Elitist vs. The Common Man: Archetypes Collide at Money in the Bank

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  1. Elitist vs. The Common Man: Archetypes Collide at Money in the Bank


    Always the heart and the soul of our country will be the heart and the soul of the common man … — Franklin D. Roosevelt

    It’s a tale as old as time: The oppressed villagers of the kingdom rising up against the unjust king; the hardworking stiff just trying to get through the day despite an overbearing boss; the blue collar struggle of everyday living contrasted with white collar luxuries.

    In short, it’s the common man versus the elitist; an archetypal rivalry that will once again play out in front of the WWE Universe when World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus squares off against Alberto Del Rio with The Great White’s illustrious title on the line at Money in the Bank.

    The disparity between the two competitors is striking: Sheamus epitomizes the very essence of "the everyman" in his nose-to-the-grindstone approach to his trade. The Mexican Aristocrat, on the other hand, rides into arenas the world over in cars worth more than the majority of fans make in an entire year ... or ever.

    While Del Rio unquestionably possesses exceptional in-ring ability, there’s just nothing in his persona that the WWE Universe can relate to, a notion that Del Rio wears as a badge of honor. As an example of his lofty demeanor, on the June 1 episode of SmackDown, the Aristocratic Superstar chided Sheamus for being a "hooligan" who is somehow unworthy of the title that adorns his waist.

    For his part, it is a moniker The Celtic Warrior not only doesn’t mind, he embraces it, wearing it on his shirt as his own badge of honor.

    As striking as the personal differences are between Sheamus and Del Rio, though, their in-ring styles are just as disparate. The Great White brings a power game to the squared circle, whereas The Mexican Aristocrat is very much a finesse grappler.

    When the two Superstars clash at Money in the Bank for the World Heavyweight Championship, these opposing worlds will collide. Sheamus will bring his "hooligan" approach to the battle, whereas Del Rio — brandishing the silver spoon he was born with — will bring a measured attack against The Celtic Warrior’s broadsword-like assault.

    Despite the importance of the looming pay-per-view showdown, theirs is not the first such clash of cultures in WWE history — not by a long shot. There have been many Superstars who share Del Rio’s haughty views, including one who may surprise you ...

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