eminem announces marshall mathers lp 2!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Gav back in the championship, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. slim shady returns woo i just hope its as good as his older stuff thoughts?
  2. I doubt he can match it.
  3. no chance can he match it the sort of music he made back then was because he was in a completely differant head space he does tracks with people like rihana and the twat out of maroon 5 now on the flipside i would love it to be as good but i really doubt it is posible.
  4. No one should expect him to match it. His old stuff IMO is some of the best hip hop ever from a rapper I consider to be the GOAT. I can't wait and will buy it immediately.
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  5. lil wayne and drake > eminem
  6. Nice joke bud.
  7. I couldn't help it, i just don't undertsand who buys there cds to keep them famous i literally do not know any single person who likes any of there songs but yet there still filthy rich and apparently successfull.
  8. i just hope its better than relapse and recovery i prefer his old stuff to what he has out these days
  9. Little kids. Same market audience as Bieber and One Direction.

    I hate his voice in his new ones if that makes sense. He edits it and makes it sound weird. He can still sound like his old self as his freestyle on Westwood showed, but he chooses not to. Maybe to appease his mainstream audience, but hopefully he reverts to his normal voice with this new album.
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  10. His new single is out tommorrow so we might get an idea its called beserk
  11. One of the songs is already out sounds like he has edited his voice to me
  12. I don't know we had a few Eminem fans, I like his old stuff, I might to get back into the music he does now.
  13. He should not name it that. There's no way it'll even come close. That album is his best by far IMO.
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  14. THIS.

    Pretty much the only Eminem album I care for. Fucking pissed off and dark album. :gusta:
    He has some other cool tracks here and there, but nothing like the aforementioned album.
  15. That song sucks
  16. Pretty pumped for it. Saving my judgement till the album drops, but hopefully it's dope.

    You can't judge a album on a song cut up for call of duty.
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  17. yeh just sounds like stuff off the last album nothing like what was on the marshall mathers lp which is one of the best albums ever imo i think he should rename the album recovery pt 2.
  18. This is some good shit. It's from his Dre beats album. Reminds me a lot of beastie boys for some reason in the beginning.
  19. I like the beat, shame the lyrical content is poor eminem used to stand against the mainstream and now he is exactly what he used to insult
  20. lmao wtf
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