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  1. [​IMG]

    [tab=Introduction]In mid 2014 a mass exodus of the wrestling world that left the world shakened .
    Former WWE,TNA and ROH World Champions left and joined EWF A new fed made to showcase stars.
    Chris Young's family funded the launch and deals made with pro wrestling feds from around the world partnering up with the new fed got them a mass lump sum from investors .
    But now the point is will EWF make it even 6 months?
    Roster (open)
    Adam Cole

    Adrian Neville

    AJ Lee

    AJ Styles

    Alex Riley

    Angelina Love

    Brian Myers


    Chris Hero

    Chris Jericho

    Chris Young

    Christian Cage

    Christopher Daniels

    CM Punk

    Colt Cabana

    Corey Graves

    Curtis Axel

    Davey Boy Smith.Jr

    Dean Ambrose

    Doc Gallows

    Drew Galloway


    Frankie Kazarian

    Gail Kim

    Jay Bradley

    Justin Credible

    Ken Shamrock

    Kenny Omega

    Koji Kanemoto

    Lilith Young



    Maria Kanellis

    Mark Jindrak

    Matt Jackson

    Matt Sydal

    Matt Taven

    Matthew Cross

    Mike Bennett

    Mike DiBiase

    Nick Jackson


    PJ Black

    Rob Conway

    Ryan Nemeth

    Sami Zayn

    Serena Deeb

    Seth Rollins

    Shelton Benjamin

    Ted DiBiase.Jr

    TJ Perkins

    Tyson Kidd

    Yujiro Takahashi

    Zack Sabre.Jr

    EWF Future
    Blade Hart

    Cody Hall

    David Finley.Jr

    Tim Zbyszko

    On Loan
    Bobby Roode

    Karl Anderson


    Pince Balor

    Jeremy Borash

    Matt Striker

    Josh Mathews

    Todd Keneley

    Teams (open)

    Tag Teams/Stables
    Bad Influence

    Kidd,Davey Boy.Jr and Cesaro
    The Nation of Punk(CM Punk,Matthew Cross,Ken Shamrock,Serena Deeb)
    The Bullet Club

    PJ Black and Matt Sydal

    Million Dollar Perfection

    LSF(Chris and Lilith Young)

    Show Spoiler
    World Championship:

    CM Punk
    Hornor Championship

    Chris Jericho
    Tag Team Championships:

    United States Championship

    Drew Galloway
    Women's Championship

    AJ Lee

    (Coming Soon)

  2. *The Pryo goes off and the camera cuts to ringside*

    Josh Mathews:Welcome everyone to the first ever EWF Velocity !

    I'm Josh Mathews joined by Todd Keneley and Jermey Borash
    JB:We are here from the Reitz Arena in Baltimore'MD
    and what a night we have tonight.
    Keneley: You got that right JB we crown a EWF World Champion will it be CM Punk or Aj Styles?
    JB: I have no ideal and don't forget it is 2 out of 3 falls.
    Josh Mathews: Guys that's later on but now it's time for the women's championship.
    TEW'13 Graded This D+

    Match # 1 4 way for the EWF Women's Championshiop
    Paige vs AJ Lee vs Gal Kim vs Angelina Love
    In a normal 4 way match we saw Former Divas champion Aj Lee shine out of the bunch.
    The Highlight of the match was a tower of doom spot witch sadly was looked over by the crowd.
    The end of the match came with Aj Counted a lariat into the Black Widow for the tap out win.
    Aj Goes over Love via Black Widow in 11:25
    TEW Graded this c-

    *We now cut to a pre taped promo by CM Punk*

    JB:Everyone i'm here with the best in the world CM Punk now...
    *Punk Grabs Mic from JB and pushes him out of frame *
    Punk: Aj Styles i respect you you are a hell of a Wrestler but the truth is i am and was always better than you.
    We both started wrestling in whorehouses but look at us now you worked for a run down WCW2.0
    and i save a company from being **** for two years !
    I leave and they still chant my name so when you step into the ring with the best in the world
    it's clobberin time!
    TEW Graded this C+

    The Next is a 4 way for the EWF Honor Championship
    Adrian Neville vs Chris Jericho vs Magnus vs Caudio Castagnoli
    In This 4 way match everyone showed off thier skill in the ring.
    One of the many highlights was a Red Arrow in a Swiss Death.
    The End came when Castagnoli hit Jericho with the naturalizer and got the pin at 14:25 to win the title.
    TEW'13 Rated This B-

    *When we came back from break we cut to a tale of the tape for the main event*
    dTEW'13 Graded it a C+ (for a video what ?)

    JB:This is Your Velocity Main Event of the evening and is for the EWF World Championship and it is 2 out of three falls!

    First From Chicago'Illinois
    Weighing in at 222lbs
    CM Punk

    And His Opponent

    From Gainesville'Georgia
    Weighing in at 215lbs
    "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles

    Saying this match was good would be a understatement.
    The first fall happened when Punk was going to for the elbow drop and missed so Styles hit the Styles Clash and got the pin.
    The Second fall happened when Styles and Punk was trading blows Styles then sets up Punk for a Superplex but Punk countered into a Pepsi Plunge and get's the pin
    The Last Fall happened when Punk hits Styles with the belt when the ref was not looking and got the cheap pin,
    CM Punk is you new EWF world champion.

    TEW'13 rated it B-

    Mathews: Well we are out of time we see you next week and thank you for tuning in the first EWF Velocity!
  3. Show #2 Velocity TV EP2
    Taped at the Macon Civic Center in Macon'Ga

    *The Show starts off with champion CM Punk in the Ring*

    Punk: Well look at this i'm on top again no one can stop me the best in the world!
    Your lil redneck hero Aj Styles failed you all i'm your savor and soon you all will know the name CM Punk!*Aj Styles runs from the stands and hits Punk with DDT*
    Matthews: I just got word that at Rebellion it will be Punk vs Styles in a Cage!
    TEW Rating B-

    EC3 vs Adrian Neville
    This match is set for one fall!

    From Cleveland, Ohio
    Weighing in at 225lbs
    Ethan Carter III (EC3)!

    And his opponent

    From Newcastle upon Tyne
    Weighing in at 194lbs
    Adrian Neville!

    The match starts with EC3 and Neville Standing toe to toe
    they lock up EC3 throws Neville against the ropes looking for a lariat
    but gets hit with a dropkick that rocked the ring
    Neville goes on the apron and hits a springboard crossbody
    1 2 kickout!
    EC3 get's up and hits Neville with a Northern Lights suplex

    EC3 picks him up again and puts him in the comer and hits him with a Leaping clothesline
    EC3 goes to the 2nd rope and tries a elbow drop but misses when Neville rolls out of the way
    Neville get's up before EC3 and hits a standing 450 Splash
    As Neville goes for the red Arrow Ec3 hits the ropes knocking [B][B][B][B][B][B]Neville of the turnbuckle and he falls onto the mat [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
    Ec3 picks him and hits with the One Percenter
    1...2...3 and its over .
    Your winner of the match EC3 at 7:54
    Rating C

    *A Video Hyping that We be seeing Cesaro vs Y2J Later on *

    Rating B-

    *We Cut to a pre taped promo by Dean Amborse*
    Dean: So what am i going to do to Christian when i step into the ring tonight Heh heh heh.

    Well First i'm going to beat him so bad if this was WW* the match would get cut from tv .
    So Yeah when i'm done with mr.one more match i will go on to the world title.

    Now get out of my face!
    *Ambrose pushes the camera to the ground*
    Rated B
    Ambrose vs Christian
    This Match is set for one fall

    From Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Weighing in at 212 lb

    And his opponent

    From Cincinnati, Ohio

    Weighing in at 235lbs
    Dean Amborse!

    *Before the match can start Dean Rushes Christian and they brawl*
    The match really starts with Christian slapping Dean and hitting a DDT
    Christian locks in a armbar for about 25 seconds then dean escapes and hits a neck breaker
    Dean tosses Christian into the turnbuckle
    and starts throwing rapid punches until the ref pull him off
    Dean Rushes back in but Christian hits him with his flip kick thing
    Christian hits a stunned Dean with a spear
    1...2....no kick out
    Christian Tries to pick out Dean but he gets taken down and Dean starts hiting
    him with mounted punches
    Dean Then goes to the corner and sets up for the running knee
    and BOOM Christian is bleeding
    Dean goes for the pin

    Dean set up Christian on the 2nd rope and hits a headlock driver !
    The ref stops the match
    your winner by stoppage Dean Ambrose!
    Rating B

    *We Cut backstage to Aj Styles's Locker room*
    Styles: CM Punk you no good SOB when i get my hands on you oh boy you will regret messing with me boy.

    You see Punk for all of this year you wined like a Bitch!
    I Was working my ass off all over the world
    Punk when i take that belt from you don't walk away oh wait you already did.
    *Fade out*

    This your Main event of the evening and is for the EWF Honor Championship with a 15 min time limit .


    From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Weighing in at 227lbs
    Y2J Chris Jericho!

    And his opponent

    From Lucerne, Switzerland
    Weighing in at 232lbs
    the EWF Honor Champion Cesaro!

    The match starts off with trading arm drags
    Cesaro take control when he catches Jerico into a snap suplex
    Cesaro goes for the swing but Jericho rolls out of the ring
    As Jericho gets back into the ring he is rocked by a European
    Cesaro hits a sitout powerbomb and goes for a pin

    1..2..2.5 kickout
    Jericho pops up HBK Style and hits a dropkick
    and a bulldog and then Jericho locks in the liontamer for what seems like forever But Cesaro does not tap
    A pissed Jericho pucks up Cesaro and throws him off the ropes
    but gets hit by a big boot
    Cesaro put Jericho on the apron and does a suplex
    Cesaro goes for a pin 1..2..2.9 kickout
    As both men get to their feet
    the bell rings

    JB: Everyone the time limit has expired
    So Still your honor champion Cesaro!
    Rating B

    The Show ends With a stare down between Jericho and Cesaro
    Who was the better man?

    Will Jericho get a rematch?
    Tune in next time.
  4. Show 3 Velocity ep3 Rebellion Go Home show
    View attachment 5785
    Taped At the Dr.Pepper Arena in Frisco TX

    *The Pyro goes off and and cuts to ringside*

    Mathews:Welcome everyone to Velocity and we are coming to you from the Dr.Pepper Arena in Frisco TX!
    And we days away from Rebellion!
    JB: So far we know that Aj Styles will face CM Punk in a Cage for the title and we find out more tonight.
    Keneley: And tonight we get to see Styles vs Rollins and....

    *Corey Graves Walks out micropohne in hand andis about to speak.*
    Graves:So this Saturday is EWF Rebellion and I don't have a match?

    Well, you know what they say if you want something do it yourself.
    So I'm calling out anyone for a match at Rebellion
    so come on out If anyone is man enough to face me.

    Mathews: Who is going to come out and take on Graves

    JB:Who knows it could be anyone.

    *Out comes Sami Zayn who stands on stage*
    Zayn:Whoa, hold on there I get you want a match well you got one.

    I can see you have skill but you don't have the love for wrestling i do.
    Any trrust me Croey when we step into the ring on Saturday it is going
    to be InZayn!

    *The Fans starts chanting InZayn*

    Mathews:Well looks like it's Zayn vs Graves at Rebellion .

    JB:That will be a great match.
    Graded C
    JB: Well before we get to our first match we like to thank Fozzy for the theme of Rebellion
    One Crazed Anarchist from Do you wanna start a war out now.
    Mathews: And EWF Velocity is sponsored by XBOX Xbox All in One Input One.
    Match 1
    Gallows & Mathew Cross vs Chris Hero and Neville

    This is a match set for one fall!

    At a total combined weight of 468lbs Gallows and Mathew Cross!

    At a total combined weight of 419lbs Chris Hero and Adrian Neville!

    Gallows and Hero start off the match Gallows rocks Hero with a right hook

    and a slam Gallows picks up Hero and tosses him into the turnbuckle.
    He beats down Hero in the corner Gallows tags in Cross
    and Cross hits a boot to Hero and then he picks him up and hits a DDT.
    Neville tires to run in but the ref stops him and Gallows jumps in and elbows
    Cross tags in Gallows but Hero gets a hot tag and Neville runs in hitting
    dropkicks on both of them and hits a standing shooting star press .
    Neville goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody onto Gallows
    and goes for the pin 1..2..2.3 kickout !
    Neville shocked get's caught off guard by a boot from Cross
    And Neville is able to tag in Hero but Hero is hit with the 12 step from
    Gallows for the 1..2..3
    Your Winners of the match Gallows and Cross!

    JB: Well that was ugly to watch.

    Mathews: Hero is not moving wait what is Cross doing?
    *Cross hits Hero with a Fireman's carry neckbreaker before leaving*

    JB: Well that was uncalled for.

    Graded C
    *We Cut back stage where we see CM Punk speaking on his cell phone*
    CM Punk: Ok just remember the plan and i stay champion i know you guys have thus down yea ok see you. *hangs up*
    JB: Who was Punk talking to?
    Mathews:No ideal but knowing Punk it's not good.
    Graded B
    *A video starts playing hyping Chris Young as a wrestler*
    Young: They say money is power heh guess they was right.
    Look at me i'm the best damn guy here and at Rebellion you get to see
    the master of the curtter in action.
    Graded C+
    Match 2
    This match is set for one fall with a 15 min time limit

    From King's Lynn, England
    Weighing in at 24lbs


    From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Weighing in at 227lbs
    Y2J Chris Jericho!

    The match starts with the classic lock up and Magnus hits a slam on Y2J. Followed by repeated stomps to the body and then he locks in a chinlock Jericho isable to get out it and hits a suplex onto Magnus as hisguts up Jericho hits a springboard forearm and tries to pin 1...2..kickout!

    Magnus gets up and starts brawling with Jericho and hits a power bomb

    and then the Magnus Driver and goes for the pin 1..2..2.9 kickout!

    Jericho Whips Magnus into the corner and hits his key bulldog and then
    his sets up Magnus in the center of the ring and hits the lionsault.

    Jericho Locks in the liontamer and Magnus taps out.

    Your winner by way of Tap Out Chris Jericho!
    Graded C+
    Post Match

    *Cesaro Comes out with a mic*
    Cesaro: Great match Jericho so great that i will give you one last shot at my title
    but there is on catch .
    It is a 30 min iron man match!
    See you Saturday.

    JB: That's more like it a true test of skill a iron man match.
    You will only see it at rebellion !

    Graded B-

    *Dean Ambrose comes out from the crowd and grabs a mic but not geting the ring he walked around ringside cutting his promo*
    Dean: Last week I almost ended Christian, but I was not finished with Christian.
    That Crybady of ref saved Christian from me, I was about to make sure he never stepped into a ring again!
    So Christian is in the back wishing he was like his buddy Adam was never able to step into the ring again. And.......

    *Christian's music hit and Dean Hits ring looking for at fight and Christian shows up holding a Chair*

    Christian: Now hold Dean as you can see I'm still here and unlike you I don't need the feed The ego of the fans like you!

    I am the instant classic of pro wrestling your some kid who worked for a wannabe ECW
    I was the real and best ECW Champion in history!

    Dean: You The best ECW Champion ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha h ah ah !
    Christian would not make it in my world of extreme glass tables, light tubes and god knows what! Wait,
    I got ideal how bout I show you my world of hardcore not Dean Amborse hardcore but MoxCore wrestling!

    Christian: Hardcore been there done that how bout we up it a bit Last Man Standing!

    *The Crowd goes off*

    Dean: Heh heh if what i'm about to becomes a meme again so be it.

    Yep but hey come down to the so we can sake on it.

    *As Christian is walking down to the ring Dean a suicide dive on to him and they start barwling
    untill wrestlers and road agents come to break it up*

    JB: This is crazy this will be a war come saturday.

    Todd: I fear for their life in this type of match.
    Mathews: So we will have a Last Man Standing match Christian vs Dean Ambrose!
    Graded B-

    Match 3
    This is our Velocity Main Event


    From Gainesville GA
    Weighing in at 215lbs
    Aj Styles

    From Davenport Iowa
    Weighing in at 217lbs
    Seth Rollins!

    The Match Starts with Rollins cheap shooting Styles and hitting him with A Belly-to-back suplex spun out into a reverse STO He goes for the blackout,

    but AJ gets out of the way Styles hits a discus lariat on Rollins and then hits a Running senton bomb Styles picks up Seth and sets him up for a Superpelx
    But is reversed into a hurricanrana by Rollings.
    Outcomes CM Punk with a Chair warped in chain link.
    Rollins goes to the top and hits a frog splash and goes for the pin.
    1..2..2.9 Kickout!
    Styles Pops backs up and back to back, forearms and a pele kick.
    Styles sets him up for a Styles Clash,
    but he is not done yet He goes and locks in the calf killer,
    but CM Punk runs in at hits Styles for the DQ.

    Your winner by way DQ AJ Styles!

    Graded C+

    *CM Punk stands over Styles hold the world title over him*
    CM Punk: Best in the World!

    Mathews: We are out of time we will see you all on Saturday at Rebellion on ippv at Go Fight Live.
    Good night from Texas .

    Ok guys what was your favorite parts of the show?
    Who do you want Chris Young to Face?
    What do you think CM Punk has in mind for Aj Styles?
    Who do you think will walk out Honor Champion?
    Who will be the last man standing?
    Who will win Graves or Zayn?
    Find out at Rebellion !

    Confirmed Matches for Rebellion (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Not real made with a website (open)
  5. [​IMG]
    October 20th 2014 EWF Studios Chicago
    Borash: Hello and welcome today my guest today is the number one contender for the EWF World Championship “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. AJ Welcome.

    Styles: Thanks glad to be here.

    Borash: Now we are here to talk about your match with CM Punk this Sunday at Rebellion But first I wanted to ask you, how did you come to EWF?

    Styles: Well, I was over in Japan and I get this call from Christian Cage He told me about this new company where the best of the best is going so I it looked up And I saw the names and one name surprised me and that name was CM Punk the man who quit wrestling for WWE is coming back? After finding that out I called EWF HQ in Cardiff and the rest is history.

    Borash: Ok, now your first match was vs Mr. Punk for the title and you got smacked with the belt and pined and you face him in a rematch inside a steel cage and this cage is not like TNA's or WWE's it uses harden steel and an iron frame are you ready for that?

    Styles: Hell yea, I'm ready that son of a bitch is not walking out with the belt hell he won't even walk out period I don't care about pipe bombs I don't care how long he was champion all he is to me is a name and at Rebellion the title will be mine.

    Borash: Ok AJ Thank you for joining us today and good luck Sunday.

    Styles:Thanks for having me.

    Borash: Don't forget EWF Rebellion live this Sunday Via Go Fight Live.
  6. [​IMG]
    Live from the U.S. Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington, Illinois
    *A Video opens the show hyping the main event of Aj Styles vs CM Punk*

    Xbox And go fight live presents to you
    EWF Rebellion
    *The Pyro goes off with one crazed anarchist by fozzy playing*

    Mathews: Welcome everyone to EWF Rebellion we are LIVE
    from the U.S. Cellular Coliseum in downtown Bloomington, Illinois!
    I'm Josh Mathews and by my side is Jeremy Borash .

    JB: And what a night we have set for tonight but if you follow us on twitter
    you know that we has a new GM so let's meet him now.

    *Out comes Eric Bischoff mic in hand and a you killed TNA Chant breaks out*

    Bischoff: So what if i did so what!
    I am a mastermind of wrestling you all made me rich!
    If it was not for me there would be no NWO no DX without me you still be seeing
    the trash of 1991 to 1994 so i'm here deal with it!
    And so tonight two men i signed will have a match tonight
    it will be Mathew Cross vs El Hijo de Rey Mistero in a classic one on one match!
    Match #1
    The following is a tag team match with a 30 minute time limit.
    Introducing First

    From St Louis Missouri weighing in at 155 pounds 75 kilograms
    Mr.Airborne Matt Sydal !
    And his tag team partner

    From Cape Town South Africa weighing in
    at 230 pounds 97 kilograms
    The master the 450 splash Justin Gabriel !

    and now introducing the opponents

    First from Madison Mississippi weighing in at 225 pounds 102 kilograms
    Ted DiBiase Jr
    And his tag team partner

    From Minneapolis Minnesota weighing in at 228 pounds 103 kilograms
    Curtis Axel and they are Million Dollar Perfection

    The match starts with Axel and Sydai
    Axel slaps Sydai and he responds with a standing hurricanrana and dropkicks
    he goes for a diving foot stomp and misses Axel gets up and hits a lariatand tags in Ted.Jr
    Ted Jr hits Sydal with a Cobra Clutch Slam and locks in a side headlock but Sydal escapes with elbows to stomach
    Sydal gets a hot tag and Justin runs in a hits two running dropkicks and a neckbreaker on Ted Jr
    but Ted tags in Axel and Axel hits a running knee on Justin and then hits a perfect plex for a two count
    Justin hits a basement dropkick and a standing moonsault he signals for 450 and goes to the top he goes for it but Axel rolls out of the way and Axel gets up and hits a suplex neckbreaker they both crawl for a tag and get it Sydal and Ted jr rush the ring and Sydal get caught in the million dollar dream and passes out.

    the winners by submission via the million dollar dream submission hold
    Ted DiBiase jr. And Curtis Axel million dollar perfection
    --------------------------------------------------AD Break---------------------------------------------

    *We Cut backstage to Corey Graves's locker room*
    Graves: finally you get a taste of the savior of misbehavior and Sami Zayn you will Stay Down.

    JB: Strong words from Graves now let's here from Sami Zayn.
    *We Cut to Zayn's Locker Room and the fans starts chanting ole *
    Zayn: Graves

    when o answered your call out i knew what i was getting into but with this crowd behind me i know i win.

    Mathews: I can tell he has a fire that no one can put out i cant wait for this match.
    JB: We have just got word that a limo has pulled up backstage and we are trying to get a Camera back there.
    Mathews: Who can it be?
    JB: I don't know but we are about to find out now.

    *The camera cuts to the limo and out comes Chris Young and he looks into the camera *
    Young: Time to make money and win gold and kick some ass.
    Now wheres Eric i have some business to talk about.
    this next match is set for one fall and it has a 15 minute time limit!
    First already in the ring El Hijo de Rey Misterio!
    and his opponent

    from Cleveland Ohio weighing at 177 pounds 80 kilograms
    Mathew Cross !
    The Match starts with a trading of arm drags until Cross takes over with a arm lock DDT
    Cross Tosses Misterio into the corner and starts to throw punches to the head and body
    The ref pulls Cross away giving Misterio the opportunity to hit a diving hurricanrana DDT
    Misterio bounces off the ropes and hits a basement dropkick leaving Cross laying on the mat
    Misterio goes to the top rope and hits a splash and goes for a pin 1..2..kickout
    Cross pops up and hits a knee to the gut and a snap suplex into a neckbreaker
    Cross sets him into the corner and puts him in the tree of woe and starts to kick him in the head and chest and than picks him up and hits and slams him and goes to the top and hits
    the Death From Above (Shooting star press) for the 1 2 3.
    Your winner Mathew Cross
    ----------------------------------------------AD Break-------------------------------------------------

    *A graphic comes up telling us that Ambrose vs Christian last man standing is next*

    Mathews: Up next is one of the most devastating matches of the night last man standing.
    JB: It's Dean Ambrose vs Christian Cage two men who have it out for one another.
    Mathews:Now lets get a look at both of them.
    * two videos play hyping Christian and Ambrose*

    Match #3 Last man Standing

    *Dean Ambrose walks out with a bin of weapons and leaves it at ring side and grabs a bat*

    *Christian comes out with chair*

    The following contest is a Last Man Standing match. Now in this match there are no count outs, no sumbmission, no pinfalls, and no disqualification. The only way to win this match is to incapacitate your opponent until he cannot reach the 10 count. The Last Man Standing will be declare the winner.
    introducing first
    from Cincinnati Ohio weighing in at 225 pounds 102 kilograms
    Dean Ambrose!

    and introducing his opponent
    from Tampa Florida by way of Toronto Ontario Canada weighing in at 212 pounds 96 kilograms Christian!

    The match starts with dueling weapon shots a Christian gets rocked by a bat shot from Ambrose now in the corner Christian gets dropkicked in the groin
    Christian rolls out of the ring trying to get away but Dean quickly hits a suicide dive to the outside hit a large amount of mounted punches Christian catches one of his punches into a armbar and gets to the bin of items and pops out with a fire extinguisher spraying Dean
    And hitting a diving spear off the bin with both of then out the ref starts counting
    1..2...3...4...5....6....7...they both get up brawling up the ramp where more items are found
    Christian grabs a kendo stick and Dean also grabs a kendo stick and they have a kendo stick duel Dean hits Christian busting him open and going for a Knee trembler but misses
    and Christian runs away starting to climb up the set and tron and tables can be seen and
    Dean rushes up to get Christian trading shots hanging from the tron they both fall onto the tables. (Insert OMG sound clip here)
    5....6...7...8...9...10 *Bell Rings* *The ref puts up the x sign*

    since no one could answer the count of 10
    This match has been declared a draw
    Post Match
    Two sets of EMT's rush out to help the two wrestlers
    As both where being rolled out on Stretchers Dean pops up limping and screams that he is the last man standing but he falls to the ground and is helped back by the staff.
    Ad Break

    We cut backstage to see Sami Zayn warming up for his Match vs Corey Graves
    the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a number 1 contenders match

    Introducing first from The Sunset Strip
    weighing in at 208 lb (94 kg)
    Corey Graves !

    And introducing his opponent

    From Montreal Quebec Canada
    weighing in at 205 lb (93 kg)
    Sami Zayn !

    The match starts with Zayn when he offers a handshake to Graves and gets slapped by Graves and getting chop blocked into a leglock Zayn gets to the ropes to break the hold Zayn gets up and hits a one legged dropkick knocking back Graves into the ropes Zayn hits him over the top and hits a somersault plancha
    but part of Zayn's leg hits the barrier outside the ring limping back into the ring Zayn and Graves trade punches and kicks and arm drags Sami tosses Graves into the corner and hits a big boot knocking graves out of the ring and hits his key Suicide Dive Tornado DDT he tosses him back in and goes for a top rope dive but
    misses landing on his leg he gets back up but is hit by a dropkick to the knee from Graves followed by stomps to the leg then Graves locks in the lucky 13 for about 45 seconds before Zayn passing out from the pain.

    Your winner Corey Graves!

    Ad Break
    Coming next moth on ppv
    View attachment 6065
    The following contest is set for one fall with a 20-minute time limit

    Introducing first from Ayr, Scotland
    Weighing in at 247 lb (112 kg; 18 st)
    Drew Galloway

    and introducing his opponent

    from Cardiff Wales by way of Chicago Illinois
    Weighing in at 218 lb (99 kg)
    He is the self proclaimed master of the cutter
    Chris Young!

    The match starts with Young cheap shots Drew continues with mma style punches busting open Galloway
    Young then pucks up Galloway and hits a spike ddt followed by a boot to the head the ref stops to see if Drew is ok after giving the ok Drew hits a running lariat and a ddt going for the pin and does not even get a 1 Young pops up throwing punches and kicks trapping Drew into the corner and hitting a shoot punch combo into a low dropkick he picks him up and hits the devil's last gift (double underhook piledriver)
    Young signals for the end he pick up Galloway and hit a Cutter for the pinfall win

    Your winner of the match Chris Young!
    Post match

    *Young grabs a mic*
    Young: We are coming darkness will fall order will rise
    EWF your time has come!

    *The lights go out and Young vanishes*

    Mathews: Darkness will fall ?
    What does that mean?
    JB:I have no ideal but i don't like it one bit.
    AD Break


    The Following is a 30 minute Ironman match and is for the EWF Honor Championship
    Introducing first the challenger
    From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    He Weighed in tonight at 227lbs
    Y2J Chris Jericho!

    And now Introducing the champion
    From Lucerne, Switzerland
    He Weighed in tonight at 232lbs

    And the ref in charge of this contest
    is Earl Hebner

    First Fall
    Jericho and Cesaro start of with a stare down and shake hands they lock up and do some chain wrestling for a good 5 minutes before Jericho gets rolled by Cesaro .
    7:00 Jericho-0 Cesaro-1
    Second Fall
    Cesaro leaves the ring trying to waste time but gets hit by a suicide dive by Jericho before tosses him back into the ring Jericho starts hitting Cesaro with clubbing blows to the head
    Jericho locks in a chin lock as Cesaro powers out he hit a deadlift suplex into the ropes
    Cesaro sets up and hits a 15 rotation swing onto Jericho Cesaro goes to the 2nd rope
    as he jumps off he gets hit with a codebraker and gets the pin.
    15:00 Jericho-1 Cesaro -1
    Third Fall
    Cesaro locks in a side headlock taking Jericho to the ground Jericho who is now bleeding
    reverses into a armbar Cesaro reverses into a kneebar before Jericho gets to the ropes
    Jericho gets up and hits back to back running forearm smashes and a DDT
    Jericho hit a diving elbow to set up for the lionsault Jericho locks in the liontamer
    to get the tap out win with 10 seconds left on the clock
    Final Jericho-2 Cesaro-1
    Your winner and new Honor Champion Chris Jericho!

    This is your Rebellion main event of the evening and it is for the EWF World Championship and it is a Steel Cage match!

    The Following is a Steel Cage Match For the EWF World Championship!
    Introducing first the challenger
    From Gainesville GA
    Weighing in at 215lbs
    “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

    And now Introducing the champion
    From Chicago'Illinois
    Weighing in at 222lbs
    He is the EWF World Champion
    CM Punk

    And the ref in charge of this contest
    is Charles Robinson

    *Before the match starts both Styles and Punk talk to the ref*

    ladies and gentlemen I just received word that both competitors want this match to follow the code of honor.

    *Styles and Punk shake hands and the bell rings*

    They lock up Styles whips Punk into the cage Punk jumps up the climbing the wall beforee Styles pulls him down and hits a enziguri Styles goes for the calf killer but Punk powers out into a anaconda vice Styles gets outt and hits a vertical suplex Styles goes to the top
    he goes for what looks like a spinal tap but Punk Rolls out of the way Styles gets up in the corner only to get hit by a high knee/lariat combo and Punk starts hitting mma style punches Punk picks Styles and mocks him by going for the Styles Clash Styles Counters
    into a slingshot into the cage wall Styles goes for a ddt Punk counter with a pepsi twist
    Punk slowly starts to climb the cage wall Styles gets up a goes after him as they both are fighting on the wall they both fall knocking then out

    Mathews: Wait look at ringside it's Matthew Cross!
    Borash: Why his he out here he has no business out here.
    Mathews: Maybe he wanted a better view of the match.
    JB: Wait he has bolt cutters!
    Matthews: He just busted open the cage door!
    JB: DDT ON Styles! no not this way!
    Mathew: He and looking eye to eye .
    They just shaken hands !
    JB: Matthew Cross just made a deal with the Devil!

    Punk hits one last GTS one Styles and walks out of the Cage

    As fans toss trash at the Cage

    Your winner of the match and still the world champion CM Punk!

    JB: this makes me sick how can we have this guy as champion.
    Mathews: Well that all for tonight tune in to velocity this week goodnight everyone .
    Feedback welcomed
    anyone you want to see more?
    Also Thank you for reading.
  7. :damn: I'll try to catch up on all of this.
  8. View attachment 6686
    S1 E4 fallout
    Taped at The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago

    *The show starts with a recap of Rebellion in still shots*

    *New Show Theme*

    Mathews: Hello everyone and to Velocity I'm Josh Mathews and I'm joined by Jeremy Borash and tonight we hear from we find out what our GM will do about CM Punk.

    Borash: Last night CM Punk Screwed AJ Styles out of the belt and thanks to that no good punk Matt Cross Punk has no right to be champion!


    Bischoff : Now everyone is asking me what am I going to do about CM Punk? Well,

    I am going to tell you tonight Punk if you want to or not it's going to be You and Cross vs Styles and Daniels! And if you don't like it,why don't take your ball and go home.
    I Don't give a damn who you are you are in my house i make the rules not you so deal with it.

    Borash: Now that's a gm not like a midget on a laptop.

    CM Punk will face justice tonight!

    Mathews: We will see about that but next is our opening contest .

    View attachment 6684
    The next match is set for one fall with a 15 minute time limit

    First From Davenport Iowa
    Weighing in at 217lbs
    Seth Rollins!

    And introducing his opponent

    From Chicago Illinois
    Weighing in at 235 lbs
    Colt Cabana!

    The match starts with a lock up and chain wrestling leading to colt hitting a suplex
    Seth rolls out of the ring tricking Colt into going out of the ring pushing him into the ring post
    tossing him back into the ring Seth goes for a cheap pin.

    Mathews: One two kickout from Cabana!

    Borash: He wont go down that easy.
    Seth starts kicking a downed Cabana He goes to the top rope and goes for a diving knee and misses
    Cabana gets up and hits the Colt 45 and goes for the pin

    Mathews: One two no kickout !

    Seth hits a Swinging lifting inverted DDT to Cabana and then goes to the corner

    Borash: Hes setting up for the Avada Kadavra that devastating superkick.

    As Seth goes for the kick Colt catches him into the Billy Goat's Curse

    Mathews: And Cabana pulls out the Billy Goat's Curse that reverse Boston Crab!

    Rollins gets out of the hold pushing Colt into the ref knocking him out
    when the ref is out Seth gets a chair and hits Colt knocking him out cold

    Borash :That dirty Rollins taking the easy way out.

    Mathews: Wait Colt is getting up no curb stomp from Rollins!
    Borash: 1..2..3 and that no good Rollins wins.
    AD Break

    Borash: Everyone my guests at this time Chris and Lilith Young,

    Now Chris at rebellion you made a statement about taking over
    what are your plans in EWF?

    Chris Young: It's Simple I'm going to be the best and take the title from Mr. Brooks And you know gold means'

    power and I already have more money than half of the locker room
    And if you want to face me just don't you be better off.

    Borash: And Lilith Young You have not yet have a match here in EWF is there anything you have to say?

    Lilith: Really, you think I care what get's me that the champion looks like she should be in school and not in a ring.

    We are the best in the world and if you don't like us DEAL WITH IT!
    Everyone welcome to ringside Christian Cage!

    *Christian limping to ringside sits down and grabs a headset*

    Mathews: Welcome Christian and thank you for joining us .

    Christian: Well since me the instant classic of pro wrestling is out here so let's get on wit this.

    View attachment 6685
    The next match is set for one fall with a 15 min time limit.

    First From Ozone Park, New York
    weighing in at 225 pounds
    He is Justin Credible!

    Mathews: Justin Credible ECW legend is back on main TV

    Borash: This man is a classic I got to see him in TNA and i'm glad that he is here.

    Christian: Well he is a product of time .

    And introducing his opponent

    From Cincinnati, Ohio
    Weighing in at 235lbs
    Dean Amborse!

    Borash: Dean Ambrose was last man standing at Rebellion and now Ex-CZW vs EX-ECW

    Ambrose vs Credible!

    Mathews: These two know how to go harfcore in the ring,too bad this is not No-DQ

    Christian: Yea Shame..

    "The match starts with trading punches from the two until Dean blocks one of the punches and hits a take down and locks in choke hold and picks him up tossing him out of the ring into the ringside table and Dean turns to Christian Cage"

    Dean: I'm the last man standing!

    Christian: Yea yea get over it.

    "When he get's back into the ring Amborse tries mocking Christian by going for the unprettier on Credible but he is reversed into a DDT and starts to hit Dean right on his cut reopening it and picks him up for the "That's Incredible" "

    Borash: That's Incredible from Justin Credible!

    Mathews: That's it it's over .

    "1....2....2.9 Kickout
    A shocked Credible falls back into the corner only to get hit by a forearm smash
    Dean tosses him off the ropes and hits a running lariat Dean picks him up and hits headlock driver but as he sets up for the running knee from the corner he is speared by Christian for the dq win"

    Mathews: Spear from Cage and the match is over .

    Borash: Classic Christian Cage.

    *Christian grabs a microphone*

    Christian: I'm sick of everyone saying i'm not the same as i used to be so next

    week Dean i want you in a deathmatch Mr.CZW .

    *Christian drops the mic and walks backstage*

    Mathews: A deathmatch ?

    Oh My

    Borash: Will the network allow that ?

    AD Break

    *We cut backstage to CM Punk and Matthew Cross before their match*
    Punk: Is he here this time ?

    Cross: Yes the big guy is here and he is pissed
    Punk: Ok first don't call him that it's a insult in my book and remember if i'm bringing this back you have to get rid of that beard .
    Cross: Fine now let's do this,Straight Edge for life.
    Punk: Straight Edge for life.
    View attachment 6668
    This is your Velocity Main Event!
    This is a tag team match set for one fall

    First At a total combined weight of 396lbs
    EWF World Champion CM Punk and Matt Cross!

    And now

    At a total combined weight of 439lbs
    AJ Styles and Daniels!

    Punk and Styles start the match Punk mocks Styles before getting hit by a dropkick
    Styles picks up Punk and hits a DDT followed by a dropkick to the side of the head
    Styles goes to the top rope only to get pushed off by Cross giving Punk the chance
    to hit Styles with a shining wizard he goes for the vice but is reversed into the calf killer but he reverse that back into the vice before breaking it and going for the GTS but he can't lift AJ due to a leg injury for the calf killer falling to one knee Punk gets hit by a
    discus elbow from Styles who tags Daniels and they hit the BME/Frog Splash combo
    But only for a two count Punk get's over to his corner and tags in Cross and rolls out of the ring Cross runs in hitting a running elbow and dropkick knocking back Daniels who tags Styles back in Styles and Cross trade arm drags and dropkicks until Styles runs into the ref knocking him out.

    Mathews: The ref is down and out and....

    Borash: Look in the stands that's Gallows why the hell is he out here ?!

    *Gallows gets into the ring and hits Daniels with a big boot and he grabs Styles and is about to hit him with the 12 step*

    Borash: Look It's Kaz

    Mathews: Daniels's Tag Partner here for the save!

    *Kaz and Gallows brawl to the outside but in the ring the ref has come to and has no ideal what went down Cross tags in Punk who hits a wreak looking GTS on Daniels for the pinfall win*

    Broash: Dammit Punk got away again will he ever face justice ?

    Mathews: wait all 6 are in the ring.

    *The 6 stand face to face and start a all out brawl*

    Mathews: Thing have broken down out here.

    Borash: Let them fight this is Velocity not PG Playground on Monday nights

    Mathews: Well we see you next week.

    *The show ends the brawl being broken up by the locker room*
    Feels Great to be back.
    What was your event of the night ?
    Do you think the deathmatch will be booked ?
    Will Styles get a fair shot at Punk ?

    Stay tuned for news about our next PPV Ground Zero
    And here is the first match for that card.
    View attachment 6687
    EWF Press Event (open)
    New World Title (Deal with NWA Wrestling)
    View attachment 6698
    EWF and NWA have mad a deal that will switch their world titles,
    So The EWF World title will become the NWA World title and the NWA World Title is now the EWF World Championship .
    The NWA Released this statement about the deal.

    "The NWA is happy that the world championship is going to be seen by over 2 million wrestling fans every week and the EWF will have the belt keep their name on it.
    We are going to receive the EWF world title and rename it the NWA World title .
    We do not see this as a down grade we see it as a new era of the NWA."
    This Morning EWF Champion CM Punk was rewarded the new belt at a press conference held by the NWA and EWF where he and NWA World Champion Lance Archer Traded Belts.

    EWF Executive Producer Speaks about TV and Next iPPV Event
    EWF Executive Producer Eric Bischoff said at the event a that a UK Show is in the future but did not say if would be a iPPV or a Velocity Taping.
    He also said that he wants to get Velocity on Canadian and Japanese TV .
    The last major point to speak of is that AJ Styles and CM Punk will meet at the Ground Zero Event but did not state what type of match it will be.

    EWF Opens Wrestling School
    Wrestler Stevie Richards Made a surprise appearance at the event to say that he is going to be the head trainer of the new EWF Wrestling School opening next week.
    Guess trainers will be the likes of Champions Chris Jericho and CM Punk,
    And WWE's Bryan Danielson thanks a deal with WWE to allow some talent to help as long as they are not on TV.As the owner is good pals with Paul Levesque (Triple H)
    due to his past with the WWE farm league NXT.The school will have shows eatch month in Chicago.

    Matt Striker Signs Deal Makes first appearance at press event
    Matt Striker Said that in the next few weeks he will join Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash
    To call Velocity .

    Davey Boy Smith .Jr Signs
    Davey Boy Smith.Jr son of the British Bulldog has signed with EWF '
    At the press event Tyson Kidd Smith's Tag Partner for most of their time in wrestling
    said at the event that he is going to show in 2 week at Velocity and also with this news
    They also showed off the EWF Tag titles which will show up on Velocity in the next few weeks. View attachment 6700

    EWF Game in the works

    Deep Sliver and it's Studio Volition has been tasked with making a wrestling game based off EWF using the Saints Row Game Engine to compete with 2k's WWE 2K.

    Hope you guys like this format .
    Feedback is welcomed.
  10. Note this was taped before the next show but past the last Velocity and press event.

    View attachment 6799
    EWF Axxess Pilot

    Borash VO : From EWF Studios in Chicago welcome to EWF Axxess .

    *The intro plays and we cut to a set with a mini tron size screen and we see Jermey Borash *

    Jermey Borash: Welcome to EWF Axxess where we take a look imside EWF.
    Tonight we speak to Seth Rollins and CM Punk.
    We take a look at rebellion .
    But let's start with asking a few Wrestlers have to say about EWF.

    *A video starts play with the overlay "What is EWF to You?"

    AJ Styles: Wrestling and putting on a show

    CM Punk: Wrestling and showing that we are the best in the world.

    Dean Ambrose: Wrestling....and kicking ass.

    Steh Rollins: It means we are the best in the wrestling world today.

    Jericho: We are the best in the world at what we do.
    Did Punk already say that....

    Christian Cage : We go out there and bust our asses day in and day out to show that Wrestling is not dead .

    Matt Striker: We keep getting called the next TNA or WWE I see us more like New Japan or ROH maybe We are like TNA a bit but we care about Wrestling.

    *The video ends with "Wrestling is Elite and so are we"*

    *We cut back to Borash*
    Borash: As you know we had our first PPV "Rebellion" but what you did not know we spoke to some fans before the show let's take a look.

    *Outside the u.s. cellular coliseum in bloomington il*

    Male Fan(Bullet Club Shirt) : I'm here from Macon,GA to see my boy AJ Styles Beat CM Punk this is wrestling baby!

    Male Fan (CM Punk'09 Shirt) : The Best in the world is back home!
    This is Wrestling **** you Vince.

    Female Fan (Amborse Shirt) : The Last man standing will the best looking man on the roster Dean Amborse.

    Crowd: This is wrestling ! This is elite ! x2

    *Fade out*
    *Fade in*

    Borash: Our PPV was a big deal but before we talk to CM Punk let's talk to Seth Rollins.


    Borash: Thanks for joining us Seth and "Good Job" on the win at Velocity last week.

    Rollins: *Laughs* Yea looking back Chicago was unhappy about me squashing Colt
    but a win is a win.

    Borash: Now you are here in EWF what are your plans ?

    Rollins: Win the gold I know AJ and Punk hell me and Dean was going to work with Punk from day one back up north.
    And now we all are wrestling not "sports entertaining* this a warzone and we fight to be the best.

    Borash: And about your match vs Colt....

    Rollins: What is there to talk about if he wants a rematch find me on velocity.
    *Rollins Walks off set*

    Borash: Well Seth Rollins everyone .
    Tune in next when we talk to CM Punk.
    *Fade out*
    View attachment 6801
    *Fade in*

    Borash: My guest is the World Champion the Best in the World CM Punk.
    Welcome Mr.Punk I know this is no talking dead but still thank you for joining us.

    Punk: You got a setup here but yea your right.

    Borash: Well we are to talk about Rebellion and Last Week's Velocity .

    Punk: Fine ask away.

    Borash: Well first you paid off Matt Cross and Gallows to help you what do have to say about that ?

    Punk: I did not "Pay" anyone Matt and Gallows joined me of their free will.

    Borash: Punk we all know 95% of what comes out of your mouth is BS .
    So mr.pipebomb how long till you fight AJ Styles one on one without the help of the
    SES ?

    Punk: Well at ground zero AJ is going to lose again and no one can beat me the best in the world!

    Styles: Is that so Punk?

    *AJ Styles walks on set and he and Punk Stand Face to Face*

    Styles: Well Punk come the PPV we are having a Ground Zero Match .
    Wire ropes wire cage tables ladders and anything around and Punk Kaz and Daniemay have my back but let's say Japan is calling and they are pissed offed Punk and so am i..

    *Styles kicks Punk in the gut and hits a Styles Clash the show ends with Styles standing over Punk*
  11. View attachment 7387
    Velocity S1E5 : Bullet
    Taped at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in NY.
    *New Intro Feedback is welcomed*

    Mathews: Welcome everyone to Velocity we here in New York from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. And with how last week's show ended, I must say we are in a for a long night.

    Borash: CM Punk And his band of thugs faced off with AJ Styles,Daniels and Kaz.

    Mathews: And if you did not see our press event on monday,Go to EWFwrestling.com and see what we have planed for the future.

    Borash: And tonight we have Christian vs a newly signed wrestler.

    Mathews: But right now we have tag team action.

    Borash: Don't forget this is for a shot at the EWF Tag Championship At the PPV.
    View attachment 7383
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it for a shot at the Tag Team Championships at the pay-per-view.

    Introducing first already in the ring
    the team of Chris Hero and Adrian Neville !

    and now the opponents

    Ted DiBiase and Curtis Axel and they are Million Dollar Perfection

    Mathews: Now remember this is for a shot at the tag team titles at Ground Zero in a few weeks on pay per view.

    *DiBiase and Neville start the match, they lock up, butDiBiase pushes him back Neville Bounces off the ropes and hits a Basement dropkick and a Shooting Star Press to a downed DiBiase he goes off the ropes only to get a knee in the back from Axel, DiBiase gets up and hits a belly to back Suplex onto the ropes to Neville knocking him out of the ring.*

    Mathews: Oh my that haves to hurt.

    Borash: That's the price you have to pay if you want gold.

    *Neville get's back in and tags in Hero and he hits a lariat to both of million dollar perfection and get's the fans hyped up Hero goes to the corner setting up for the discus big boot DiBiase ducks but get's hit by a rolling elbow to the jaw Hero falls over DiBiase but only get's a two count DiBiase rolls to his corner and tags in Axel who boots Hero in the head and starts to stomp on Hero until the ref pulls him off*

    Mathews: This is a great match so far these men will do anything for a tag title match.

    Borash: Holding the gold get's you more cash so yea they want to win.

    *Axel rushes in and hits a neckbreaker onto Hero and tries to get a cheap pin but Hero kicks out and gets up and hits a hero's welcome onto Axel and goes for a pin but it's only a two count Hero and Axel both get a tag and DiBiase and Neville rush in and trade punches and kicks both go off the ropes but DiBiase hits a rebound lariat DiBiase then locks in the million dollar dream and holds it till the ref stops the match*

    Your winners of the match Ted DiBiase.Jr and Curtis Axel!
    *We cut backstage to see Daniels and Kaz leaving their locker room and they get jumped by Matt Cross and Gallows leaving them knocked out*

    Gallows: Punk Says hello you son's of bitches .

    *Gallows and Cross walk off and the shot stays on Kaz and Daniels*
    This Match is set for one fall!
    View attachment 7386

    From Davenport Iowa
    Weighing in at 217lbs
    Seth Rollins!


    From Montreal Quebec Canada
    weighing in at 205 lb (93 kg)
    Sami Zayn !

    "The match starts with Seth and Sami locking up and Sami hits a arm drag and a dropkick
    Seth recovers and hits a ddt and a kick to a back Seth picks him up and tosses Sami in the corner and hits repeated kicks to the gut until the ref pulls him off giving Sami the chance to hit a running ddt and a seated kick Sami goes to the top rope and hits a splash."

    Borash: Well if these two keep up at this speed we may need to put a water tank at ringside/

    Mathews: This why we are the elite force in pro wrestling .

    "Sami hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and goes for the pin and only get's a 2 count
    Sami picks up Seth and get's hit with uppercut Seth runs off the ropes and hits a dropkick
    He goes to the corner and sets up for a superkick and hits it ."

    Mathews: This is great this can go on forever .

    Borash: Look It's Colt why is he out here?

    Mathews: Last week Seth Rollins cheated to win vs Colt.

    "Colt walks down and jumps on the apron to mess with Rollins and Sami get's a roll up but it's reversed by Seth and he grabs the tights and get's the win"

    Borash: Seth sneaks away with the win again.

    *Cabana get's in the ring and has a stare down with Rollins*

    Mathews: What is going on?

    *Seth Grabs a microphone*

    Rollins: You want a rematch huh well you get it!

    *Seth leaves the ring dropping the mic*

    *Cut to break*
    The next match is set for one fall
    View attachment 7384

    First from Tampa Florida by way of Toronto Ontario Canada
    Weighing in at 212 pounds

    Mathews: Who is the new EWF Start ?

    Borash: We are about to find out.

    And now

    From Orangeburg, South Carolina
    Weighing in at 248 Pounds
    Shelton Benjamin!

    "The match starts with a chain lockup that is won by Christian who sends Shelton into
    the ropes and does a leapfrog/ducking spot and get's hit by a dropkick Shelton locks in a chin lock Christian Get's out and hits a snapmare and elbow and picks him up and hits a reverse ddt Christian goes for a pin on the ropes but the ref sees it a angry Christian leaves the ring only to get tossed back in and get hit by a superkick Shelton goes for the pin and get's a 2 count"

    Mathews: Only a 2 count.

    Borash: Christian must have lost a tooth from that kick.

    "Christian get's up and hits a dropkick that's knocks Shelton off the ropes and counters with a forearm smash and pops up and get rolled up for a two count
    A Pissed Christian starts to stomp onto Shelton until..."

    *Out comes Dean Ambrose who just stands on stage and stares at Christian*

    Borash: Now what is this psycho doing out here ?
    Mathews: Mind games ,getting in to the head of Christian.

    "Christian looks over at the stage and yells something that is edited out and is rolled up for the 3 count by Shelton"

    *Once the match is over Christian rushes up the ramp and they start to brawl into the back*
    The Next Match is for the EWF Honor Championship!
    View attachment 7388

    "Graves and Jericho lock up Graves pushes off and hits a drop kick to the knee and a kneeing ddt and locks in a kneebar but Jericho gets out and hits a suplex Jericho goes for the walls of jericho but Graves powers out and leaves the ring only to be hit by a baseball slide from Jericho and they brawl on the outside until Jericho tosses Graves back in
    Jericho goes for the lionsault and misses and Graves locks in the Lucky 13"

    Mathews: Lucky 13 locked in will Jericho Tap?!
    Borash: He getting close to the ropes and BREAK!

    "The ref forces the break and Jericho limps to the corner and the ref asks if he can go on Jericho waves off the ref and the match goes on
    Graves goes for a running dropkick but Jericho moves out of the way and kicks Graves in the head and taunts signaling for the walls and he locks in the walls of Jericho
    But Cesaro comes out of nowhere and big boots Jericho ending the match in a DQ"

    Borash: The Swiss Superman just kicked Y2J's head in but wait look!

    *Cesaro hits Jericho with the Swiss Swing*

    Mathews: Swing from Cesaro that had to be at least ten times around!

    Borash: But what does that mean for the belt?
    Velocity is getting a pre-show on YouTube !
    Velocity: Before Air will air live on YouTube one hour before Velocity on FX and will air as a replay in the UK before Velocity on Channel 4 .
    Tune in next week as the Women's Title is on the line and more.
    View attachment 7385

    *CM Punk and the SES walk out to boos and cheers filling the arena Punk takes the microphone*

    CM Punk: You followed me hook-line and sinker, all of you did, and I'm not mad at you...I just feel sorry for you. This belongs to me! Everything you see here belongs to me, and I did what I had to do to get my hands on this. Now I am the GREATEST PRO WRESTLER walkin' the Earth today! This is my stage, this is my theater, you are my puppets! When I pulled those marionette strings, and I moved your emotions, and I played with them, and honestly it's 'cause I get off on it. I hate each and every single one of you with a thousand burns and I will not stop...I will not stop until I prove that I am better than you, that I am better than Dean Amborse , that I am better than AJ Styles! I'm better than Samoa Joe. Ladies and gentlemen, the champ is here! You don't have to love it, but you better learn to accept it. 'Cause I'm taking this with me, and there's not a single person in that locker room that can stop me! And...

    *The lights go dark and a logo shows up on the tron Shocking the SES*
    Show Spoiler

    *The show ends with Punk staring at Gallows*
  12. [​IMG]
    Velocity S1E6 Danger
    Taped at The Utica Memorial Auditorium in NY

    *The opening pyro goes off and we cut to the new announcer team of Josh Mathews,Jeremy Borash and Matt Striker*

    Striker: Hello and welcome to Velocity and we are in some deep stuff when it comes to CM Punk's SES and AJ Styles's Bullet Club.

    Borash: Don't forget we also have some of the Bullet Club in action tonight and we find out who the new commissioner of EWF is and oh my this will be a big night .

    Mathews :Enough of that for now it's time for our opening bout
    Seth Rollins vs The returning "A-Ry" Alex Riley.
    This Match is set for one fall with a 20 min time limit.

    First From Washington, D.C.
    Weighing in at 236 lbs
    Alex Riley!

    And his opponent

    From Davenport, Iowa
    Weighing in at 217 lbs
    Seth Rollins
    *The match starts with a classic lock up before A-Ry tosses Seth out of the ring.
    Seth goes on the apron and hits a diving elbow off the ropes and goes for a pin not even getting a one count, Seth hits a swinging DDT that shakes the ring, Seth Get's ready to hit the blackout but A-Ry moves out of the way hitting a bulldog from behind and goes for a roll up and get's a 2 count shocking Rollins and Rollins rolls out of the ring trying to get away but before he can get up the ramp he is hit with a spear from A-Ry and he starts dragging Rollins back into the ring*

    Striker: Rollins is on the ropes he may lose tonight.

    Matthews : Well he is the future in his own words, But A-Ry still has to get the pin,

    *A-Ry sets up for a spear but Seth hits a superkick but not going for the pin he goes to the top rope but A-Ry pops up and goes for a suplex but they both fall off knocking out the ref and Seth rolls out of the ring and get's a pipe from under the ring as he is about to hit A-Ry, Colt Cabana runs out and grabs the pipe from Rollins and goes to hit him but Rollins ducks and Colt hits A-Ry, Rollins grabs Colt and hits God's Last Gift on him and then he hits the blackout on A-Ry for the win*
    Here's Your Winner Seth Rollins!

    Borash: Of course Seth wins that way.
    *We cut backstage to see Gallows sitting in his locker room when AJ Styles,Kenny Omega and Karl Anderson all wearing Bullet Club shirts walk into frame*

    Gallows: What do you want?

    Styles: Doc why are you still with that loser CM Punk come home to the Bullet Club.
    It's where you belong with us not some quitter.
    Punk's got a match vs Kenny tonight, So we Want an answer by the PPV...or you will regret it.

    *Styles Tosses a Bullet Club shirt to Gallows and the three walk out and the cam stays on Gallows and then we cut back to the team of Josh Mathews,Jeremy Borash and Matt Striker*

    Matthews : Well that's a tough pick The Bullet Club or The SES.

    Borash : What ?! It's easy go with the Bullet Club they are the good guys in this!

    Striker: Well up next is the Young Buck's Tag Team Open Challenge!

    Everyone please welcome The Young Bucks.

    *The Bucks walk around the ring waiting for the team*

    Josh Mathews : Who is the Lucky team to face the bucks ?

    Borash: More like unlucky.

    Borash: Kidd and Cesaro vs the Young Bucks Next!

    *The match starts with Kidd and Nick trading arm drags and dropkicks keeping a high speed of back and forth moves until Kidd clips Nick's leg with a chop black and tries to lock in the sharpshooter, But Nick get's out and tags in Matt and he hits a superkick on Kidd and hits basement dropkick to the head of Kidd knocking him over to the corner and Kidd get's hit by a forearm smash, Now Matt set's up for a superplex but is countered by Kidd who knocks him off and hits a diving elbow and a kick to the back Kidd hot tags Cesaro and he picks up Matt and does the swing and Kidd rushes back in and kicks Matt mid swing and the ref tries to get Kidd back to the apron and Nick rushes in and superkicks Cesaro in the back of the head, With both knocked down they slowly get to their corners The Bucks get the tag first, But Kidd also get's tagged in but Kidd is caught with a superkick and get's tossed into the Buck's corner and get's hit with the More Bang Finisher and The Bucks get the one two three*

    Here is your winners The Young Bucks!

    Striker: Now that is how wrestling should be!

    Borash: With the Tag Title Match at ground zero we will get 5 stars with them in it.

    Mathews : And coming up next we get a new commissioner of EWF.

    *Outcomes Eric Bischoff comes out mic in hand with most of roster around the ring with heels on one side and faces on the other*

    Bischoff: Now there comes a time where even a great GM like myself can get overloaded with stuff around here so I went out and hired a commissioner to handle things when I can't be reached but first before that at Ground Zero The SES and Bullet Club will face off in a 3 on 3 Chamber match for the world championship if Punk's team wins He keeps the belt, But if Styles's Team wins he is the champion.

    *The cam cuts to both Punk and Styles and fans go crazy*

    Bischoff: Now the new Comissioner is..*Points to the stage*

    *Outcomes Scott Hall backed by Cody Hall the roster shows its respect as Hall enters the ring and shakes the gm's hand and is handed a Mic.*

    Scott Hall: Hey Yo! The bad guy is now The commissioner around here chico and I'm going to have some big news next week with the"future" of talent around here but let's get back to wrestling!

    *Fade out*
    Josh Mathews : Welcome back and with the news we just got The Bad Guy here in EWF.

    Matt Striker : a four time WWF Intercontinental Champion, a two time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, a one time WCW World Television Champion and a nine time world tag team champion Scott Hall is going to make noise here.

    Borash: Sorry to cut you off Matt, But we are getting word that something is going on backstage.

    *We cut backstage to see a group of guards rushing to the parking lot and we see Dean Ambrose Brawling with Christian Cage*


    Following is a Match For the EWF US Championship! Introducing first
    From Boca Raton, Florida
    He weighed in tonight at 250 lb (113 kg)

    And now
    From Ayr, Scotlan
    He weighed in tonight at 254 lb (115 kg; 18 st)
    Drew Galloway!

    And our Ref for this match is John Cone.

    “The match starts with a taunt off to get the crowd hyped up when Drew has his back turned EC3 hits him with a cheap shot and hits a neckbreaker and goes for a cheap pin, But Drew kicks out at one EC3 get’s up and starts to stomp in Drew’s face before the ref pulls EC3 away from Drew giving him time to recover EC3 get’s b the ref and hits Drew with a shoulder block and locks in a chin lock Drew powers out and hits a Northern Lights suplex and goes for a pin.”

    Striker: Only a two count these guys will do anything to win it almost makes me want to get in the ring.

    Mathews : Don’t get carried away Matt.

    :”EC3 and Drew lock up again EC3 pushes Drew into the ropes and get’s hit by a big boot from Drew and then he picks him up and hits a Fireman's carry gutbuster Drew then taunts to the crowd allowing EC3 the get up and hit the One Percenter and goes for the pin with Drew getting his foot on the ropes breaking the pin a pissed off EC3 picks up Drew only to get reversed into
    the Future Shock DDT and Drew gets the pinfall win.*

    “Here is your winner and NEW EWF US Champion Drew Galloway!

    The ref hands Drew the belt and Drew falls to his knees holding up the belt.

    Borash: Well he earned it everyone our new champion.

    Mathews : And we are back and EWF Velocity is sponsored by Konami.

    Borash: And here comes Paige one of the best women wrestlers out there today.

    Striker: You got that right and that’s why she is in EWF.

    *Paige is given a mic*

    Paige: Now since the women’s champion is nowhere to be seen like her no good husband I’m putting out a open challenge to any “woman” in the back to try and face me in MY HOUSE!

    *Outcomes Lilith Young with mic in hand and in ring gear*

    Lilith Young: Look Paige you may have been the best “Diva” where you came from, But this is the real deal now and when you call someone out get ready for a fight.
    So Miss Hell in Boots what are you going to do vs The Queen of Darkness right here right now.

    *She starts to walk to the ring*

    Mathews : Well I guess womens action next on Velocity!
    *Fade out*

    *The match starts with a stand off with Young slapping Paige, And Paige takes down Young and starts to slam Young’s head into the mat until the ref pulls her off, But Young pops up and spears Paige into the corner and starts to toss punches till Paige is seated in the corner, Young backs up and goes for a dropkick, But misses Paige recovers and hits the Rampaige and tries to lock in the PTO and gets reversed into a crossface she makes it to the ropes and get the break.*

    Borash: Now this is great so far and this is why to tune each week.

    Mathews : I just been informed that next week we find out the number 1 contender for AJ Lee’s women’s championship.

    *Young attempts a fash roll up and only gets a one count. A rage filled Young start to stomp and kick a grounded Paige in a fit of before putting her arms out with one of her boots on Paige’s back and screaming “This is my house ****” and try to kick her in the head, But she get caught and Paige takes her down and hits a few shots to the head.
    Paige locks in the PTO for a tap out win.*

    Mathews : And the anti-diva get’s the win and is in line for a title shot.

    Borash: The women’s division is going to light up here in EWF.

    Striker: I say we are giving Full Sail a run for their money.
    *We cut backstage to see CM Punk walking backstage when he is stopped by backstage interviewer Todd Keneley*

    Todd Keneley: M.Punk With what was said by AJ Styles about your teammate Gallows rejoining the Bullet Club?

    *Punk gives a cocky smirk*

    Punk: Really you got the nerve to walk up to the best in the world and ask some garbage like that, That backwoods redneck can talk all he wants and his “pals” that Prince Devitt left him can join since the Nation of Punk is being formed tonight and as for Kenny Omega he should go back to wrestling 9 year olds.

    *Punk walks off*

    Striker: Well some tough words from our champion, But up next we just saw the” Queen of Darkness” and now it’s time for the King when Chris Young faces of vs Yujiro Takahashi of the Bullet Club next on Velocity.

    This match is set for one fall with a 25 min time limit first.
    From Tokyo,Japan By Way of Cardiff,Wales
    Weighing in at 218Lbs
    Chris Young

    And now…

    From Japan
    Weighing in at 103kg
    Representing the Bullet Club
    Yujiro Takahashi!

    *The match starts with a stare down and starts to trade chops and hip tosses before Young locks in a chin lock into a rear naked choke Yujiro powers out and hits snapmare and dropkick to the back of Young and then he picks him up and does a german suplex into the ropes, Young Rolls out of the ring trying to catch his breath until Yujiro hits a baseball side to Young, Young is face down and blood can be seen Young pops up and rushes Yujiro tossing him back into the ring and he hits Repeated German Suplexes into a Shotgun style legdrop.*

    Mathews : I don’t know if that’s a cut or a broken nose, But Young is pissed.

    Borash: This guy is taking Yujiro to hell and back he is not moving a bit.

    *The Ref backs off Young to check up on Yujiro, But he get’s up and cracks his neck Young goes for a big boot ], But Yujiro ducks and hits a Miami Shine (Modified Death Valley bomb) for a two count he picks up Young and hits the Ero Neckbreaker (Delayed hangman's neckbreaker with theatrics) and then hits a Fisherman buster and the he goes to pick up Young and Young low blows him just outside of the ref’s vision and Young hits the Final Cut Cutter and then he backs into the corner in as Yujiro get’s to his knees Young hits a running dropkick right to his skull and get the one two three, and as Young get’s up he crosses his arms in a X.*

    He is your winner Chris Young!

    Mathews: Now that was cheap win for Young and I bet he is now on the Bullet Club’s bad side now.

    Borash: And that’s something you don’t want, But now our main event CM Punk vs Kenny Omega.
    *We cut backstage to see Chris Jericho backstage with the Honor Championship when he stands and we than see Ceasro and the two have a stare until Cesaro hits a euro uppercut knocking out Jericho and then walking out again and we Fade to back.*
    Borash: This is your Velocity main event, Set for 30 minutes and is on fall to the finish!

    Borash: From Chicago,Il
    Weighing in at 222lbs
    CM Punk!

    Borash: And now from Tokyo, Japan.
    Weighing in at 92kg
    Kenny Omega!

    *The match starts with Omega mocking Punk and Punk responds with a roundhouse kick to the head and rapid punches and kicks and Punk runs off the ropes only to get hit by a running lariat from Omega and Omega hits a standing shooting star press and goes for a pin and only get a one count, Punk get’s back up and the two start to chain wrestle until Punk takes back control and tosses Omega into the corner and hits a running dropkick knocking Omega out of the ring, Before he can get back to his feet Punk dives out of the ring and both crash into the barrier, Both get up and return to the ring, Omega hits Punk with a dragon suplex and Punk rolls out of the ring and Omega returns the favor by diving over the rope and hitting Punk.

    Mathews : These two have put on a five star match so far, I can’t wait for Bullet Club vs SES at Ground Zero!

    Borash: This has been a war so far and I think it’s going to get even better.

    *Omega tosses Punk back into the ring and as Punk gets to his knees Omega hits a EX Hadouken (High-impact double palm thrust to a kneeling opponent's face, with theatrics)
    He goes to pin Punk, But Punk pokes Omega in the eye and Punk hits two gut kicks and a dropkick knocking down Omega and Punk goes to the top rope and hits the elbow drop and Punk signals for the GTS and as Punk has Omega, Omega reverses into the Aoi Shoudou (Cross-legged fisherman buster) and gets a 2.9 count a shocked Omega backs into the corner as Punk does the same the two stare down from across the ring and Punk flips Omega the brid Omega rushes at Punk and Punk moves out of the way and hits the knee/bulldog combo, but Punk falls over and both men are out.*

    Striker: Man this match will be talked about for ages and man we are tearing the house down!

    Borash: CM Punk and Kenny Omega EWF is the only place for this high class wrestling!

    *Punk and Omega get to their knees and start to punch each other until they are back to their feet and Punk starts to kick Omega’s legs, But Omega catches Punk and hits the Aoi Shoudou again and he falls and hits the ref knocking him out, And out of nowhere a masked man runs from the crowd and takes down Omega and locks in a rear naked choke and then he locks in a ankle lock and once Omega is out he hides outside the ring as Punk gets the pin and Charles Robinson comes out to replace the ref and Punk get’s the one two three.*

    Here is your winner CM Punk!

    Borash: If it was not for that masked man Punk would have lost!

    Mathews : Too bad we don't have the replay rule.

    *The Masked man joins Punk and so does Matthew Cross of the SES*

    Striker: Now who is This guy?

    *The guy pulls off the mask and it's Ken Shamrock*

    Borash: Ken Shamrock !, The MMA legend is here in EWF!

    Mathews : Is this the start of the Nation of Punk?

    *And now AJ Styles and Karl Anderson rush from the back and now the six brawl and it ends with Styles hitting Punk with the Bloody Sunday on the outside and the final shot of the show is Styles standing over Punk*

  13. [​IMG]
    Year:1 S1E7 Then,Now, Crossing the Line.
    Taped at The American Sports Center in Anaheim,California
    *The show starts backstage with two limos pulling in one with Full Sail in gold and one With Nashville in Blue on the side and as one door opens a large belt hangs out, But it’s blurred out.*

    *The opening pyro kicks off and cuts to ringside where we see our ringside team of Josh Mathews,Jeremy Borash and Matt Striker.*

    Borash :Hello Everyone and welcome to Velocity in California for the first time and Oh boy we have a hell of a main event tonight were EWF hosts both Full Sail’s Best vs Nashville’s Best and we welcome our new ring announcer The Voice of WCW for many years please welcome Dave Penzer .
    *We cut to ring to see Dave Penzer*

    Dave Penzer: Ladies and gentlemen Velocity begins tonight with Tag Team action!
    Dave Penzer: From Cincinnati, OH, Weighing in 225 Pounds, Dean Ambrose!

    Dave Penzer: And his tag team partner from Chicago,il , Weighing in at 233 Pounds, Colt Cabana!

    Dave Penzer: From Toronto,Ontario,Canada, Weighing in at 212 Pounds, Christian Cage!

    Dave Penzer: From Davenport, Iowa, Weighing in at 217 Pounds, Seth Rollins!

    *Seth and Dean start the match and the two stare down until Dean takes down Seth and starts hitting mounted punches he then hops up and misses a elbow and Seth tries to leave and Colt blocks him and pushes him into a dive from Dean and he tossed Seth back into the ring and Dean goes for the DDT and Seth Reverses and pushes Dean into his corner and Seth tags in Cage and Cage spears Ambrose and goes for a cheap pin and only get’s a 2 count.
    Cage Starts to punch and kick a grounded Ambrose, Cage picks up Ambrose
    and tosses him out of the ring and Seth cheap shots Dean with a superkick.*

    Striker: Hey The Young Bucks want their move back!

    Borash: Will you shut up.

    Mathews : Guys can we get back to the match.

    *Ambrose is tossed back into the ring and Cage sets up for spear and as Cage starts to run Ambrose rushes out of the way and tags in Colt who does the classic hot tag combo, Hyped Colt picks up Cage, But Cage rakes the eyes and runs off to tag in Rollins
    Who stares down Colt the two lock up and Colt takes down Seth and locks in the Billy Goat’s Curse in the middle of the ring, Unable to get out Seth almost taps, But Christian runs in and Spears Colt off of Seth and then Dean rushes in and takes down Christian and tosses him out of the ring and hits a running dive driving the two into the railing outside of the ring
    Dean get’ back up and returns to his corner and get’s tag in only to get rolled up by Seth who grabs on to the ropes getting the pin fall win.*

    Dave Penzer: Here are your winners of the match Seth Rollins and Christian Cage!

    *The camera fades in to show Chris and Lilith Young in front of a EWF banner both in suits and Caris starts to speak*

    Chris: Everything has its beginning. But doesn't start at "one." It starts long before that, in chaos. The world is born... from zero. The moment zero becomes one is the moment the world springs to life. One becomes two, two becomes ten, ten becomes 100. Taking it all back to one solves nothing. So long as Zero remains, one... will eventually grow to 100 again.Mr. Galloway You are a toxin to this world and I will remove you from it and with you gone my plans for the US Title will move on.
    When I get my win tonight I will move on to beat you for the title at Ground Zero
    悪魔のようにファイト and for Lutteurs sans frontières.

    *The camera fades out*

    Borash: Cesaro Has a run for his money in the multilingual race, But up next Galloway vs Young!

    Dave Penzer: Velocity rolls on with this match set for one fall!
    First being accompanied by Lilith Young
    from Tokyo,Japan by way of Chicago Illinois Weighing in at 222 Pounds
    Chris Young!

    Dave Penzer: From Ayr, Scotland
    Weighing in at 250 Pounds
    EWF US Champion Drew Galloway!

    *Before the match starts Chris grabs a microphone*

    Chris: Look Drew you are a not going to make it, We are watching.
    This is the start of a war without an end.

    *Chris drops the mic and rushes Drew and hits rapid kicks and elbows trapping Drew in the corner and tossing him out of the ring and Chris get’s on the top rope and hits a crossbody DDT driving Drew into the mat outside and Chris starts to toss Drew into the ring post, But Drew counters and almost sends Chris into Lilith, But c\Chris stops himself only to get hit with a backdrop before getting tossed back into the ring, Drew picks Chris and hiits the Future Shock DDT and goes for the pin and only gets a 2.9 count.
    Chris Pops up in a fit of rage and starts to beat the living hell out of Drew,Rushing him into the corner hitting him with boxing style lefts and rights to the head and body till Drew falls into the corner, Chris backs up and yells “It’s over” in japanese and hits a running dropkick right into the head of Drew, He picks him up and hits a burning hammer and pins him for the win *

    Mathews : Drew is not moving….is he ok?
    Striker: Well he was just hit by a Kobashi style Burning Hammer he’s going to need help getting up,
    Borash: Chris Young may have just won the match at ground zero already.

    *Drew is helped out by EMT’s and the show goes to break*

    *The camera cuts to backstage to a unmarked door and stage hand(DaveF inlay jr)
    Knocks on it and the camera shows only the feet of the guy who opens the door and they walk to the area behind the stage*

    Mathews : Well Who is the first guest?
    Borash: I heard rumours, But let’s find out.

    *The lights darken and a shadow shows up on stage and as the lights come back on it’s shown to be Bobby Roode and the crowd goes mad and Roode enters the ring and is handed a mic, He looks like he’s ready for a fight.*

    Bobby: Well this is EWF,So I been told I have a open match for the end of the show,So I’m calling out anyone in the back to face me The It factor of pro wrestling!
    I Don’t care who you are or where you’re from, I came here to kick ass and win gold!
    I’m the ….
    *The lights dim*

    Matt: It’s Finn Balor aka Prince Devitt, The best of NJPW’s recent history!
    Borash: Why is his here?

    *Finn enters the ring and stares down Bobby*

    Finn: Well you want to fight?, I got my gear, you got yours get a ref out here right now!

    *Charles Robinson Rushes out and enters the ring and Dave Penzer enters as well*
    Dave Penzer: This is a special contest set for one fall with a 30 min time limit!
    First from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
    Weighing in at 190 pounds
    Finn Bálor!

    Dave Penzer: And now!
    From Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Weighing in at 240 pounds
    Bobby Roode!

    *The match starts with the two circling the ring until the two goes for a lockup and Bobby takes Finn down and locks in a armbar, Roode powers out into a headlock and pushes Finn off the ropes and Roode gets hit by a calf kick,Finn pops up and goes to the top rope and hits a dropkick on a kneeling Roode and goes for a pin and gets a 2 count.
    Finn picks up Roode and hits a Lifting inverted DDT as Finn backs into the corner to set up the dropkick and right as he is about to hit it Roode moves out of the way and Finn ends up in the tree of woe and Roode starts to kick Finn in the gut until the ref pulls off Roode.

    Matt: Man This match is what wrestling is about.
    Borash: EWF is where the big boys play, We are wrestling!

    *As The ref pushes Roode back Finn gets up and hits Roode with the shotgun dropkick knocking Roode back into the corner and Finn hits one more dropkick and Roode is now set up for the coup de grace, But as Finn is heading to the top Roode is able to knock him off to the floor and Finn hits the edge of one of the ringside tables.
    Finn Is able to get back into the ring before the ten count, But he is favoring his left knee, Roode takes advantage and hits a Spinning spinebuster and Roode starts doing the mannerisms of Triple H and Picks up Finn to do the pedigree and hits it, He goes for the pin get’s a 2.9 count.

    Borash: Roode Mocking Finn’s boss I Love it!
    Matt: I guess we can call him “The Game” Bobby Roode now.
    Josh: But still only a 2count.

    *Roode picks up Finn and goes for the Pay Off, But Finn escapes and hits a DDT spiking Roode on his head, Everyone stops since Roode is not moving as Finn goes into pick up Roode who was playing possum and catches Finn with a cheap shots him with elbow to the back of the head and hits Finn with the Roode Bomb and gets the pinfall win.*

    Dave Penzer: Your winner of the match Bobby Roode!

    *Finn walks away clearly looking very angry*
    *AJ Styles is seen backstage oddly in a Bullet Club version of his ‘05 gear.
    As he is readying his gear Todd Keneley enters the room hoping to get a word from Styles.*

    Todd Keneley: AJ You are going to face Ken Shamrock the enforcer for CM Punk and his Nation of Punk, Any Words?

    *AJ Saying nothing puts his hood up and walks away.*

    Todd Keneley: Well back to you guys.
    *We return to ringside to see GM Eric Bischoff with a contract and the back reads “Jericho vs Cesaro Match without honor”*

    Eric: Now at Ground Zero Jericho and Cesaro will have a “Fight without Honor” for the Honor Championship.
    No DQ, No Count Outs and anything goes.
    No will the two men come out and sign the contract.

    *Chris Jericho Walks out with the belt and takes a seat*

    *Cesaro walks out wearing a suit and sunglasses and stares down Y2J.*

    Eric: Ok you two just sign and get it over with.

    *Jericho Takes the contract and signs it*

    Jericho: Cesaro I hope you know that when we meet in this ring, The be at st in the world at what I do is going to kick your ass.

    *Jericho sits down
    And Cesaro removes his sunglasses and takes the contract*

    Cesaro: Chris , ich kann nicht meinen Gürtel kaum erwarten, wieder zu gewinnen und deinen Arsch der ganzen Ring treten.

    *Cesaro Signs and tosses the contract at Jericho and jumps over the table and starts tossing punches at Jericho until they are pulled apart*
    Borash: This is your Velocity main event of the night and it has a 30 minute time limit.

    First from Gainesville, Georgia
    Weighing in at 218 Pounds
    “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles!

    From Sacramento, California
    Weighing in at 243 Pounds
    Ken Shamrock!

    *The Match starts with Ken Taking down AJ and elbowing him cutting AJ open.
    AJ Pushes off and wipes the blood from his mouth and starts to hit Ken with two punches followed by a shoot kick followed by a spinning backfist followed by a lariat knockin down Shamrock, AJ locks in the Calf Killer until Ken reaches the ropes and breaks the hold.The two stand up and trade punches till AJ Kicks him in the gut and sets up for the Styles Clash untill CM Punk Runs down and hits Styles with the EWF Title.*

    Borash: Punk Is at it again ruining a good match.

    *Punk and Shamrock beat down on Styles until The lights go out and when they return Finn Balor is in the ring in Bullet Club gear.*

    Striker: Both Leaders of The Bullet Club are here and teaming up, I’m marking out bro!

    *Then all of the Nation of Punk minus Gallows run out and so do the Bullet Club and Finn takes a mic*

    Finn: Punk, You and your “Nation” are now dealing with the Bullet Club’s 3rd man Prince Balor!
    And at ground zero your ass is mine!

    Mathews : What!
    Borash: Oh MY!
    Striker: Still Marking out bro!
    Borash: That’s all from LA we’ll see you next week!

    *Fade out*

    Booker's Notes (open)
    From this show own we are going by years so the time gap will not be a an issue and free assests for gfx.
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