News Ember Moon may have a career ending injury

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On today’s edition of Oh come on, can 2020 get any worse?

Ember Moon was recently on WWE Backstage when she revealed that, because of the injury she suffered last year, it’s a possibility that she could have to retire. Here’s the quote from Ember Moon.

“The more and more I sit back and look at everything I’ve done and what I would redo, I think more about my injury currently and realizing that I may have a career-ending injury,” she explained. “I’m coming back from the hardest injury and I might not have a chance to redeem myself of all the things I wanted to do. And all the things I want do in my future. It’s so hard to think back in regret when I try to look forward.”

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Her match against Asuka at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III is my favourite women's wrestling match, and one of my all-time favourite matches period (top five maybe) so it's a damn shame that she may have to retire. Even more upsetting than knowing that even if she doesn't, WWE's probably never going to put a main roster championship on her.

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