News Emma debut coming?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. So if this truly is the start of Emma's debut, are you okay with it?

    I am, overall she's a better talent than Paige. Emma has a character, Paige does not. Paige is young still so there's no rush to debut her. Emma has all the tools needed to work the main roster.
  2. This was my response to this on the othah forum.... It was after Hoho was insisting on some NXT Invasion idea.... WHICH WOULD BE HORRIBLE.
    To be honest, I kinda want to see everyone hold the Diva's title. And I actually enjoy Emma and I think the only reason she will be brought up before Paige would be because of an injury. But, I think this is mostly a ploy for WWE Network & NXT. I think I recall JBL talking about "EMMA! A NXT DIVA IN THE CROWD!" BLAH BLAH BLAH you can see her on NXT!

    So yeah..... I don't think they are doing anything with her til at least 'Mania. I can see her & Paige being brought up in some #1 Contenders Diva Battle Royal...or if they have a Diva's Royal Rumble with like 10 of them. That's how I see Paige & Emma getting brought up. Everyone needs to understand that the WWE isn't going to put effort into some storyline. Certainly not some Invasion storyline. The last semi-legit storyline featured AJ Lee winning the title and Layla betraying Kaitlyn. They should've just built a huge storyline off that and just kept the storyline going while taking out divas and inserting new ones in.
  3. But... But.... What about the EPIC divas vs total divas storyline that's been running for months now, complete with multiple 10,12, and even 14 diva tag team matches?!?!??!?!?!!?

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  4. I completely forgot that that was even a storyline lol
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  5. I think everyone did. The day after it started.

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  6. I actually think that they could throw Punk & AJ Lee on there to gain more viewers.
  7. Last night I looked her up on Twitter cause I had no idea who she was. "dancing queen..." Another retarded dancing gimmick? Yeah, no thanks. Not interested.
  8. Emma seems like the perfect girl for the Divas' division right now. It's already a joke so you may as well make it an entertaining one.
    Going with a "fan-turned-wrestler" approach is a great idea with her, hope they can elaborate on her gimmick a bit.
  9. Great talent. Pretty much forced to be a fan considering I'm Australian, am I correct in thinking she'll be the first Australian on WWE TV since Nathan Jones?

    I wonder how her gimmick will work out on the main show. Sure it's over on NXT, but at this point it seems as if anything will get over on it (if you aren't CJ Parker of course). I don't think the big live crowds will react well to it, if they react to it at all.
  10. IMO I don't think Emma's bubble gimmick will work out in the big crowds, however I do think she will make it as a Diva. She's got sex appeal, she can move well, she's pretty flexible and she's got a decent move set.. I'd much rather see her debut over Paige but to be honest IMO I think the Diva's picture is a little too crowded at the moment to add anyone else to it.
  11. Hell why not get rid of the crap that cant wrestle and give AJ a challenger as seriously bar The Bellas who are pushed for I think different reasons to wrestling talent who is going to challenge for that title?
  12. I'm assuming they're going to have Tamina turn on her and win the belt, for some reason I just don't see it going any other way at this point.
  13. True but how talented is Tamina? Never really seen her do much?
  14. Don't bring her up to wwe yet, but it does help promote the NXT seeing a hotty promoting herself.
  15. Tamina had a really nice (by Divas' standards) lumberjill match with Naomi on Main Event... speaking of Naomi, pretty sure that's AJ's next challenger. Shouldn't turn out too bad.
  16. Never seen it. My issue is I never feel like any of the Divas are legitimate threats and its purely due to poor booking. I'm sure with a decent feud I can believe again.
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  17. I'm sure some feel this way but......I'd pop her bubble any day
  18. I marked, I guess it could end up being an interesting storyline to debut with. But it may just be a marketing plot for NXT for the time being.
  19. No fucking way Paige should be the one to debut on Raw she is ready. Fuck Emma
  20. Paige is injured so that's a no go BLFFL. Read it and wheep.
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