in the wrestling world!

    *The two leave the ring*
    *We Cut backstage to Roderick Strong with his X-Elite Championship, He is walking backstage shaking hands with backstage staff where Bryan Danielson makes a cameo.
    Strong Walks into Kevin Steen and the two stare down each other.*

    Steen: Roddy Strong, How long has it been, Before you answer I don’t care what I want is that title.
    *Steen Pushes Strong back and the two go nose to nose till Steve Corino and some refs push the two apart*
    Corino: If you want a fight Kevin do it in the ring!
    You don’t get Roderick tonight, But if you win tonight’s match you get Mr.Strong next week.
    Steen: Whatever.

    *Fade to black*
    ”The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit and please welcome.

    From The Bowery
    Weighing in at 235 pounds

    "Being accompanied by Lilith Young
    From Tokyo,Japan by way of Montreal,Quebec,Canada
    Weighing in at 218 Pounds
    Chris Young!"

    *Chris Young Enters the ring with a cocky look on his face as he rests on the ropes asking for a mic*

    Chris: You know Raven, You are a legend and me, I’m the legend hunter and my first hunt, I’m hunting Ravens.
    La chasse commence Ce Soir!

    *The match starts with Chris rushing Raven and taking him down and locking in a triangle choke until the ref pulls Chris off and backs into the corner for the ref to check on Raven.
    Chris, Pushes the ref out the only to get kicked in the gut by Raven, Who suplexes Chris back into the corner and he starts to stomp down onto Young.
    Raven, Picks up Young and hits an Inverted suplex slam and then hits an Evenflow DDT and goes to pin Chris to only a 2 count.*

    Borash: Hey Matt, What can you tell me about Chris Young.
    Striker: Well…..
    Graves: Let me stop you right there..I’ll tell you about Mr.Showtime, Now this guy is only 24 and is already one of the best if he was with my old boss he would be their champ right now, Once he hits you with that suplex cutter on you it is over!
    Striker: Way to steal my thunder.

    *Chris, Get’s Up and falls back into the corner he sets up like he is going for a spear, As Raven rises to his feet Chris hits a lariat that looked like it could take Raven’s head off.
    Chris picks up Raven and hits a rush of punches end in a hit to Raven’s neck.
    As Raven drops to his knees, Chris picks him up and hits an Osaka cutter and get’s the pin.*

    “He is your winner “Showtime” Chris Young!”

    *After the match ended Chris knees down at Raven’s head and the lights cut and the show cuts to break/*
    *We Return to a video package for Champion Aj Styles, But halfway the video cuts out*

    *Out Comes Seth Rollins who stands on the stage taking in the boos*

    Seth: Enough with all this garbage!
    I've done some real soul searching over the past month. I've looked inside myself, I've looked in the mirror and I've made a couple of decisions. First, I'm done relying on anyone but myself. I'm sick of it. It's only gotten me this far. It's gotten me to the hump but hasn't pushed me over. It's like a glass ceiling that I just can't break. And second, I'm determined to work harder than I've ever worked before. In the last month, maybe two - or even, Hell, go back to when I had my surgery and release from that hellhole - since then I've been pushing and pushing and pushing myself. To be in the best physical and mental and soulful shape that I can be. So basically, I wanna be the ideal Seth Rollins. Now, that's kind of an interesting statement. The ideal Seth Rollins. Is that what the fans want? Or is that what I want? Or is that a melting of both? I don't know.
    But, now AJ STYLES!
    Tonight there is going to be a blackout.

    *Seth Storms off the set*
    “The Following match is set for one fall with no time limit.*

    “First from Marieville, Quebec, Canada
    Weighing in at 266 pounds
    Kevin “KO” Steen!

    *Out walks Steve Corino with a Microphone and a contact.*

    Steve: Kevin, The man you’re facing has a past with you.
    You two had taken over Brooklyn and now I hope you two tear this house down!’
    Everyone, please welcome Finn “Prince” Balor!

    “From Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
    Weighing in at 190 pounds
    Finn “Prince” Balor!”

    *The Two don’t wait for the bell to ring and start tossing punches until Steen Tosses Finn out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade and hits a running knee right into Finn’s torso, Kevin goes to pick him up, But Finn starts to fight back in till they are back into the ring.
    Finn grabs Kevin to go for a suplex, But Kevin just pushes offs Finn and body slams him and follows up with a seated senton bomb he goes for a fast pin, But only get’s a two count.
    A Very annoyed Steen picks up Finn, But Finn pushes Steen off and hits two dropkicks followed by his key sling blade, Kevin gets up in the corner and hits the shotgun dropkick.
    Steen Rolls into the center of the ring as Finn climbs to the top to go for the coup de grace.*

    Matt: Balor Is going for the coup de grace, The diving foot stomp!
    Graves: I kinda glad I retired so I did not have taken that move.

    *Finn poses up on the rope, But instead of his normal taunt, he does a gun symbol pointed at Steen.
    He Jumps and Steen pops up and catches Finn into a power bomb and goes for a pin and gets a 2.9 count.
    Steen starts to argue with the ref unknowing to him Finn is up right behind and Finn hits an inverted DDT and a standing foot stomp, Finn now locks in the Devitt's End (High-angle Fujiwara armbar), Steen powers out and side gut kicks Finn and sets up for the package piledriver, But Finn reverses the moves and dropkicks Steen out of the ring and hits a plancha to the outside.
    Both recover and return to the ring and start to slowly trade punches until Finn runs off the ropes right into a popup powerbomb and Steen get’s the pin.*

    “Here is your winner Kevin “KO” Steen!

    *Out walks Roderick Strong and he and Kevin Steen have a stare down with Strong holding up the championship.
    The Show cuts to break with a wide shot of the arena showcasing the staredown.*
    *We return to see world champ AJ Styles walking backstage when he stops and looks at someone off screen and he nods and walks out of shot.*
    “This is your Heat Main Event of the evening!”

    “This is your Heat Main Event!
    First, From Gainesville, Georgia
    Weighing in at 215lbs
    The Elite World Champion AJ Styles!

    And now

    From Davenport, Iowa
    Weighing in at 217lbs
    Seth “Blackout” Rollins!”

    *The Match starts with Styles and Rollins following the code of honor and the locking up,
    Styles Gets the first hit with an elbow and dropkick to Rollins, Which Rollins responds with a forearm smash into a suplex. Rollins repeatedly stomps on Styles’ leg and then runs off the ropes and misses an elbow giving Styles a shot to recover, AJ gets out of the way of Rollins who was going for a running elbow Styles ducks and hits a discus lariat on Rollins and then hits a Running senton bomb Styles picks up Seth and sets him up for a Superpelx But is reversed into a hurricanrana by Rollins
    Who goes for a pin only for a 2 count.
    Both men slowly get to their feet and fall into opposite sides of the ring and they stare down each other when both of the rush the ring and Aj ducks under a running lariat from Rollins and Aj Hits Two punches followed by a shoot kick followed by a spinning back fist followed by a Pelé kick knocking down Rollins giving Styles the chance to set up for the Phenomenal Forearm, AS AJ jumps off the ropes Rollins hits a superkick to AJ'’s gut and as AJ falls to one knee Rollins picks up AJ and hit’s the god’s last gift on Styles and Rollins backs into the corner and runs for the Blackout Curb Stomp,
    But AJ moves out of the way and AJ takes down Rollins into the Calf Killer.*

    Graves: Calf Killer Locked in this may be it for Rollins.
    Borash: Hate to cut you off, But we have something going on backstage.

    *The split screen shows Bobby Roode fighting his way to the ringside and going after AJ Styles ending the match.
    Rollins and Roode beat down Styles until Dean “Moxley” Ambrose rushes the ring and starts brawling with the two giving AJ the shot to recover and the four go all out till the security pulls them apart *

    Striker :Sorry everyone we're out of time, See the fallout on EWF Cool Down on Youtube.
    End of Show 1​
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  3. I have to say, the art you have for it is amazing. The matches are short, but enjoyable. Nice :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. well that was unexpected.....isn't Ryan Vendetta CanadianR's guy? why are you suddenly using him?
  5. I got permission to use a few guys from that fed and this was planned before TWF's death and in old EWF and few NGW alumni will be showing up in the future.
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  6. all I'm saying is.....1 wrong makes a right. hehehehehehehehehehehehe
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    More New signings.
    EWF also Welcomes
    Lance Storm
    Eric Young
    Scott D'Amore
    Reagan Cole
  8. I did not consent.
  9. You did back when this was on TWF.
  10. That was then.
  11. There fixed.
  12. I'd love to be apart of the roster of that's alright with you
  13. I Would have to create a TEW'16 version of your Guy, And 2nd show is already booked so I'll look into it.
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  14. I give consent to use Guernica in future, incase you're interested in having the #1 babyface in NGW :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: :cool:
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